Dubai Hills Estate: A Guide to Buy or Rent a Property

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Dubai Hills Estate promises to give you one of the best experiences you can have. It is famous for providing its residents with all sorts of luxuries along with comfort. Situated next to Al Barsha South, the community can be accessed very easily. Being a joint project of Emaar Properties and the other well-known Meraas Holding, Dubai Hills Estate has become a popular area for renting villas in Dubai.

The area does not only have villas but also luxurious apartments, beautiful Dubai Hills townhouses for rent and sale, and residential plots. The other factor that makes the community famous is the golf courses. You can play golf while speculating about the picturesque views of Burj Khalifa. Besides golf courses, Dubai hills estate gives you many other facilities including metro lines, shopping malls, bicycle routes, etc.

If you are looking for a family-friendly community then you are going to get several options in Dubai. However, Dubai Hills Estate is the best option if you have children because you can get some of the best quality schools nearby. The playgrounds and green areas play an important role in keeping children happy and entertained. This page will tell you everything you need to know about Dubai Hills Estate that will help you to make the right decision regarding investment in this area.

Renting in Dubai Hills Estate

You can rent 1, 2, or 3-bedroom luxury apartments in Dubai Hills Estate. You need AED 52K per year for a one bedroom apartment. For 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, you need to have AED 55K to AED 99K for the former and AED 115K for the latter.

This was all about apartments but if you are planning to rent a villa then you have various options. You can either rent a 3, 4, 5, or 6-bedroom villa, the rent changes with the size of the property. 3 and 5-bedroom villas will cost you around AED 125K and AED 168K per annum. A 4-bedroom villa will cost you around AED 128K to AED 250K. Similarly, a 6-bedroom villa will cost you more which is AED 600K to AED 900k per year.

The renting of townhouses works in the same way. The bigger the townhouse, the higher the townhouse rental price.

Buying Property in Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai is famous for luxury villas and people all over the world dream to buy a villa at some beautiful location in Dubai. Dubai Hills Estate also has some spectacular villas that you can buy. Buying a property is more expensive than renting a property. Therefore, a three and four-bedroom villa will cost you around AED 1.9M and AED 2.2M respectively.

The price of villas depends upon the location in which they are situated. Due to this, you can buy a 5-bedroom villa for AED 2.5M or AED21M, just because of the difference in location of the villa.

Similarly, a 6-bedroom villa can cost you AED 9.4M and it can also cost you AED 35M.

Besides villas, some townhouses of Dubai Hills Estate are also very comfortable and elite. You can buy a 3-bedroom townhouse for AED 1.6M and a 4-bedroom house for about AED 2.3M to AED 4M. The difference in the prices of townhouses is also because of the location. The golf courses increase the price of the property but they also enhance the experience of living at any place.

The Best Communities in Dubailand

Even while living in the most expensive residential area of the country, you need a healthy community for a better and more comfortable experience. Some of the most popular communities in Dubai are mentioned below

Known for beautiful villas and townhouses, Maple is the top popular community in Dubai Hills Estate. You can either buy or rent a townhouse in Maple. If you are interested in renting a townhouse in Maple then a 3 and 4-bedroom townhouse will cost you around AED 130K and AED 150K per annum, respectively.

Sidra villas are the second-best community of Dubai Hills Estate. It has many luxurious and comfortable units that you can afford easily.

Having 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, Park Heights is the third most popular community in the residential area of Dubai Hills Estate.

Even though people prefer Maple and Sidra Villas for renting a property in Dubai Hills Estate but some other communities are famous too, which include Golf Place and Fairway Vistas.

You need to have complete knowledge about various communities in Dubai Hills Estate before making any investment.

Metro Stations

As mentioned in the introduction, Dubai Hills Estate has the facility of a Metro line. The closest metro station to Dubai Hills Estate is the Mall of the Emirates. The developers are planning to initiate two more metro lines.


Access to supermarkets is an essential quality of a good residential area. Some of the best supermarkets in Dubai are situated in Dubai Hills Estate. These markets include Blackberry Grocery, Al Douri Mart, etc.

Parking Facilities

It is hard to find a separate parking facility in the residential area. However, you can have a lot of parking space in the malls and other buildings of Dubai Hills Estate. The lack of separate parking spaces is because most of the area is still under construction.

Bus Stations

As Dubai Hills Estate is not completely developed so you can use the bus station that is situated 5 minutes away from the community. However, once Dubai Hills Estate is thoroughly developed, the area would have bus stations of its own.

Schools and Universities

The community is best for families having children because it has amazing opportunities when it comes to quality education. The area has several schools and you can have access to universities situated in The Knowledge Park which is only 20 minutes away from the Dubai Hills Estate.

Healthcare Facilities

The area makes sure to provide its residents with the best medical facilities. Many clinics and pharmacies are present in the vicinity. Situated just outside the entrance of the community Kings College Hospital and Dubai Hills hospital plays a significant role in providing the residents with healthcare facilities.

Every place has some demerits, so does Dubai Hills Estate because it is not completely developed. However, after the construction is completed, this area would be the best area to live in with your family. If you are confused about investing in Dubai Hills Estate then you surely can make a move without worrying about anything because Dubai Hills Estate has everything you need for your family.

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