E-liquid Bottles: All You Need To Know

E-liquid Bottles

Knowing all about your e-liquid bottles is one thing that qualifies you as a seasoned vaper. New vapers usually make wrong choices when shopping for a refillable e-juice bottle.

Whether you’re just a regular vaper or you’re shopping in bulk, there are certain things you need to consider before paying for a vape juice bottle. This article will show you all you need to know so you don’t end up with any regrets after your purchase.

What Do Customers Consider When Choosing E-liquid Bottles?

Your customer’s priority will differ depending on who you’re selling to:

B2C Customers

B2C customers, in this case, are the vapers who need the bottles either for storage or for refilling their vape devices. Although some vapers may dwell more on artistic designs, colour and appearance, smart vapers would prioritize things like cap or tip, size, and quality of the material used to make the bottle.

For instance, sub-ohm vapers will want big-sized bottles, while those who practice regular MTL vaping will opt for refillable small-sized bottles. Functionality is the most important thing to a person buying a vape juice bottle.

B2B Customers

Wholesale e-juice bottle manufacturers usually sell various e-liquid bottle types to companies who are in the business of producing custom vape juice and need unique e-liquid bottles.

For B2B customers, the priority isn’t on artistic design or shape; rather, it’s on function. E-juice manufacturers need:

  • Bottles that fit and work very well in their bottling lines
  • Bottles that are easily customisable (can be labelled and given a new colour)
  • Bottles that are durable

Types Of E-juice Bottles

E-juice bottles differ based on their caps, sizes, and the materials used in making them.

E-liquid Bottle Caps and Tips

Childproof caps are a must-have feature for every e-liquid bottle. However, besides the childproof features, these are the unique types of caps and tips you’ll find in e-liquid bottles today:

  • Nozzle tips: Mostly found in unicorn bottles, nozzle tips are the most common and are best for quick refills.
  • Needle tips: Needle tips are the best for mixing e-juice (if you vape DIY juices). They’re also very helpful when trying to refill vape tanks without causing a mess.
  • Dropper caps: These caps come with a dropper tip to dispense e-juice in drops. They make for better precision when refilling vape mods. Dropper caps also do not need a second cover, unlike needle and nozzle tip caps.

E-liquid Bottle Sizes

Here’s a list of the most used vape juice bottle sizes:

  • 10ml: 10ml bottles are the tiniest and most concealable, simplest to refill, and most convenient for steeping e-liquid. Because of their popularity, these bottles are available in several varieties, including unicorn bottles and e-juice dropper bottles. They’re the best for sampling vape juice
  • 20ml: 20ml bottles are just as handy and concealable as the 10ml bottles, only they store more e-liquid. They come in different varieties too.
  • 30ml: A perfect balance between handling and storage capacity, 30ml bottles can carry sufficient e-liquid to last you up to 3 weeks while still giving you a good chance to keep your vape liquids out of sight.
  • 50ml: It’s the Perfect size for DTL vaping; not too big and not too small. They’re suitable for vapers who use vape pods.
  • 60ml: Vapers who use high-powered devices and want their juice to last more are best suited for this size.
  • 120ml: This extra-large e-juice bottle size is best for sub-ohm Vapers who don’t want to run out of vape juice any time soon.

E-juice Bottle Sizes For MTL Vaping

If you’re an MTL vaper, your choice bottles should be the smaller sizes (from 10 to 30ml). If you vape very frequently or you wish to stock up on e-juice, then you can go for the larger-sized bottles. A 20ml bottle should last you over a week if you’re an e-cigarette user.

E-juice Bottle Sizes For DTL Vaping

DTL vapers and sub-ohmers need massive bottles due to the high rate of e-juice consumption by their vaping devices. 60ml bottles are good enough for a week’s vape. However, if you don’t like running out of vape juice impromptu, get the 120ml size: they’re the most suitable for e-juice storage.

E-liquid Bottle Materials

  • LDPE: The most popular material for e-liquid bottles, especially unicorn bottles, is low-density polyethylene (LDPE). It has a soft, squeezable texture. Unless you store your e-juice in high temperatures, LDPE plastic bottles will not react with your E-juice.
  • PET: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a very durable plastic substance. It is the popular choice for short, low-capacity e-liquid bottles. PET is the strongest and least reactive of all the plastics used to produce e-liquid bottles.
  • PP: Propylene (PP) is infrequently utilized in the manufacture of e-liquid bottles, possibly because of its intolerance for painting and labelling. This substance, on the other hand, is chemically resistant.
  • Glass: For steeping and long-term e-juice storage, glass bottles are the best option. They don’t leave an odour in your juice like the plastic materials do. They’re the next most popular materials after LDPE.
PET Good Good Very Good
LDPE Very Good Very Good Fair
GLASS Good Very Good Good
PP Good Very Good Good


The things highlighted in this article are very important if you want to select the perfect e-juice bottle for yourself. If you’re seeking a high-quality e-liquid bottle manufacturer, check out Nexeem; they have very artistic bottles in any size, design, or material you may desire.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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