EduBirdie Review: Popular Service for Essay Writing Today


Many websites provide essay writing services, but I am talking about the Edubirdie website, which is famous for its writing services. The introduction is the first step to write about the website.

If you are finding difficulty in the writing of an essay? Then you should check the EduBirdie website in the blink. This site is famous among the students who are searching everywhere for the best essay writers.

The quality of Edubirdie is acceptable. The purpose of designing this website is to help the students with a good and attractive portfolio. This website’s benefit is for students who work with their studies and don’t manage the time for their writing assignments.

In a small-time period, this website achieved so many goals. Their writers are available 24/7 to provide the best services to their clients. EduBirdie is a popular online service. Though its name is often misspelt from the student’s mouth, their client sometimes pronounces the different words.

If you go to the google bar and search the Edubirdie reviews, you can find some funny variations. This website got the attraction after some advertisement through Instagram and YouTube bloggers. These bloggers happily blog about them and spread awareness to the students of their best writing services.

If you go deeper, you can find that some BBC news stories are also covered in this website reviews and found some silly mistakes.

Students reviews:

Many students go through the reviews section before choosing the correct writing website for their essays. And like other websites, this site is also having a team of reviews in which students write their experiences to help others.

In the review section, you can find mixed comments. In some comments, people posted their positive experiences. A student said that he placed an order of the essay of master’s level, and the writer on the other side accepted the offer.

And after some time, he received his paper within the deadline. The paper did not need revision; it was good. He also said that he was satisfied with the writer’s work and will surely use this website in the future.

And some students listed down the not-so-satisfying comments in the review box. They aid that if you want a writing service at a pro-level, this Edubirdie site is not helpful. There could be writing errors and spelling mistakes in your essay.

Reviews are always based on the experiences, doesn’t mean all the writer make the same mistakes in every paper. It’s just a matter of time and the type of services

Some wrote in their comments that after getting the paper, you should double-check the plagiarism through UKEssays. Always remember there is nothing free to use. The UKEssays also charge some money to check the data.

Their services sometimes work on your luck. If you have good fortune, then you can get the best essay paper without spelling mistakes and grammar issues. These reviews indeed confused you about whether you should use this website or not.

There are also some issues regarding this website. Edubirdie can deliver good high school papers but with complex levels. If we talk about the grades, some students did not get high and good marks in their essay papers.

Some students are afraid of being caught from using this website. But I guess there is no crime to using such a website. So, according to these reviews, you should be checking this website of your own will.


Experts’ opinion:  

We are always in need of an expert’s opinion. Why do we believe in the experts? Why do we want in the internet world? To get the answers to these questions, everybody needs experience.

As we know the experts’ IQ and EQ level, we believe their logic comes with the perfect experiences. Many experts are working on the Edubirdie website review, and they find out many things about this site.

They find out that the team of writers is not loyal. Some of them are fake, and some of them are trustworthy. Some students are not bothered about the paper’s quality because they only want their papers to be done.

But in an expert’s opinion, we should know about the company, because we trust them with our money and we trust them with the reputation. But it’s the nature of humans to find the truth.  

Edubirdie has policies about identifying the writers; they don’t reveal the true self of their writers. Experts are here to solve these mysteries; they give some solutions to these types of problems. The need for experts is increasing day by day. In the corona situation, we need more experts are compared to the previous years.

The corona year made it difficult for the students to work on the school premises. That why they choose these online websites more and more in the current year. Some experts give their opinion on the availability of the writers should be more than the usual. 

If a company hires more writers with a degree, then their reputation will also increase. Students prefer those sites with unlimited writers to help them and guide them to choose the best type for their essay writing.

Because these students want more help regarding the papers. Because they didn’t get the proper time to study. These online websites need to increase their writer to expand their business and help students with no hurdle.

Specialists are the overcomer of tough situations, and they have experience composing for an extremely significant time-frame. This experience is the most valuable thing in this world. Specialists realize the number of lines are needed in each passage. This mastery shows regular interest in one another’s work.

And which type of grammar is used in the writing services. And they also know about the structure of sentence making. They can instantly sniff the problem in the sentence and immediately suggest the solution. So paper quality does not affect by these silly mistakes. 

Specialists likewise give their audits in the survey area to get the questions free from people in general. They give their contemplations on exposition composing, editing, copyright infringement checking, and postulation. These specialists composed their audits by contrasting the other composing sites. A similar survey considers as the best audit.

Their opinion is mattered a lot in the payment method because they know what amount should be given to the article or thesis writing. Experts know how to change a normal paper presentation into a well-qualified way and which tool is used to impress the professor.

The legitimacy of the writing paper:

Are you ready to indulge yourself in the world of conspiracy? A big part of this world is working in the scam world. Do Everyone is worried about the scam or loyalty? Does loyalty come first in the race of competition of the business? If we talk about loyalty or scam, I would like to clear the air that Edubirdie is the proper loyal program.

They hired many writers, especially qualified ones, for the writing purpose. But that doesn’t mean they hired unqualified writers for the paper writing. They just have different policies as compared to other websites.

They have some legal sections of the writing niche. They don’t demand confidential data from the client, and they do not require your phone number and your address. Don’t judge the Edubirdie website writer with their loyalty program.

Loyalty can only earn by good behavior and struggle. Once you earned the loyalty, then no one can steal it from you. People do dirty tricks to ruin the legitimacy of the Edubirdie website.

Once you worked with them, you can see they cannot do anything illegal, they just have low writers’ profiles, but they don’t do any scam. If you don’t want to indulge yourself in the scam world, you can easily use it.

Swipe your tears, and check this site for the high school essays. This website is authentic and original, which is working for several years and providing writing sources to the clients.

A scam website is a way to create a spider web for the clients to drain the money from them and provide them with a normal writing paper without the revision policy and the refund policies.

Many websites use this technique to win the race of competition, but the Edubirdie doesn’t do any dirty tricks to win the race. They provide legal services with the loyalty program.


Now the pricing element. The price varies from low to high, and they have different criteria for the different types of paper. The Edubirdie writing services price list is a bit different from the other websites.

Their price starts from $20 per page. But they mentioned very clearly that their pricing elements are negotiable. If you find difficulty paying the heavy amount, you can negotiate the price from the writer in the chatbox. 

But we also know the truth that this negotiable term is only the illusion to create a web for the clients so they can not think any word before placing an order. Sometimes students get low-quality paper and pay a heavy amount for this quality. 

But you can not expect low bids from them because they are so expensive in the pricing element. If you wanted to place the order of a high school paper within the 14 days of the deadline, it would cost you $30, and for the undergraduate, it will cost you $45.

And if you place an order for the master’s level within the same deadline, it will cost you $22, and for the Ph.D., it will cost $26. From these rates, you can have an idea about the pricing element of this website. The deadline with the fewer days requires more amount rather than the deadline with the more days.

Customer Support:

We already know about the technical support through the Edubirdie reviews report, their support agents. The availability of these agents is significantly less as compared to the other writing services websites.

You can see the writer’s online status, but you cannot talk to them, and they cannot solve your queries online. You have to place an order for the solution. They could not give you the company’s number, which is against their policy.

Sometimes, they did not give you the company numbers, so you can not file a case against their non-supportive behavior. Their customer support services are at the worst level. From this behavior, they could not achieve success. Their support team members are uneducated and ill-mannered people.

They don’t know how to behave and treat clients. Customers need proof to trust this website so that they can trust them with their difficulties. But both the clients and the writers know the truth of the website. But the god support team has a strong effect on the reputation of the company.

Types of services: 

The Edubirdie website provides many types of services rather than essay writing. These include term paper solutions, which can be done in the required hour. the other type of writing provides research papers, which the experts do. 

They also do coursework papers and speech writing with full grammar structures. They also give the review on the books and movie and in this type, they required more time as compared to the usual deadlines.

If you want a review on the blog, they will also do this for you in the required amount and the deadline. They can do all types with the demand of the students.

They answer the case study to the related topic and also make PowerPoint presentations. They hired many qualified writers for scholarship essays. In short, they cover all the needs of the students writing. Their services are best in their way, and they also provide them with the whole heart


Now we are talking about the Edubirdie website’s reputation, people using essay writing services reviews to see the reputation of the website. From starting the websites tries to create and manage the good reputation of the Edubirdie.

But some people say the reputation of the website is not as good as it has to. They hired some personal bloggers to spread the good reputation of the site. But some sites cannot hide the truth. 

The Trustpilot and SiteJabbar are full of negative reviews of the Edubirdie online writing services. There I found a review from the YouTube blogger who wrote that the bot of this site was constantly trying to set him up to promote their website.

But he also wanted to use the site for his paper. He placed an order, but after some time, he felt something wrong with the writer. The writer copied the solution from google and placed it into the customer papers.

Then he called the support center, and an Indian replied to him then he got shocked. And this Indian woman also raised the red flag about the prominence of Indian people in this web site’s technical support system.

After that, we find out that the company has no followers on Reddit, and the reviews from the Reddit sites are almost fake. That means the company tried to but the reputation for attracting clients.

In conclusion, the company does have an excellent online reputation but with the help of bloggers and fake reviewers. People are using this site without knowing the truth.

Scam fighter: 

As from the name, clearly it functions as a contender to the trick sites. The motivation to utilize the trick contender is to realize which destinations are associated with the trick. What’s more, it will likewise assist the customer with finding better and more affordable locales for the paper.

Many site laborers are not utilizing reference rules in their work since they just responded to the inquiry by reordering strategy. Yet, applying the trick contender apparatus, you can quickly identify the trick running project.

You simply need to make a record in the trick contender application, and afterwards you simply need to unwind and sit tight for the recognition of the trick.


When we buy something, then we always demand a guarantee. If it related to some furniture, household things or even in the online writing services. Like other online writing services websites, Edubirdie does have some guarantee policies.

Edubirdie takes all the responsibilities with the full obligations. If there is any inconvenience for the students, they will help them make the right decisions. They will also offer some guarantees to the client so that they can easily decide what to do.

You can not find their guarantee on their website. First, you have to use their site for your writing to close their guarantee process to you. Their guarantee program is like a hidden policy for the client. You can not find any refund cases on the internet regarding the Edubirdie website.

But you can find that clients are giving their feedback to the guarantee program and says that the company is refusing to give the money back.

Nevertheless, the Edubirdie company claims that they refund the money because everyone can not see their money-back guarantees page. The QA team supervisor tries to give back the money to the customer who was not satisfied with the company services.’

But yes, their refunding process is a little complex. They only refund when the client does not get the paper after paying the money. Many clients posted many reviews in which they show disappointment towards the guarantee. 

They promised to check the paper twice, and then they give it to you. They guaranteed you that their work does not have plagiarism content. Their guarantee program has so strong that they will always put you on the priority list even in the hard times.

This website is also providing the guarantee of confidential data. To place the order, you have to fill in some personal data about your bank account number and the statement. They give the surety of not leaking the bank details even on bad terms with the client.

So, it concludes in that way, If you have a bad relation with the Edubirdie website, then in this positive they are not allowed to leak the personal information about you and your work on the internet.

They also give the surety of the identification of the client will be anonymous. In any case. If some other client wants it, then they will never give your information to anyone. 

Ordering process:

All online websites which provide writing services have different criteria in the ordering. Some have length and complex steps, and some have straightforward and relevant steps. So, the Edubirdie also has the ordering process.

The ordering process of the Edubirdie contains three steps. After completing these steps, you can choose the auto-assigned writer or choose the writer according to your will and paper niche.

The bids which they posted are always the same. There are some messages which are appeared randomly when you are filling the order criteria. They tried to talk to you before placing the order.

You can take some help if you want to. Their support agents are always there to help you. They are sending the notes to the customer so that he or she cannot find any difficult to place an order. 

If you ask them some questions, they will not respond to you, they only send notes from the fixed device in which you can not talk to them, but you can only read the instructions because these instructions are only produced from the device to give the right path to the customers.

Once you decode the writer niche, then you can proceed with the payment. The order requires filling the email section, and the type of essay like it could be the cause-and-effect easy type.

Then they demand the level of writing like general or academic. After filling all the sections, you will get a notification that tells you that your order has been placed, and after that, you need to fill the payment section.

Sometimes writers are very annoying. They refused to take the order just because they could not find it interesting. That’s why you need the biding technique to spend some time on the website and select the related writer.

They also provide the essay writing with the content of the table. This type of service is provided with the extra money, and qualified writers are only available for this type. Their ordering process also has the section of several pages, like in which pages you want your paper.

If you need the extra sources link with your paper, you can write this in the optional section because some professors demand these extra source links for the record and check the plagiarism.

They also have different payment methods. You can pay them directly to their account and even with some other methods. 

Hence their ordering process is less painful as they do not demand critical information. You just need to pay them and get your paper from them. So the Edubirdie ordering process is also simple for beginners.

Paper quality: 

Now see the quality of the paper of the Edubirdie. If you are a student of high school, then this quality is so good for you. If you want a high-level paper, then the high schools it is a little complicated for them.

If you are only there to get the idea for your paper, this place is a good one for you to take the information. The writers of these websites are nonnative speakers. They answer your questions in a general way, and it is not a good idea to trust this website for higher paper writing.

If you want an academic writing paper, it is a very good site for you to spend money. The quality is better because there are fewer grammar and spelling mistakes in the academic essay.

Some students get the paper quality at a very high level and some get the low-quality paper. It doesn’t show the website’s overall quality because some writer’s paper quality affected the reputation of the website.

But we see the collected reviews showing us the positive and negative sides of the websites. Some get the highest grades from these paper solutions, and some get the lowest grades from these paper solutions.


The EduBirdie website has a revision policy, but they only do this in fixed terms. If you did not get your paper on time, then they give you the revision policy. If you find mistakes and Grammarly’s weak composition, then they do not allow you to ask the revision without the extra fees. 

In this case, they offer revision within ten days once they delivered the order and you received it. From this period, if you find any mistakes, then you can send them back the paper and demand the revision with the payment of the revision.

You can easily take advantage of the given time of revision in your paper. As we know that revision takes some time because the writer needs to rewrite the whole topic with extremely good composition and string content.

Pros and cons:

In the pros section, we can see that their quality is impressive for the high school papers. And many students who are now in high school can easily get the best website in the shape of Edubirdie writing services.

The other pro could be loyalty as we know that this website is not a scam. This is purely a loyal website. They do not do any dirty tricks to make the clients they already mentioned their all policies.

We can see the difference between the high school writing papers and the master’s level writing papers in the cons section. Their writers are not capable of advanced writings, but not all of the writers. Some can handle the finance department.

The other con is the pricing element as we know their price of one article. For the one page is $20, then how many dollars they charge for the lengthy articles. Sometimes their support team members’ availability is not enough for the clients.

My experience:

To know reality with regards to what’s going on behind these online site outrages. I chose to utilize the Edubirdie site for composing purposes. I put in the request and trusted that the cutoff time will come, so I get my paper.

Once I get my paper, I some small and minor mistakes regarding the spellings and nothing less and more. I ordered in the off-season because of the less load to easily give the solution of my paper.

The whole paper cost me $50, which I think is n=bit expensive for the essay writing. After getting my paper, I checked it, and I found out that the overall analysis has been made correctly from a financial perspective. The quality of the papers was beyond my expectations.

Anyway, my only concern was to clear the paper with good marks. I get the most unexpected marks on this paper. According to my experience, the quality of paper does not depend on the price element. And my professor was also impressed with my work.

I am not saying that you people believe my experience and then choose the Edubirdie site for your paper and essay writing. I am only satisfied because of my experience. But I am also advising you people to give research on this website and then choose the service provider.

Final thoughts

Getting service for dissertation writing is a tricky task, but you get stress-free once you find the right service. Use the Edubirdie essay writing company with confidence and become carefree. No matter what type of writing task you have, you can assign a competent writer a dissertation task. Thus, you will get your work back without plagiarism, without any errors of grammar. It means the writer provides you the result on which you will get excellent grades, and you will be completely satisfied with the services provided by this top-rated essay writing company.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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