E8 Funding Review

E8 Funding Review

Are you looking to become a prop trader? If your answer is yes, then E8 Funding is where you need to start. So, what is E8 Funding, and what does it have to offer? E8 Funding is a prop trading firm that funds Forex and CFD traders. This U.S. company finds and supports talented traders worldwide. They evaluate traders to find hidden talent. If traders pass, E8 Funding takes the risk while traders keep 80% of profits.

E8 Funding is an innovative crowdfunding platform allowing skilled traders to access funding to maximize their potential. After a thorough evaluation, E8 Funding provides selected traders capital to trade the markets while assuming the risk. In return, E8 Funding receives a share of the profits.

This represents an opportunity for traders to turbocharge their trading by accessing substantial capital. With E8 Funding handling the risk, traders can focus on executing their strategies without worrying about losses. For investors, E8 Funding offers the chance to gain exposure to elite traders who have been vetted through a rigorous evaluation process. On that note, here is a comprehensive E8 Funding review.

How Does E8 Funding Work?

E8 Funding works by providing traders a chance to get funding through an easy process. The process has two parts: the evaluation and funding stages, which involve funding the selected traders.

E8 Funding wants traders who show skill and follow the rules. Apply, pass the evaluation, and you’re on your way to funded trading with helpful support. Pretty straightforward, right? E8 Funding makes becoming a pro trader possible for those dedicated to the craft. Here is a breakdown of the E8 Funding process.

Stage 1 – Evaluation

This stage includes two phases:

  • Phase 1 (Kickoff Evaluation): Traders must show they can trade wisely and manage risk well. A profit target is set; traders have 30 days to reach this goal while keeping within the allowed drawdown limits. If a trader makes a profit but doesn’t reach the target within this time frame, E8 Funding provides another chance to achieve it at no cost.
  • Phase 2 (Deep Dive Evaluation): Successful Phase 1 traders advance to Phase 2, where their trading skills face further scrutiny. The profit target decreases to 5%, and traders have 60 days to meet it. Again, if a trader profits but misses the target, they receive an additional opportunity gratis.

Stage 2 – Becoming an E8 Funded Trader

Once traders pass the evaluation, they become official E8 Funded traders. They gain access to real capital linked to E8 Funding’s live trading account. The funded accounts include forex trading accounts and stock trading accounts. At this point, no profit target needs to be met. However, traders must follow the drawdown rules, like the Maximum Daily Drawdown and Maximum Loss rules.

They should also be very careful when trading around major news releases. E8 Funding provides a friendly dashboard for traders to review their trading performance. Their innovative scaling program allows traders to increase their account balance and overall drawdown each time they successfully withdraw profits.

Evaluation Steps Objectives

To qualify for E8 funding, you’ll need to meet certain milestones. In the first evaluation phase, you must:

Phase 1 Goals for Regular Accounts

  • Profit Objective: Your trading account should achieve a profit of 8%.
  • Daily Loss Limit: You are restricted to a maximum loss of 5% of your equity within a day. This calculation is based on a 24-hour Central European Time (CET) span.
  • Ultimate Loss Ceiling: Your overall account equity cannot reduce by more than 8% from your initial starting point.
  • Minimum Active Trading Days: Engaging in trading for at least one day within the specified period is mandatory. A “day” is considered when an open position is closed during a 24-hour timeframe.
  • Maximum Trading Days: You are given a timeframe of 30 days, which starts from your first trade day, to achieve these set objectives.

Phase 1 Goals for Extended Accounts

  • Do not lose more than 10% of your starting account balance. Your losses are capped to protect you as you get used to E8’s system.
  • Trade for a minimum of 5 days. You need to be actively trading to show you understand E8’s methods.
  • Complete your goals within 60 days. You have two months to meet these initial requirements before needing to reapply.

Meeting these straightforward targets will prepare you for larger balances and more advanced techniques in the E8 Funding program. Be sure to start cautiously until you get familiar with their approach.

Phase 2 Goals

Phase 2 has the same goals as Phase 1, but the profit target drops to 5% for Regular and Extended accounts. Successfully traders become eligible for funded E8 Funding accounts that range from selecting from available capital options of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, or $250,000, or their corresponding equivalents in Euros or British Pounds.

What Are the Different E8 Accounts?

E8 Funding offers three account types depending on how much funding you need:

E8 Account

To qualify for an E8 Funding account, you need to pass a two-phase evaluation. In Phase 1, you pay $228 to have your account reviewed. If approved, Phase 2 is free. Qualify, and you get 80% of the profits from your $25,000 account. Your daily loss limit is $1,250, overall, $2,000 — scalable to $3,500 once funded. High risk means high reward.

E8 Track

In the E8 Funding review phase, you go through three evaluation periods to reach profit targets within maximum trading days. You have 30 days to hit a $500 profit target with a $10,000 account. Achieve this, and you unlock stage two.

The next phase gives you 45 days to gain $750, bringing your total profit to $1,250. Complete this and enter the final review period.

ELEV8 Account

The ELEV8 account offers an intriguing funding opportunity. You pay $888 upfront to receive $100,000 in starting capital.

You go through two phases to earn your funding. In Phase 1, you need to generate $8,000 in profits. If successful, you move on to Phase 2, where the goal is $5,000 in trades. Meet both targets, and the $100,000 is yours! An appealing aspect is the potential to scale your account up to $1 million.

E8 Funding Product Selection

E8 Funding spoils you for choice. As a trader, you’ll discover an array of financial instruments to match your trading style.

Whether currencies are your thing, you’ll find popular forex pairs and exotic options. Keen on stocks? Major names and indexes from the U.S. and Europe are at your fingertips. Commodity fans can trade gold or oil. You can even speculate on market volatility with the VIX.

For technophiles, E8 lists a variety of cryptocurrencies. You can evaluate or fund them. This diverse selection lets you profit regardless of your forex trading preferences. E8 makes the platform accessible and lucrative for all.

What is E8’s Profit Split?

E8 Funding employs an incredibly generous profit-sharing model. You’ll receive 80% of the profits from your successful trades as a trader. This is an unparalleled deal compared to the industry standard of 40-70%.

E8 wants you to succeed and reap the rewards. Their approach shows traders they value your time, expertise, and the risks you take. With significantly higher take-home pay, you’ll have more flexibility to improve your trading strategy and skills. The additional capital also provides more opportunities to take on potentially lucrative trades.

While the firm gives up more profits, its traders gain motivation to perform at peak levels. Higher trader profits mean more trading volume and success for E8 overall. It’s a win-win setup where your gains directly fuel continued company growth.

The profit split is a key reason E8 Funding stands apart. If you’re looking to take your trading to the next level, their model paves the way for greater rewards and progress. Check out their website for details on getting started.

Pros and Cons of E8 Funding Based on E8 Funding’s Reviews

E8 Funding has many benefits according to E8 Funding reviews, like:


  • Availability of increased trading capital.
  • Benefit from substantial leverage and Tier 1 liquidity.
  • Support for MT4/MT5.
  • Access to a trial period for assessment.
  • Swift account processing.
  • Integration of an automated payout system.
  • Opportunity for a funded account balance of up to $1,000,000.
  • Potential to receive up to 80% of profits.
  • Traders are eligible for a complete refund of evaluation fees.
  • No mandatory minimum trading days for regular accounts.
  • Well-organized, rapid, and responsive dashboard.


  • The necessity to meet specific qualifications to secure funding.
  • The requirement to pay upfront fees for the audition process.
  • Limited availability of customer support, not offered around the clock.

E8 Funding can be a good option for short-term working capital if you need funding quickly and can afford the high costs. But for long-term financing, lower-cost alternatives may be better if you meet their stricter eligibility criteria.

E8 Funding Review: Is It Worth It?

As a trader, finding the right broker is crucial to your success. With E8 Funding, flexible trading conditions let you operate on your own schedule. No minimum trading days mean you can trade as often or as little as you like. And up to 80% profit sharing gives you a serious cut of your earnings.

The fact that E8 Funding refunds evaluation fees if a trade is successful shows they’re invested in your prosperity. They offer a range of financial products to suit different trading styles and interests. An 80% profit split is mighty generous compared to other brokers. Even though customer service isn’t 24/7, they’re helpful during business hours and focused on keeping clients in the loop.

Between the trading freedom, profit potential, and support, E8 Funding seems worth a look. Do your research to determine if their services match your needs. But E8 Funding should be on your radar for flexible, rewarding trading. Click here to get started on your prop trading journey today. To save 10% today, use our coupon code “ELLIOTE8” today.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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