EV Market: Something to Replenish Portfolios With

EV Market

In recent years, there has been a growing focus on developing environmentally friendly transportation, particularly electric cars. A crucial component of these cars is a rechargeable battery that powers their movement. More and more often, companies producing such batteries are increasingly making headlines in the stock screener, with their successes and prospects catching the attention of investors.

While China remains the largest manufacturer of traction batteries and their components, other regions need to localize battery production for the smooth development of their automotive industries. The US authorities are enticing manufacturers with lavish subsidies, whereas the European market cannot offer comparable conditions.

At the same time, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), based in the United States, is one of the pioneers in EV and battery production. Founded in 2003, Tesla has been actively developing and holds a leading position in the global battery market. Tesla is one of the few companies that produce batteries not only for its electric cars but also for third-party manufacturers, making it a significant player in the emerging market.

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Panasonic (TSE:6752) stands a little aside. Although the company is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics and household appliances in the world, since the early 2010s, it has been actively engaged in developing and producing EV batteries. The main advantages of Panasonic batteries are their high performance and long service life. The company collaborates closely with Tesla and Nissan, contributing to technological advancements and offering batteries with different characteristics for various electric car models.

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LG Chem (KRX:051910), a South Korean chemical company, has a significant share of the electric car battery market due to its innovative technology and high-quality products. LG Chem batteries are highly efficient, which makes them attractive to manufacturers worldwide. The company actively cooperates with manufacturers worldwide, expanding its presence in the battery market for both passenger and cargo electric vehicles.

LG Chem

Samsung SDI (KRX:006400), a subsidiary of Samsung located in Korea, is also actively growing its presence in the global electric car market, collaborating with leading manufacturers such as Tesla and BMW. Its batteries feature high energy density, contributing to increased electric car range and reduced charging time.

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It is worth pointing out that Chinese companies control 75% of the global graphite market used in traction battery anodes, and they plan to expand globally, with a focus on Europe due to protective legislative measures in the US.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Company Limited (CATL), a Chinese company, is a growth leader in developing and manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for various purposes, including electric cars. CATL has extensive battery manufacturing facilities, aiming to compete in the global market and expand its services and products westward.

Contemporary Amper

The segment of electric car accumulator battery manufacturers is dynamic and rapidly evolving. It’s advisable to closely examine companies in this sector and consider adding some to your portfolio as they continue to develop.


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