Engineering Degrees That Would Provide You With The Best ROI


By Abhyank Srinet

While some degrees pay graduates poorly, choosing the best course of study is one of the most important elements in influencing a student’s eventual pay rate. Certain majors pay roughly double or three times as much as the lowest-paying majors. Students can select one of the five-degree alternatives below to earn a good salary.

As we know that engineers apply science and math to address real-world issues, and the skillsets of engineering graduates make them highly sought after by many employers after graduation. Top engineering colleges are tough, but graduating from one means you’ll be in great demand and earn a high income. A student with a STEM degree or another degree from a reputable engineering school can pursue a successful career in a variety of sectors.

Caltech, or the California Institute of Technology, was founded in 1891 and is frequently ranked among the greatest colleges in the world for engineering, technology, and the physical sciences. The Pasadena-based private university is divided into six academic divisions, the majority of which focus on science and engineering. Moreover, it offers 24 majors (or “options”) and six minors, the most popular of which are computer science, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering.

Because graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, have been involved in one-third of all human-crewed space flights, it’s simple to see why it’s one of the greatest engineering schools around. The private university, which is located in Cambridge, offers one of the finest engineering school returns on investment available. The physical sciences and engineering are probably among the most popular programs provided by its five schools and colleges. Since its establishment in 1861, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has produced or been affiliated with over 80 Nobel Laureates, 45 Rhodes Scholars, 52 National Medal of Science recipients, and two Fields Medalists making it difficult to find a more prestigious engineering school.

Harvey Mudd College, based in Claremont, California, is a small private institution with roughly 800 undergraduate students, yet it punches much above its weight when it comes to ROI. After gaining degrees in math, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and, of course, engineering, a considerable percentage of its students go on to acquire PhDs. Students can get a Bachelor of Science degree from Harvey Mudd College in a range of science, math, and engineering fields, and they can also take classes at other Claremont Colleges schools. Without a doubt, one of the best traits in engineering colleges is offered by the institution. Let’s look at the top engineering degrees that will provide you with high returns given below. 

1. Chemical Engineering

New graduates in this high-paying area are frequently offered high-paying jobs. The median annual earnings for this occupational field are $96,940, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Despite slower-than-average job growth of 2%, there is still an opportunity for new engineers due to retirements. New engineers can expect to work in areas such as nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, energy research, and biotechnology after being hired in this role. Chemistry, electrical engineering, mathematics, and physics are required skills for success in this area. Chemical engineers use all of these abilities on a regular basis, so it’s vital that students can handle the chemicals, biochemicals, and industrial equipment they’ll encounter at work.

2. Petroleum, Mining and Mineral Engineering

American oil corporations are in desperate need of engineers as a result of the oil boom in North Dakota. Based on the data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field will grow by 15% over the next decade. Unlike some academic subjects, this degree only takes four years to complete. It, like most engineering disciplines, necessitates the development of strong analytical and quantitative abilities. Students may have to relocate to get work in this sector because the majority of petroleum-related occupations are located in North Dakota, Alaska, Texas, California, and Louisiana.

3. Computer Science Engineering Information Technology

Computer Science continues to reign supreme as a popular subject among students and a reliable source of excellent job chances and high income. For decades, Computer Science has been a popular subject of study, and it now dominates the educational landscape. It is one of India’s most lucrative engineering fields.

It provides a significant opportunity for a stable career, numerous specialization chances, and a domain-centric future for aspirants, and this is not without justification. Several job profiles that offer the potential are software development, system analysts, web developers, database administrators, software testing professionals and language programmers. 

In both computer software and hardware, this branch has a number of intriguing and rewarding job opportunities. Computer engineers and IT experts have an abundance of work opportunities. All of the top engineering schools offer this programme. In terms of income, computers are a sure-fire way to get your career off to a good start with a good wage and quickly climb the social and financial ladder.

4. Aerospace Aviation Engineering

Studies on aeroplanes and spacecraft are in high demand due to technological advancements and intensive research activity. You will be qualified to handle the design and development of aeroplanes and spacecraft if you choose an Aerospace Engineering curriculum. Aviation is, without a doubt, one of the most well-paid professions in the modern world. In India, aerospace engineering is almost the highest paid engineering branch.

Aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering are two overlapping and prominent sub-branches in this subject that give prospects in various fascinating domains. Designers, Quality Control In-Charge, Robotics Engineers, and Research & Development Professionals are all part of this modern discipline of engineering. This branch is particularly popular since it offers fantastic job options and competitively high wage packages. In India, it is the most sought-after and best engineering branch for a high income.

5. Biotechnology Engineering

Today, technological applications can be found in a wide range of industries. There are no exceptions in biological systems. With the introduction of technology into these systems, a new area known as biotechnology engineering has evolved, combining multiple fields such as engineering, genetics, chemistry, microbiology, and biochemistry.

This cutting-edge and widely utilized engineering field has a wide range of applications in many industries. Agriculture, animal husbandry, pollution control, eco-conservation, and research and development relating to vaccinations, medications, and fertilizers are all possible career options for those interested in this sector. Furthermore, food processing and many other industries exploring biotechnology’s possibilities are seen as heavily investing in it. This area of engineering is India’s most sought-after engineering branch, with plenty of job prospects and a high pay scale.

Key Takeaway

When deciding on a field of study, the reputation of the institute, as well as aspects such as placement prospects and professional advancement potential, are all important considerations. It is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the top paid engineering institutes in India. Further, understanding the advantages and requirements of various engineering education programmes will allow you to select the best engineering field in India for good pay returns. We hope these courses will help you increase your knowledge and to know more about the best returns if you are from an engineering background. 

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