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You don’t have to keep wondering about the experience of an Empower Field VIP box. All you need to do is book a ticket today. Surely, you won’t regret the choice you make. After all, Empower Field suites are designed to offer the best perks and amenities any visitor can dream of. You’ll be impressed with the way you’re treated when you’re a suite ticket holder. Don’t pass up the opportunity to feel truly special when you have the chance. Once you experience the indulgence and comfort of private suites, you’ll be attracted to forever enjoy the taste of luxury. So, get the rare and exclusive tickets while they’re available and score yourself a one-of-a-kind experience. 

How To Buy Empower Field Suites & Boxes

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An Empower Field VIP box is a private area where you can enjoy an event without getting distracted by the noisy crowd and the best actions getting blocked by other people. It is the best way to secure a unique experience in the lapse of luxury where you can be comfortable in the company of your friends and family. These private seating areas are usually expensive, but the premium perks and amenities they offer to enhance your experience make them worth the price. Whether you wish to enjoy the event without distractions, are looking for a sweet getaway from the crowd for a relaxing time, or vibe with your friends with meals and drinks, Empower Field suites have you covered.

Many people would do all they can to get their hands on Empower Field VIP box tickets. However, it isn’t as easy as you think to get hold of these exclusive tickets because of the high demand they create. It isn’t surprising to see why many people are drawn to these private seating areas. The reason that makes these suites so exclusive is their limited availability. These seating areas are usually less in number and are packed with enviable perks and privileges that many people dream of. If you wish to be part of an unforgettable VIP experience, go through the upcoming events to find an event that interests you. Go ahead and make a reservation early because there is a high chance that these suites will sell out prematurely. 

The privileges that Empower Field VIP Club seats provide are second to none. With these luxury suite tickets, you’ll be able to enjoy the amenities of in-suite catering provided by Epicurean Sports. With a motive to turn ‘Fans into Foodies,’ you’ll surely be delighted with the catering services as well as a convenient in-seat attendant service and private restrooms. If you’re a suite ticket holder, you don’t have to worry about chaotic parking because you’ll get VIP parking access. In addition, you can enter the venue like a boss through a dedicated VIP event entrance that you can access from the East and West ends of the United Club. Every suite ticket holder has exclusive VIP club access to the United Club Level lounges, where there will be lots of fine food and wine to enjoy. 

There are three Empower Field suites to choose from. The Ring of Fame Loge accommodates 6 guests and is the most exclusive suite option in the venue. They lie on the 400 Suite Level in one corner. It features outdoor leather seats and a plush indoor lounge seating area. The suite comes with 2 parking passes with included food and beverages, counter space, HDTVs, coat closets, and private restrooms. The 200 Level Suite and the 400 Level Suite have many similarities when it comes to the amenities and perks. Both the suites come with 17 tickets and 4 parking passes each. Both are expandable to fit up to 25 guests. The common amenities include interior and exterior seating, United Club Lounge access, an exclusive kitchenette, private restrooms, WiFi, and HDTVs. The main difference is the location. The 200 Level Suite lies on the lowest suite level, while the 400 Level Suite is placed on the second suite level. Choose the most suitable Empower Field VIP box for the best experience. 

Enhance your experience and garner fun memories by getting a chance to attend the events in the comfort of Empower Field suites. Officially known as Empower Field at Mile High, this popular NFL stadium lies at 1701 Mile High Stadium Circle in Sun Valley. It is the site where the then US President Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech. The field opened in 2001 as Invesco Field. You’ll find over 130 Empower Field suites. The venue serves as the home venue of the professional NFL team, the Denver Broncos. It has the capacity to seat 76125 people for football games, while 100000 guests can be accommodated for concerts. 


It is no surprise that many interesting events have taken place in this beloved stadium. Apart from the many exciting football games it has hosted, Empower Field also hosted other notable events, including the Drum Corps International Championship, soccer games, rugby, AMA Supercross Championship, Monster Jam, and more. The venue has also hosted various live entertainment shows and concerts, starting with the Eagles. Since then, a lot of popular artists and performers like Guns N’ Roses, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, and more have made significant impressions at the venue. Purchase Empower Field VIP box tickets and watch the upcoming concerts of renowned artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Foo Fighters, and Luke Combs in style and luxury and turn the event into a magical one. 

Empower Field VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do Empower Field VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?  

Visitors can expect to pay an average of $18999 to $30100 for VIP suites, while single tickets to shared suites at $180 to $800. But there are many factors that can impact the price of Empower Field VIP Boxes & Suites. It can be based on the event, day of the week, suite level, and more. 

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Empower Field VIP Box Or Suite? 

The seating capacity of an Empower Field VIP Box Or Suite depends on the suite level. The Ring of Fame Loge is a highly exclusive seating option that comes with 6 tickets. On the other hand, both the 200 Level Suite and the 400 Level Suite have greater seating capacities coming with 17 tickets each.

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