Does a Cold Shower Really Help?

shower head with water drop flowing.

A cold shower might not be very pleasant. However, you will be surprised to know that a cold shower comes with many health benefits, both mental and physical. For starters, it can boost your energy levels and clear up your mind. So, you can have a better playing experience at 50 free spins no deposit. To convince you, we have prepared a list of cold shower health benefits. So, let’s look at them. 

1. Boosts Endorphins

A minimum of 10% of adults suffers from depression. Sure, there are many drugs that can treat depression based on its severity. But only recently, hydrotherapy has gained great popularity. 

So, if you take a cold shower for 5 minutes 2-3 times every week, it can reverse clinical depression symptoms. It works as electroshock therapy. When you take a cold shower, it sends several electrical impulses to the brain. It jolts your system for increasing clarity, alertness, and energy levels. The procedure can also release endorphins. 

2. Speeds Up Metabolism

Fat is associated with conditions, such as heart disease and obesity. However, you should know that humans are born with brown fat. It plays a significant role when it comes to your health. An adequate level of brown fat indicates that white fat too will be at a healthy level. When you are exposed to cold temperatures, your brown fat gets activated. 

No, obese people cannot simply start to take showers to lose weight without making any other changes in their lifestyle but taking 2-3 cold showers every week will help in improving metabolism. If you continue with it, it can fight obesity. 

3. Fights Common Illnesses

Our bodies tend to become resistant to viruses or bacteria we are exposed to. For instance, leukocytes help in fighting body infection. As you take cold showers, your bloodstream experiences shock, and this activates leukocytes. So, if you take cold showers, you can build your resistance to common illnesses, such as flu or cold. In fact, research has shown that cold showers tend to make your body immune to a few types of cancer. 

4. Improves Productivity

A study performed in the Netherlands found that people taking showers with a blast of cold water for 30-90 seconds every day took 29% fewer leaves than their fellow participants just 30 days after the trial. So, it can be said that cold showers can help in increasing productivity.

5. Boosts Circulation

At times, you might feel uncomfortable immersing your body in cold water. However, it can be revitalizing. Since cold water temperature is colder than our body temperature, you work a little harder to preserve its cold temperature. Many people have reported that their skin looked better after taking cold showers for a prolonged period. 

Bottom Line

You might not be able to start taking cold showers right away. You must ease into the habit. So, start off by lowering the temperature at the end of your regular shower. Stay underneath the cold water for 2-3 minutes. The next time make sure the water is a little colder. Also, increase the time you are spending underneath the cold water. When you have performed this activity 10-15 times, you might start turning down hot water.

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