Enterprise Essentials to Boost Employee Productivity


Employee productivity indicates the efficiency that an individual employee delivers in the workplace. It holds the lion’s share in the success of an organization and contributes heavily to its revenue generation regime. Therefore, enterprises need to keep their employees motivated for the best results.

Factors that could decrease employee productivity

Certain factors restrain employees from being productive, which in turn cause obstructions in attaining the coveted goals of the company. These may include:

  • Subpar management and leadership
  • Badly structured organization
  • Workplace distractions
  • Stress in the workplace
  • Toxic behavior in the office
  • Lack of proper employee training

All these factors need proper resolution to bring your employees together and inspire them to boost their productivity. One way to make this happen is by making the work interactive. Studies say that interactivity could increase employee productivity by 89%. This is where digital adoption could take the driver’s seat. There are several methods to raise the level of work in your office.

Ways to boost employee productivity

A motivated employee is likely to deliver tasks with more enthusiasm. The enthusiasm is closely linked to the level of employee engagement. Here are some valuable tips to boost employee productivity in this regard.

1. Effective employee onboarding

A smooth employee onboarding process makes it possible to retain employees and save the mounting expenditures of new hiring. For obvious reasons, it will also boost employee productivity. The points here could aid in providing hassle-free employee onboarding.  

  • Describe the job: Provide the new hires a complete job description, like job role, date of joining, goals to meet, etc.
  • Create an Onboarding Checklist: This will help note down all activities you need to carry out during onboarding.
  • Formal introduction: It is good to introduce the new employees with a specific point of contact from every department.
  • Describe the goals: Discuss the enterprise’s short- and long-term goals with the new employees.
  • Technology introduction: Make the employees aware of the technologies they will be using, such as the digital adoption platform, employee hour calculator, etc.
  • Relaxed environment: Give space to the new hires to get along well with the team. Encourage them to network and make friends.

To optimize employee onboarding initiatives, it is important to adopt employee onboarding software, such as the one from Apty. It equips companies with the requisite support and helps improve employee productivity in the long run.

2. Training and Development

Do studies show that employee training can increase your profit margin by more than 24%? Yes, it holds high importance when it comes to boosting the productivity of an organization in its entirety. Here are a few stats to show the importance of training and development:

  • Per a survey report, training and development can help retain around 86% of millennials in their current job. 
  • 56% of HR managers emphasize training and development to boost employee productivity.
  • 89% of employees don’t mind getting training anytime and anywhere to proceed with their job.
  • 76% of employees want enhanced training on digital skills from their employers.
  • 90% of employers believe mobile-based training to be the game-changer in their respective industries.

All these stats indicate the essence of training and development and the importance of adopting digitally sound methods.

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) could be one of the main ways to train the employees, as it enables them to get job-specific training from anywhere and anytime. The platform makes the workers independent of any manager to guide them, contributing to the company’s productivity, especially when employers work remotely.

3. Employee Engagement  

An instant benefit of employee engagement increases productivity to an exceptional level. A research report unleashed by Gallup also opines the same. It says that teams connected show a 21% increase in productivity. 

Employee engagement also helps enterprises in the following ways:

  • Enhances retention rate
  • Increases business revenues
  • Improves employee and customer satisfaction
  • Reduces absence from work
  • Increases employee loyalty

Enterprises that adopt vital practices as given below are more likely to ensure enhanced employee engagement at their workplace:

  • Live up to the values, vision, and mission that your project on your website
  • Create a friendly environment and a favorable work culture
  • Recognize and celebrate the achievements of employees with awards and appreciation
  • Help employees create a perfect work-life balance via sound vacation policies, beneficial wellness programs, etc.
  • Offer flexibility to the employees to work on new projects and let them explore their intrinsic interests.  

4. Delegate responsibilities and authorities

Making employees responsible is one of the major factors behind their productivity. Here is what you could do:

  • Know what your employees are capable of
  • Assign responsibilities as per the capabilities of the employees
  • Make the most deserving employees the team leaders and monitor their performance
  • Give employees the decision-making authority for their respective departments 
  • Set deadlines for the tasks you assign to employees

Allocating your organization’s tasks to your employees across different departments and teams will help hone their skills and polish their talent in their preferred working domain. This will greatly improve your company’s strength and enhance employee productivity.


All these factors are highly effective in enhancing the productivity of your employees. However, the need is to identify and nurture their talents before you raise your expectations from them. Once that is done, focus on empowering them in any way possible.

To conclude, your honest efforts in employee boarding, training, corporate culture, employee engagement, and delegating authorities could prove to be a game-changer in boosting employee productivity.


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