Discover the Ultimate Path to Your Team’s Growth


Do you want to grow your business? The most popular way of empowering employees is by providing them with efficient learning. 

What is bite-sized learning, and what are the best tools for empowerment training, you ask? Here goes the Headway app that provides fun and easy growth! Headway’s mission is to help people grow to become better versions of themselves. And this way, Headway has gathered a global community of more than 12 million people who made self-development their sustainable habit.

On the Headway app, you’ll find visual explainers, daily insights, 15-minute text & audio book summaries, challenges, personalized features, and more. With various engaging content formats, the Headway app inspires people to gain knowledge on Productivity, Happiness, Business & Career, Leadership, Money & Investments, Health, Negotiation, and more.

Headway launched a corporate subscription program, suited ideally for boosting your team growth. So what are the main benefits of Headway for Business? Let’s get into them.

1. Highly Personal Growth

Apart from recommending relevant content based on your employees’ goals, the Headway experts will also draw up a unique plan of empowerment training for their professional development, change of expertise, or soft skills improvement. 

2. Empowerment Through Gamification

How to empower your team members? Adding a spirit of competition equals maintaining strong learning motivation. And with Headway, your team will grow effectively in an enjoyable way with various challenges, setting daily goals, keeping streaks, and collecting endorsing achievements. You can even dare each other who will claim all the achievements faster!

3. Tracking your team’s progress and getting insights

The more you know about your team, the better you can guide their self-development. Therefore, you will receive an extensive analytic dashboard to discover your team’s learning interests and achievements. 

4. Enjoying Personalized, Curated Collections

You will get exclusive collections with bite-sized content dedicated to a particular topic your team wants to explore. Such compilations of the summaries of nonfiction bestsellers will help gain a profound understanding of any area quickly.

5. Memorizing Insights Effectively

If you want to discover what bite-sized learning is and get its benefits right away, just check out Headway’s Spaced Repetition feature. It lets quickly turn favorite insights into flashcards and revise them whenever you want. After that, your employees’ memory will become their strongest muscle. Another benefit of Spaced Repetition for language learners — you can turn unknown words into flashcards and ease your memorizing process.


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