Executive Search, Sowelo’s Way


In times of a huge shortage of high-class specialists, it’s good to find effective solutions to source them fast. By winning them over, we may get on the fast track to market success and gaining a competitive edge. And Executive Search services by Sowelo is the best way to achieve this all. 

Its headhunters have a profound knowledge of the powers that drive the IT market and of the most current trends. They act fast and efficiently, and there are many proofs of that. One of them is that it has hundreds of satisfied, often returning, clients, both in Poland and abroad. Some of the projects Sowelo’s consultants were involved in were small but others involved recruiting dozens of employees at once.

As for Executive Search, one of the success stories was helping to hire the new CEO for a US-based client. This company was one of the fastest-growing businesses in the sales performance management (SPM) industry in the US. But that’s just one case. Sowelo has numerous references it received from many other satisfied clients representing industries such as IT, telecommunications, and finance.

However, Executive Search is just one of the services that Sowelo Consulting agency provides and its clients praise. Other services include Employer Branding, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, IT Contracting, Recruitment Process Assessment, and Talent Market Mapping. Of course, clients who decide to use Executive Search services, take advantage of Sowelo’s vast experience in all those fields.

Executive Search: the complete package

Sowelo’s Executive Search covers the whole package of services that make the process of finding top candidates fast and seamless. One of the first steps is defining the candidate profile – together with the client. Places where the company will recruit candidates are also determined at this stage. Next, contacting candidates and performing interviews take place. Only people who perfectly match competence profiles delivered or accepted by the client are contacted. After presenting a given candidate to the client, Sowelo’s headhunters wait for the client’s final decision.

A customized approach to projects is in use – regarding Sowelo’s interview and assessment solution – to develop an appropriate recruitment strategy. This way, chances of getting the most sought-after candidates in the market get much higher. Interestingly, at the end of the day, the clients receive comprehensive information on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. This way, they know what to focus on if the person gets hired.

Other customers’ preferences and remarks are also taken into account by Sowelo’s headhunters. It’s simply the reflection of the company’s mission statement – building close relationships with clients based on partnership. Another manifestation of this rule is the famous 6-months warranty Sowelo gives to its customers. If the client dismisses the candidate found, the company will help them recruit another applicant for the position in question. And Sowelo ensures that this person will have all skills, abilities, and other high competencies the customer wishes for. No additional costs or fees are required for that. 

Executive Search by Sowelo – 5 reasons why it’s worth it


Reasons why it’s worth to have an Executive Search process run by Sowelo are countless. However, we may point out 5 main causes that are crucial for client companies to make a decision. They include:

  • injecting science into the recruitment process by using specialist psychometric tools – advanced bahavioral assessment McQuaig tests
  • eliminating the stress and effort related to running hiring campaigns
  • getting access to the online platform that makes the hiring process even more effective and easy for clients
  • minimizing commercial downtime, reducing cost-to-hire, and improving retention rate immensely
  • achieving an impressive post-hire retention figure – virtually unheard of in the world of recruitment

The Sowelo package covers a complete, comprehensive, service, encompassing all stages of recruitment from the beginning to the successful end. All the client has to do is determine their preferences and expectations towards candidates, and Sowelo’s team does the rest. What’s also in the cards, is advice on recruitment strategies, tools, and methods. 

There are dozens of clients that are happy to have chosen Sowelo. And they confirm the agency’s competencies and effectiveness in finding the best professionals in the market. The fruitful cooperation with this recruitment agency is reflected in the number of references achieved.

Sowelo’s highlights and areas of expertise

There are dozens of other reasons why it’s good to choose Sowelo over its competitors. Extensive experience spanning 1.5 decades on the market is certainly one of them. The agency operated successfully in many circumstances, including during various crises which gives its consultants a huge competitive advantage. They simply know answers to many burning questions their clients might ask. 

What’s more, Sowelo offers them huge flexibility in solutions and models of cooperation provided. Also, the company’s headhunters run a vast database of top talent they can reach out to at any time. No matter what kind of niche specialists the client needs, Sowelo’s consultants can contact them lightning fast. This way, the whole recruitment process lasts the shortest as possible.

Among hundreds of successful Executive Search projects Sowelo completed, its headhunters showed competence and profound expertise in many ways. However, we may distinguish some specific areas of recruitment Sowelo specializes in. Within the IT industry, they include Robotic Process Automation, Software, Internet, Storage, Infrastructure, Networks, Security, Mobile, and Consulting Services. 

But apart from top professionals representing the IT sector, Sowelo consultants may source specialists from other major industries. Some of them are Financial Services, Biotech, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Banking and Finance, Insurance, and Investment Funds. What are the possible functions they are to perform? They include Operations and General Managers, as well as Business Development professionals in Engineering, R&D, Marketing, Sales, and Consulting.

The number and diversification of positions Sowelo recruiters acquired specialists for is truly impressive. They embrace Branch Director, Software Architect, Financial Controller, Business Analyst, Chief Accountant, Credit Controller, and Program Manager. PMO Director, Management Consultant, Accounting Manager, Transition Project Manager, Network Engineer, System Architect are other exemplary positions. Operations Directors, R&D Center Leads, Sales Executives, Compliance Officers, Team Supervisors, and Unit Managers are also on the list.


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