Exchanging Social Media Accounts – The Hype Lives up to RESULTS

The practice of purchasing and selling social media accounts has become main stream.

Whether for business or personal-venture endeavors, exchanging social media accounts has become a popular way for business owners and entrepreneurs alike to scale their audience reach.

Instagram; the leading photo-sharing platform, is the most popular account type to be exchanged, and for good reasons too; their billion monthly users provide excellent reach opportunities to page owners.

Traditionally, success with Instagram required the hard-work growth approach; publishing posts frequently, engaging with the page’s audience, and creating content that encourages a user’s follow.

This approach is slowly becoming outdated as more people learn they can avoid the early-stage challenges of growing a page by purchasing an already-established Instagram account.

Time is money and growing a new account to a highly-followed profile can be time consuming; time that your business or schedule may not have to spare.

Need not worry, today, AccFarm will share how you can buy Instagram accounts so you can preserve time and head straight to the success well-established pages provide.


Fast-Tracking Growth with Instagram

It’s true; Instagram is an invaluable source to brands, niche marketers, and entrepreneurs seeking ways to get their message or products in front of their target audience.

After all, Instagram’s immense user base enables page owners to reach laser-targeted users.  

No matter the niche or market, IG’s diverse community provides the audience for any and all page topics.

Buying Instagram accounts has proven to be an effective approach to establishing trust and credibility within a given market.  Purchasing a niche-specific account enables buyers to instantly establish themselves within their market while alleviating the time-consuming, page-growth hassles that many struggle to overcome.

Simply put, acquiring an account positions the purchaser to take over the credibility and reputation the creator established with the page’s audience.  Adding to that, most accounts cater to a specific audience which allows buyers to purchase profiles unique to their niche.

Buying established Instagram accounts have many perks, they allow the buyer to:

  • Instantly have a market-specific audience to promote their brand or services to.
  • Quickly secure sponsored-post opportunities with brands willing to pay for a feature.
  • Direct targeted traffic to their website via the page’s bio.
  • Establish trust and credibility with visitors from the beginning.
  • Grow their page even more (organically) with an already-established audience.


Social Media Accounts – The Buying Craze not Slowing Down Soon 

Social Media has become an integral part of modern-day society.

From Facebook to Instagram (and many others in between), brands, webmasters, and influencers utilize social media, now more than ever, to connect with audiences interested in their message

In this case, the ‘message’ is your content, products, services, or cause.

In today’s competitive world of marketing-savvy techies, having a fighting chance for dominance in your market is becoming increasingly more difficult.  No matter the platform you market yourself or services on, competition is fierce.  

This fact alone is what makes it challenging for newly-established social media accounts to attract an audience; new profiles compete against already-established accounts that often times have been around for years.

This holds especially true for Instagram where there are established pages for every niche imaginable.

For most, unrelenting competition is usually the convincing driving factor to buy Instagram accounts; the page already comes with an established audience and makes competing for growth easier (a win-win).


Buying Instagram Accounts for your Business

When it comes to branding and market reach, IG has proven to be a worthwhile investment.

With an established Instagram page in your arsenal, you can reach laser-targeted audiences that generate engagement rates Twitter and Facebook can’t compete with; a well-known fact.  

Adding to that, purchasing an Instagram page is more wallet-friendly than traditional paid advertising and can yield just as good if not better results.

Undeniably, IG is a powerful platform for brand/cause awareness, the fact that 90% of Instagrammers follow a business page holds that statement to be true.  Businesses and start ups have taken notice and have started buying up Instagram pages in volumes never seen before.

Buying Instagram accounts is a growing trend amongst business owners wanting to stay a step ahead of competitors but also for niche-specific entrepreneurs seeking ways to connect with interest-based audiences that may not be reachable on other social networks.

Here are some expert-advised tips to follow when buying an Instagram account:

  • Add value with your content to entice audience engagement.
  • Maintain a unified, aesthetic theme to build audience loyalty.
  • Engage with your audience so they feel valued and heard.
  • Explore influencer marketing for branding and earning opportunities.
  • Turn followers into customers with Shoppable Posts.

At AccFarm, purchasing an Instagram account goes far beyond the exchange of money and services with, it’s an opportunity to scale and grow your endeavors and to reach targeted audiences not found on all platforms; it’s an opportunistic purchase that will surely making the investment a worthwhile one.

For those with an Instagram Business profile, access to built-in analytics become available and shows:

  • How well your stories and posts have performed (including view counts).
  • The engagement between followers and your posts.
  • Features that allow you to launch and manage ad campaigns.
  • The option to add your URL to stories (direct story-viewers to your website).

This host of features and all-access analytics has compelled many entrepreneurs to buy an account.  

Aside from the vast volumes of traffic IG receives, the ease-of-access to page, post, story, and promotion analytics have made them a marketer-favorite platform.

In the age of social media dominance, in the modern-day world of people sitting home and swiping, there has never been a better time than now to buy an Instagram account for your ventures.

Social Media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon; in fact, the number of daily social media users are growing at rates never seen before which presents an excellent opportunity to those wanting to capitalize on the social media craze.

Establish your brand and build your reputation on the fastest-growing platform and achieve traffic and success you’ve never dreamt possible.


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