Digital Transformation Doesn’t Start With Technology

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By Jason Yeomans

Digital transformation is often misunderstood, overused or feared, but actually, it is a very suitable title to an easily understood topic. Its application, when objectively planned, transforms business and changes people’s lives. In its implementation however, true success is rare and that is all because one key component is overlooked.


Digital transformation appears to create much apprehension and even strike fear into the hearts of many. It has even been referred to as a Trojan Horse; a term paraded by management, when what is actually desired is a much broader business transformation, including talent, organisational structure, operating model, products and services and so on. This may be true if you are, for example, a legacy IT business looking to transform your entire business from on-premise, asset-based capex service-provider to a much more dynamic organisation that offers mainly cloud solutions. That is not what I refer to here.

What is “Digital Transformation” then? Digital transformation is the implementation of new digital technologies designed to initially enhance and streamline business workflows, processes, and operations. Freeing employees from administrative process shackles, resulting in a highly-collaborative environment, defined by trust, where information flows freely and securely between the people that rely on it.  In today’s world, and as a direct result of the proliferation of cloud technologies, digital transformation occurs both at far greater pace, and at reduced cost than it ever has previously. 

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About the Author

Jason Yeomans is a serial tech-entrepreneur and former professional sportsman. His previous business was featured in both the 2012 and 2013 Sunday Times Tech-Track 100, showcasing the top 100 fastest growing technology companies in the UK. ISAAC launched to market in mid-2015 and Jason is involved in every aspect of the business on a daily basis. ISAAC creates Digital Workplaces that manage everything from processes to people.


1.Credit: E M Rogers, 1962.

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3.Source: James Bilefield for McKinsey


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