Elevator Shoes – Feel More Attractive

Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes, similar to high heels, are used to make a person appear taller for several reasons ranging from confidence to health issues. However, they are not visible outside the shoe, meaning bystanders cannot see the additional centimetres gained by the person wearing them. The insole is thickened by a rubber or foam material which can vary in size depending on preference (usually 4-10 cm), allowing the person to seem taller than they actually are while remaining comfortable and private.

1. Increased Height

The most obvious reason to purchase a pair of elevator shoes is because you will appear taller than you actually are. This can be because of insecurity due to being shorter than average, a simple trick to make you feel more confident and powerful, or even to aid you in improving your posture and straightening your back. Either way, it is a clever and undisclosed method that millions of people around the globe use instead of using high heels, which are more painful and often only benefit women. 

A key advantage of being taller is that you can decide how much length you desire to add to your figure because it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Companies can sell shoes with an insole of only a couple of centimetres and much higher layers so that you can decide based on your needs that day. Furthermore, many businesses allow you to purchase individual shoes separately, for example, if you wish to fix an imbalance between your right and left leg, affecting your posture and your joints. 

2. Back Pain Due to Bad Posture

Appearance aside, elevator shoes have significantly improved in relieving pain caused by bad posture, uneven leg height, and pressure on your spinal cord. Generally speaking, correct posture includes your back remaining flat, your weight distributed equally on both feet, and your shoulders pulled back. This way, there is less stress on your spine and your body stays relaxed. On the other hand, slouching on a chair, hunching your back when standing, or letting your head fall forward can affect your health. Common symptoms associated with poor posture include joint pain, decreased circulation of blood, stiffness of the waist and muscle weakness. 

When using elevator shoes, your weight becomes more evenly distributed. Consequently, you begin to stand straighter, alleviating pain in your upper and lower back because your muscles and joints are less strained. Moreover, when wearing these shoes for an extended period of time, your posture will naturally improve without you having to consciously remember to straighten your back and lift your head each time, allowing you to get on with your day-to-day routine without the added worry. Not only will you give the impression of looking healthier externally, but your body will thank you for the extra support. 

3. Lift in Confidence

There is a closely linked relationship between confidence and productivity. Studies show a positive correlation between the two, essentially alluding to the fact that the more self-assured a person seems, the more work they can accomplish. Whether this means having the ability to put your ideas forward more frequently in the workplace or establish meaningful connections with colleagues, confidence can assist you in dominating the field you wish to conquer. This way, your career will flourish because people often feel more dominant when they are at peace with their height, and a few inches will give them that boost. 

Confidence does not have to be limited to your profession. Statistically, 45% of men admit that they wish they were taller, a common reason being to find a partner. It is an everyday belief that being a tall man can secure a woman’s attention by making them seem more appealing and manly. However, this can be deemed an outdated and unpopular opinion. Even so, elevator shoes help men gain the confidence associated with being taller, urging them to feel secure instead of timid, therefore helping them become outgoing and sociable.

4. Aesthetic

Looking good is something that makes everybody a happier version of themselves. For many people, this means a slim build with longer legs which is achieved through a healthy diet and exercise. In addition to these activities, elevator shoes can also make your figure slightly more slender, earning you praise for your appearance and boosting your self-esteem. Additionally, women can often use their figure to help with their career, for example, when modeling clothes to help sell them. Whether your shape is used to attract a partner, feel more confident on outings or simply for when you look at yourself in the mirror, this is the ideal trick to help you feel more attractive. 

When mentioning the term ‘elevator shoes’ in a conversation, their design is often overlooked and instead, you may be faced with uncertain looks. Sure enough, they do not sound pointedly fashionable and trendy, yet why are they so popular and in high demand? The answer is because they can actually be incredibly stylish. The negative connotations associated with orthopaedic shoes are that they are grey and dull. However, many years and modifications later, there is a huge range of elevator shoes to choose from. Whether this means slight versus taller sizes, modest shoes versus flashy bright colours, or even men’s versus women’s, there is a style for everyone. 


In conclusion, guidomaggi elevator shoes can be used for numerous reasons. They are regular shoes with an added insole to create the illusion of extra height, invented by Emanuele Briganti. They are most commonly worn by those needing support for their spine to aid with posture or men yearning for that additional length to attract women, yet are beginning to appeal to all ages and genders because of the newfound confidence that they come with. With many colours and styles to opt for, they are the ideal solution for height. 


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