Dynamics AX Salesforce Integration as a Market Edge


Nearly all business owners realize that software—and lots of it—helps them satisfy customers and keep them around by making their services more effective and efficient, and their products more timely and relevant. But, customers demand new levels of quality as they adjust to market standards. It is their experience that matters, but you might not immediately realize that if you use Microsoft Dynamics AX integration in your business, you’ll change the way they trust, buy, and interact with you. 

In reality, you constantly need more from your software programs—no matter how often they update. Their limitations show through the inefficiencies and obstacles that haunt your processes and annoy your customers. A primary source of these irritations is their isolation. As a result, integration presents several ways of improving your market position by curing the ailments of uninformed decision-making, wasted labor costs, and customer service blunders. 

Through integration, you can create a more ideal situation for support, marketing, and sales that provides a superior customer experience that mirrors a seamless internal process. Integrations can be complex, but with third parties like Rapidi, they can also be incredibly simple and speedy. Learn how integration can make you more competitive, and decide.

RapidiOnline performs Microsoft Dynamics AX Salesforce integration with speed and security through a stable, custom, third-party connection.

Empower with efficiency.

Manual processing of information from one system to another subtracts from your bottom line when the job could be completed with automation, but it also takes from the time that would be spent on business opportunities and sales. When you can focus on more important tasks, you can land larger clients, make bigger sales, and provide the experience that goes above and beyond your competitors.

If you asked, your staff is sure to tell you that data entry isn’t their favorite task. When it’s a major component of their work, job satisfaction drops, turnover increases, and the chance of hiring the best talent might shrink. Rather, when they are able to use great software tools to facilitate their work, you save on hiring and maximize the talent you already have, putting their time and passion into development and support. 

Sell and be seen. 

Sales operations are sensitive. Every element of the selling machine, ideally, works together with a smooth trajectory toward the goal of new customers, upsells, and growing income. But, they are only as good as the tools they rely on. When software is misfiring, miscommunicating, or misinforming—they act on inaccurate, dated information, causing confusion, canceled leads, and closed accounts. 

With integration, sales and support teams can work from a single source of information (and trust it) to make confident, correct choices about how to sell to and satisfy customers. A real-time database of information is invaluable to these teams, but it also supports an important marketing function for generating a new horde of customers to capture emerging markets.

The connected source of truth supplies every department with data they need to watch trends, forecast needs, and predict outcomes. That means that marketers can see what’s being purchased and what needs development. They can observe the true motives, frustrations, and desires of your perfect customer to sharpen your voice and capture their attention.

Save to strategize.

Integration reduces costs for many businesses by streamlining countless business processes, cutting labor, and using automation. The new efficiency that integration brings allows those at the highest levels of management and leadership to invest more energy in the decisions that steer business. Not only giving your executives and managers more time to consider the right course of action, integration actually improves their ability to direct.

Just as sales, support, and marketing teams need up-to-date and consolidated data, decision-makers need easy access to key information. Among siloed software environments, databases pose fences to the essential truth that makes the difference between a solid strategy and a good guess. By cutting out the need to suffer information obstacles, organizations can influence the entire course of their business simply by improving the connection between resources they already use.

Capitalize on Integration with Rapidi

Integration brings in a synergy of productivity, accuracy, and strategy. By heightening these attributes of your business, you can increase its carrying capacity to bring better talent, more customers, and brighter ideas on board. The most ambitious businesses know that constant development is the way to identify weaknesses in their competitors and exploit emerging opportunities, and integration can be integral to your growth.

Essential but not expensive, crucial but not complicated—integration with preconfigured templates is the most direct and streamlined approach. It’s one that Rapidi believes in giving its customers, achieving full-scale connections between Dynamics AX and Salesforce in days, rather than weeks or months. 

Discover Rapidi and their simple, client-oriented solution to system integration.


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