Do I Need An Attorney For A Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreement is a legal contract between two individuals who are entering into marriage. It is a contract that helps safeguard the rights of both individuals, especially women in marriage. Since more and more women now have more assets and properties than before, they need protection in case the marriage ends in divorce. Since it’s a legal document, you need an attorney for drafting an accurate and effective contract.

Importance of an attorney

A prenuptial agreement needs to be a legal contract in order for it to be valid. This is why it needs to be drafted and readied by an attorney who is well versed in the marriage contract laws as well as matrimonial laws within your state. For an ideal situation, both partners should have an individual attorney to represent them so that their rights and interests are protected. The court closely monitors the prenuptial agreements.

So if each party has its own attorney to represent them, then it means that both parties are up for the agreement and that the contract is just and accurate. In addition to this, individual representation through different lawyers also helps in preventing misunderstandings and misinterpretation during the agreement and contract-making process.

This will further ensure that both of your rights and interests are taken into account and that you are satisfied with the final document. Find a qualified and experienced prenup attorney in Katy.

Things to do before seeking an attorney

Legal advice and help are necessary and critical when drafting the document, but before that, you should have some of the essential points figured out. Sit down with your partner and openly and honestly discuss the contract; write down your interests and issues you want to address.

You can turn to a checklist for prenuptial agreement available online to make sure that you do not miss anything. Once you have everything, then it will be easier to work with your attorneys to prepare an agreement that is accurate and can protect your rights.

While discussing the contract with your partners, you should talk about the following:

  • This agreement does not affect your love and future commitment in the marriage. It’s only a contract that will ensure that financial matters are properly settled between you and both of your futures are secured.
  • Without this contract, you will both have to abide by the property and marriage laws of the state. But with this contract, both of your interests are protected.
  • This contract also provides protection for children from a previous marriage. Their interests and rights should be protected no matter what.
  • Planning for your future with this contract can help you protect the financial rights of both of you and your children.
  • Some professions require you to make prenuptial agreements with your partner before your marriage. It is considered an obligatory prerequisite.


So considering all the points above, if you think that this contract is important for your financial future, then discuss it with your partner, and come up with the necessary points you want to draft.

Once you are ready to finalize the prenuptial agreement, then get an experienced attorney who will draft and finalize the document properly. Nothing is guaranteed in the future. This is why a valid prenuptial contract can give you peace of mind by protecting your rights.



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