Evmux vs. Riverside: Why You Should Check Out These Two Video Streaming Pioneers

Video Streaming

The live streaming industry has been gaining lots of buzz and attention since the pandemic shifted the way businesses communicate with their customers. It is widely apparent that more and more marketers are utilizing live streaming in order to help sell products, distribute news, and provide valuable content. Israel, a country that has been a startup hub for quite some time, has also produced two stellar live streaming startups that are making headlines.

This includes evmux and Riverside, who both have been dominant in gaining traction and supporting creators, marketers, and companies. While evmux has the main focus on providing engaging live streaming solutions, Riverside has been playing in the fields of local recording and podcast/videocast support. Both startups have similar features and intentions, and both startups have a place in pioneering the industry. In a recent article for Ctech, evmux’s Co-founders talked about the competition with Riverside. In private rooms, the evmux and riverside rivalry is being called “the next Taboola vs. Outbrain.”

Video Streaming

Indeed evmux and Riverside have a long way to go in retrospect, but it is interesting to see how engaging some of these tech rivalries are. Especially when it gets heated up on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, when thinking about tech rivalries, we can think about heavy hitters like Uber vs. Lyft or Apple Vs. Samsung, we can also look at how the social media giants like Snapchat and Instagram. Another great example is Oracle Vs. Salesforce. This type of rivalry help companies improve and become better service providers.

The evmux team has a background in the physical events industry, and because of that, they feel they have the advantage in everything that has to do with virtual events. That is also why they decided to bring in product features that resemble a real live physical event. Features that have not been used previously in a digital setting. Some include having an earphone type feature where the show’s producer can offer directions to one of the speakers.

While the pandemic conversation is fading, a lot of companies have realized the vast attribution of digital distribution in their marketing plans and will continue to utilize live streaming and other forms of digital communication. If we look at the number one visited website in the last year (Tik Tok), we can see that video is a dominant pillar in engagement, and live streaming video can be an even more dominant pillar. Younger generations prefer to consume content that is more authentic, raw, and natural rather than watching a ‘talking heads’ news show on television.

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