Ergonomic and Intuitive Mobile App Design for Finance – What Should it Include?

Ergonomic and intuitive mobile app design for finance what should it include

By Agnieszka Torój, Marketing Specialist, FINANTEQ S.A.

“Disaster”, “Poor UX”, “Terrible app! Constantly crashes and freezes. Finding essential features and performing basic tasks, such as transferring funds or paying bills, became an inconvenient journey through an unintuitive labyrinth. Thinking of switching the bank.”

Is this what most of your app reviews look like on Google Play or the App Store?

Improve it with Finanteq.

The importance of UX/UI in mobile banking

A well-designed user interface in mobile banking reduces users’ frustration and dissatisfaction, streamlines complex processes, and expands its accessibility for anyone, no matter age, social status or any other differences. Consistency in design elements and intuitive interactions ensure a seamless and enjoyable banking experience, fostering a strong bond between customers and the bank. By prioritizing UX/UI mobile banking apps can differentiate themselves in a competitive market and deliver exceptional user experiences that meet customers’ evolving needs.

So, what makes mobile banking apps delightful? Let’s see!

The big three: convenience, quality and design

When designing a mobile banking app, there are several areas that must always be kept in mind. At Finanteq, due to our vast banking experience, we can guide financial institutions through each stage of application development.


Today let’s focus on what mobile app design for finance should include being ergonomic, intuitive and safe.

1. Convenience

To ensure bank customers comfort and frequent usage of your app, it is essential to provide all the necessary features and make it easy to navigate. Simply put, if users can comfortably perform tasks within the app, they will frequently reach for the app.

Moreover, the times when the app only allowed users to check their bank account balance, make a transfer, and check history are gone forever.

Today’s banking apps must meet all customer expectations, so the range of their functionality is constantly growing. A good example of expanding the application’s capabilities is the implementation of m-commerce components, which allow users to purchase products and services directly from the application. Also, providing users with professional customer service through the app is crucial. This is why virtual communication tools embedded into the app improve convenience.

Also implemented functionalities have to be adapted to the way people use smartphones. Let our Pocket Branch implemented in the mobile application be an example. The mobile version of the tool is much different from the web one to meet all UI/UX smartphone standards.


Mobile applications present unique challenges due to their smaller screens and different operating ways. It is crucial to resize UI controls to accommodate finger interactions and streamline processes for a more user-friendly mobile experience.

For example:

  • Let your customers use their fingerprint, or face scan to log in.
  • Help users find the nearest branch or ATM.
  • Show navigation directions using augmented reality.
  • Make interactions feel more natural by adding gestures to the buttons and menu.

2. Quality and security

As mobile banking experts, we know how to achieve great UX without scarifying security.

While Finanteq specializes in developing secure mobile banking solutions, this article will concentrate on maintaining quality, which is visible to end-users.

To ensure quality, it is important to focus on the following aspects:

  1. Reliability: the app should work smoothly and quickly, without crashes or errors, so that users can complete tasks without obstacles.
  2. Contextual help: provide instructions and documentation specific to the user’s current task or feature interaction, ensuring they have the necessary guidance.
  3. Plain language: avoid technical jargon and complex finance terms. Use simple language and explain when needed to help users feel comfortable and secure.
  4. Error assistance: strive for an error-free solution, but if errors occur, explain what went wrong and provide guidance on how to fix the issue. Make sure to present a clear error message and guide users through the necessary next steps.

By addressing these four aspects, you can build user confidence by maintaining the quality of the mobile banking app. This set is a fundamental part that any vendor should focus on to achieve the highest level of convenience in its software.

3. Design

Delightfulness is crucial in making any solution stand out and leave a long-lasting impression. Here are some ways to amaze your customers:

  1. Adapt to specific user needs: offer personalized features and recommendations based on their behavior, similar to how mobile systems suggest shortcuts or predict actions.
  2. Use smart predictions: fill in fields or forms automatically to save users time and effort, such as identifying a city and street based on a ZIP code provided.
  3. Animate for delight: incorporate well-planned animations, especially during important moments like completing a transfer or ordering a new card. These animations enhance the UX and create a sense of speed and interactivity.

By focusing on these details and investing in high-quality animations, you can elevate your solution’s quality and provide added value to your customers.

Let the mobile banking app shine

Intuitive design, clear information architecture, and visually appealing visuals contribute to a positive user experience, ultimately driving user retention and loyalty. At Finanteq, we can help to achieve it by:

  • Excellent help in performing a thorough UX audit.
  • Delivering impactful UI design ideas.
  • Designing a complete, customized solution for any bank, no matter its client type.

Rest assured, our expertise and confidence in these areas enable us to deliver outstanding results. 

Finanteq is a successful technology company with extensive knowledge of digital banking solutions. With us, creating an app that your customers will appreciate is achievable. The banking applications we develop win the world’s biggest rankings, but most of all, they are praised by their users.

Contact us to discover how to stand out with mobile app design and efficiency.


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