Enhancing Customer Reach: Mitto’s WhatsApp Business Integration for Oracle Users

Mitto's WhatsApp Business
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Swiss tech company Mitto has emerged in recent years as a leader in communications solutions for businesses that want a cost-effective way to boost online customer communication and engagement worldwide. The company recently announced a development that further strengthens its position: As a strategic partner with Oracle Responsys, Mitto can now offer Oracle users easy connectivity to WhatsApp Business.

The news expands the already extensive variety of cloud-based services  Mitto provides. Brands that use Oracle and Mitto together can now leverage WhatsApp Business to engage over two billion customers across 190 countries. It’s another solution that serves Mitto’s goal of providing reliable, efficient and secure methods for businesses to communicate with current and potential customers.

“We are excited to be an Oracle Marketplace vendor. WhatsApp is a remarkably powerful channel, and we firmly believe that it should be accessible to all companies, both large and small,” Andrea Giacomini, CEO of Mitto, said in a news release. “Mitto’s Oracle Responsys integration capabilities do just that and let marketers and sales teams unlock the power of WhatsApp Business to engage and support customers across the globe. This helps businesses succeed and guarantees customers will enjoy the best experiences possible.”

Through WhatsApp Business tools and Mitto’s advanced AI-powered routing platform, businesses can expand their international reach while providing customers with dynamic, interactive messages that support up to 1,000 characters.

The goal is to create personalized, one-on-one conversations with customers that deepen trust with end-to-end encryption that keeps sensitive information secure. Data security is a top priority for businesses, which is why Mitto takes a multi-layered security approach that includes two-factor authentication or one-time passcodes.

Who Is Mitto?

Created in 2013 by a small group of telecommunications experts, Mitto has grown into a leading provider of global communications systems for business. Technology from the company, which is based in Zurich, Switzerland, allows businesses to embed real-time communications into the applications and services they already use.

These communications channels include the ability to use text, voice and video. In addition to WhatsApp, some of the services Mitto can connect clients to include SMS, Voice, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, and Instagram Business. Mitto easily integrates with a growing number of powerful, popular digital platforms, in addition to Oracle Responsys. They include HubSpot, Shopify, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Auth0, Power Automate, and Eloqua.

Mitto clients include large companies with a global reach. In 2023 alone, Mitto has published “customer stories” that include international software developer Kingsoft Corporation; Italian cosmetics giant WYCON Cosmetics; bulk SMS provider Guangdong Zhonghe Lianyun Technology Co.; and Cingreen, a mobile data applications and development company. Others include companies in fintech, digital payments, and aviation.

Mitto’s strong lineup of products and services, as well as its decision to become an Oracle Responsys vendor, are the methods by which the company strives to achieve its business goal of powering a connected world with seamless, secure digital communication channels.

WhatsApp Business fits perfectly into the company vision of what it wants to offer clients. The app doubles as a marketing and support channel, allowing both sales and marketing teams to use it for implementing campaigns, answering inquiries with automated responses, resolving issues, and sending updates and alerts.

Mitto reported in the news release that WhatsApp Business messages have an almost 98% open rate and a 60% click rate. Also, 80% of WhatsApp messages are read in the first five minutes. This gives businesses a proven way to drive ROI while fostering closer connections with new and existing customers.

The Critical Importance of Customer Communication and Engagement

Customer engagement is critical to business success. Rather than infrequent and often fleeting interactions, quality customer engagement requires delivering current and potential customers with a connected experience. It’s not just a “nice to have” aspect of business. Customers today have come to expect it.

Modern consumers place a great deal of importance in how a business communicates with them. Research from Salesforce found that 80% of customers say experiences provided by companies are as important to them as products and services.

Dan Gingiss, an author and customer experience expert, told Salesforce that business leaders “must realize that they are no longer competing against the guy down the street or the brand that sells similar products, Instead, they’re competing with every other experience a customer has. This presents an opportunity for forward-thinking brands to create positive experiences that customers want to talk about to others.”

Customers want an experience that is tailored to them, from the moment they become aware of a brand until they make the final purchase. They also want a concierge-type service throughout the experience.

This desire is not a surprise for those who have paid attention to the ways that digital innovation has disrupted businesses. Writing about how digital communications are another area of disruption, Forbes noted that there is a “central thread” in all technology innovation:

“Each innovation and subsequent business disruption has one thing at its heart: customer experience. Every idea that has succeeded has done so because it spoke to a human experience and substantially improved, speeded up or completely changed the way we live and work, often for the better.”

Features Mitto Offers Through Oracle Responsys, WhatsApp Business

Global communications systems such as those offered by Mitto can play an important role in the vital area of customer communications and experience. As a strategic partner with Oracle Responsys, Mitto’s offers businesses the ability to add WhatsApp Business to their omnichannel marketing strategies using a single platform. It opens up a wide range of possibilities.

In making the announcement about simplifying how businesses that use Oracle Responsys can connect with WhatsApp Business through Mitto, the company also provided details on how the service can improve communications strategies for businesses of all sizes and in every industry.

As a strategic partner with Oracle Responsys, Mitto is natively integrated in the Oracle Responsys SMS system. Businesses that use Oracle Responsys can choose Mitto from the list of available providers. Doing so gives businesses access to Mitto’s routing system, worldwide monitoring, and direct and exclusive connection to mobile operators.

Mitto can help businesses create SMS campaigns, identify keywords and invalid keyword responses, use two-way SMS messaging with clients, preview outbound and response messages, and proof and launch outbound messages. An interactive dashboard also provides at-a-glance summaries of Oracle Responsys SMS campaigns.

Oracle’s intelligent, cross-channel platform also enables marketers to build personalized campaigns tailored to customers’ unique preferences, pain points, and interests.

The WhatsApp Business integration offers the ability to easily communicate with customers and improve engagement using one-way messaging for both promotional and transactional messages. Mitto provides a step-by-step guide for connecting to and using WhatsApp Business for Oracle Responsys customers.

WhatsApp provides a lengthy list of useful features. Businesses can showcase products and services in a virtual storefront, craft messages for a variety of automatic responses, create shortcuts for frequently used messages, organize and filter customer conversations, create links to specific catalog items on Facebook and Instagram, and announce promotions and special offers to multiple customers simultaneously.

Easy connectivity to WhatsApp Business is another way that Mitto continues to expand its services and products that support global communications systems for businesses. It’s all part of the company’s mission to “deliver reliable, high-quality communications between businesses and their customers, every time.”

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