Do Small Businesses Really Need CRM?

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“I understand the importance, but I don’t think I need it for my business” – founder of a small business.

Because of their many utilities and the wide array of domains they cover, CRM Systems are often considered expensive.

It starts with “this is too expensive” and then expands into a barrage of excuses that range from “why would I need it?” to “It is a waste of time”.

All these concerns are exactly the opposite of what a CRM system is. We now live in a world where businesses must become more customer-centric to obtain and retain new clients. The competition is intense, the amount of consumer data is too big for a basic legacy system to handle, and you shouldn’t waste your time on menial duties.

That’s the essence of the best online CRM for small businesses.

Here are a few key reasons why you need a reliable all-in-one CRM system: You need it because your customers want you to pay close attention to their needs; you need it because your competitors are already using it; you need it because in this new age of data – putting all your money down on administrative tasks is hurting your small business.

And finally, you need it because there are Customer Relationship Management Systems exclusively designed to help smaller businesses with their daily operations.

What is CRM for Small Businesses?

A CRM system for small businesses helps small-scale enterprises sift through large volumes of data, helps them manage customer relationships, and makes the sales and marketing processes streamlined. It gives your small enterprise the power to control the workflow so that you focus on important tasks. It helps you convert leads faster, manage customers better, and make your small business more prominent.

Features of a Small business CRM:

  1. They have features you need: A Small business CRM focuses on offering you the features you need to stay focused and streamline your sales and marketing operations. It doesn’t contain bells and whistles that, at least at the present stage, aren’t suitable for your company. The need-first feature approach makes them easy to use.
  2. They are cloud-based: small-scale CRM systems are cloud-based. That is, everything from the information they store to the updates they receive are stored online – in the cloud. It allows a small business to scale its operations without the pain of bearing the large hardware casts.
  3. They are affordable: An important feature of a small business CRM is that it is inexpensive. They have better subscription periods and reasonable pricing plans for a smaller enterprise. In most cases, small business CRM providers are more than happy to provide a free demo of all the tools available.

Alright, they have the features you’d need, are easy to set up, and are inexpensive.

But this still doesn’t answer one question – what are the actual, non-abstract reasons you need a CRM system?

Five Reasons you need a CRM for your Small Business

Here are the five main reasons why you should integrate a Customer Relationship Management System with our small company.

It helps you easily scale your business

The world of business is rapidly changing. Scaling your enterprise along with the number and needs of your customers is not just a requirement; it is a survival tactic. As your amazing marketing efforts and products or services start to bear fruit, more and more customers will come to you.

Organizing their details using a legacy system is a pain. Soon, you’ll find yourself putting more effort into moving the data from one table to the next instead of doing what attracted your customers to you in the first place – providing better services and engaging with customers.

With a CRM system in place, you’d be able to handle your increasing list of customers without any issues. It will help you scale your efforts alongside your customers.

It puts your team on the same page

With a CRM system in place, you can easily collaborate with your team members. Communication becomes more streamlined as all the information will be in one place and categorized. Everyone would have access to the necessary information to complete their respective tasks.

It ensures that your small business is primed for growth as the fluff-time is cut down to a minimum and productive tasks take centre stage.

Contact Segmentation with CRM system

A CRM system exists because companies realized that not all customers react the same way. Their communication channels are different, and so are their wants from your business. A CRM system will help you divide your customers based on different groups—each team member will then know exactly how to approach a customer of a particular group.

For instance, a customer who has read your email might have a different requirement than the one who has purchased the same product from you. Contact segmentation is a boon for small businesses as it will help you easily engage with your customers at a personalized level.

Having a CRM keeps you in touch with metrics

You can’t measure what you cant grow. The same goes for your marketing efforts. With a CRM system, you can check out the reports and metrics based on your conversations with your customer. You will be able to know the time that is the most suitable to reach out to your customers and the channel through which they’re most likely to respond to you.

If you scale your marketing efforts according to the metrics, your small business will receive bigger growth and better valuation.

It will help you automate your communication

We talk about personalized communication a lot. Do you think you can communicate with 1000 customers using the standard approach of writing each email individually? Of course not. It is impractical, taxing on time, and can hurt your ROI. With a CRM system, however, you can create templates for each category of customers. The underlying system customizes those messages according to your customer data – personalizing them to each customer.

Still confused about how a CRM system can help you? Here are 7 ways CRM can improve your business.

For businesses, Big or Small, there is a CRM for All

A customer relationship management system has something for every type of business. The business marketing and automation tools it provides can push your marketing efforts to the next level and make your small business grow.

But getting the right CRM is the key here. With Telagus, you get automated marketing and business solutions needed to scale your business. It doesn’t only help you streamline sales and marketing efforts but has tools to make your workflow faster, easier and better.


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