eGame Bringing Blockchain To eSports With Revolutionary Gaming Platform


Overlapping demographics meant the union of online gaming and cryptocurrencies was inevitable but nothing clicked until the launch of brand new platform eGame Interactive (eGI). 

It has been believed for quite some time that blockchains and gaming are a match made in heaven. Both are enjoying increasing popularity across the globe and the demographics of the people who play games and those that invest in cryptocurrencies have a lot of crossovers. 

However, early attempts at creating blockchain-based games felt a little forced and much of the gameplay was sacrificed to be able to include blockchain mechanics, digital ownership and monetization. Thankfully, though, those early growing pains are a thing of the past and blockchain-based gaming has experienced explosive growth over the past couple of years.

Blockchain Value Across Industries

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchains they are based on are revolutionising business and industry across the globe. The benefits are being identified and utilised across industries and it is no longer just the domain of information technology and computing. In healthcare, for example, blockchain-based data can be used to create unique digital signatures that only allow access to information when it has been authorized by multiple people.  

Blockchains are also being used by government departments to protect critical data and ensure the information being passed between departments is only accessible by those that are authorised to see it. In the law fraternity, blockchains are being used to protect vital data such as contracts and even enforce contract demands. Cryptocurrencies have been a part of online gaming for some time too, NetBet led the way a few years ago by introducing Bitcoin as an online casino deposit method and other reputable sites with top casino offers followed suit, but it hasn’t been until recently that the blockchain has really taken off in gaming.

Application For Online Gaming Platforms

The only real surprise with the whole situation is that it has taken so long for an online gaming platform like eGame to find an application as effective as those seen in other industries while still maintaining the essence of what people love about games. 

It turns out the solution everyone was waiting for was non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs. The gaming industry as a whole is seeing a revolution with the widespread adoption of NFTs and as one of eGames core product offerings, it stands to reason that they also play a huge role in the brand’s online gaming platform.

NFTs are essentially unique digital collectables, akin to physical baseball cards or rare coins that have the potential to gain value over time, and by using blockchain networks, NFTs can secure player ownership of customisable characters and cosmetic items that will make the gameplay experience unique to each user and provide a whole new kind of value to gamers. 

“We are bringing a whole new level of engagement to the eSport community. Game lovers and sports fans will be able to own and breed their favourite gaming characters, engage in duels, and compete with opponents. The eGame platform is intended to encourage transparency, mutual connection, community, and market growth among fans and participants. This is a key metric that isn’t available in most gaming platforms,” said the eGame founding team in a statement.


What is eGI?

eGame’s eGI is a native ERC20 token based on the state of the art Ethereum blockchain and will be at the heart of everything that happens in the eGame online gaming platform, what the company has termed as “exgaming”. To engage in exgaming users will be needed to own a minimum amount of eGI tokens to gain exclusive access.

The token will be used to make wagers, donations, NFT sales and all other monetary transactions on the platform to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved. According to eGame, users will be incentivized to use eGI over other forms of currency by offering special and significant benefits for their use. 

The sky is the limit for eGame and its eGI token after the company entered into a partnership with the rising crypto trading platform Coineal, which will bring its platform and its NFTs to a far greater audience.

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