Dropshipping: The Cheapest Way To Ship Internationally

This article explains the best AliExpress shipping methods!

Today we are talking about the cheapest shipping options you can use for your dropshipping products. If you’re new to all this, you can learn more about dropshipping with AliExpress and how you can start your own business by reading this article.


Shipping methods on AliExpress

Many AliExpress suppliers offer several shipping options you can choose from. To find the cheapest one, just go to any seller’s product page. Choose the country and currency you’re interested in and click on the shipping section. The pop-up window will show you all available couriers, prices, delivery time, and tracking options.

If you’re going to sell products to more than one country, you can check other destinations there. Choose another country to find the cheapest shipping options.

Or you could simply contact the seller and ask them about shipping options directly.


Priciest and cheapest shipping options

In short, you’ve got three options on AliExpress. The first one is to use well-reputed couriers. They offer fast delivery but charge a lot too. Not the best idea if you sell something that costs one dollar.

The cheapest way to ship internationally is to use local shipping companies and national postal services. Unfortunately, in this case, delivery may take up to a month. That certainly won’t make your customers happy.

Finally, there are two services provided by AliExpress itself. They are more reliable than local companies, but delivery time and costs depend on the destination country. However, we at the SaleSource team prefer using ePacket (especially when it comes to aliexpress best sellers).


ePacket – cheapest & safest way to ship internationally

Most of the cheapest shipping options on AliExpress do not allow you to track packages.

And that’s very inconvenient for buyers. That is why our self-owned dropshipping stores prefer ePacket. This service is reliable, cheap, and offers fast delivery. Moreover, it allows you to track packages up until they get to your customers.

ePacket has a limitation on package size. But it makes a great shipping option for regular consumer goods. Max length = 60 cm Length + width + thickness ≤ 90 cm ≤ 2 kg

Currently, ePacket ships products to 39 countries worldwide. It’s cheap, delivery takes from 7 to 15 days, and you can track all your packages. Another option to consider is www.bebiggy.com.

What’s more, the order tracking system of the SaleSource plugin supports ePacket. That means you can email tracking IDs to your clients automatically with just a couple of clicks. In other words, ePacket is one of the cheapest ways to ship internationally AND get reasonable shipping time, and it’s super convenient! It’s a little bit more expensive other options, but we are looking for a method that will allow us to run a successful business, aren’t we? Besides, ePacket will help you avoid customer complaints. That’s pretty much it! Let me also add a few words about how we can help you with your dropshipping journey. For starters, you can learn more about how we manage our own dropshipping stores by following SaleSource on social media. We didn’t just create the dropshipping plugin – we own several dropshipping stores ourselves. So I hope you’ll find our experience in these blog articles helpful.


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