Different Online Slots Bonus Offers

One of the biggest attractions about online slots these days is the freebies that come with them. Indeed, no wonder more people are now playing slots than ever before. Nevertheless, with so many offers available, things can get a little confusing. So, we’ve put together this guide on different online slots bonus offers to help make life easier for you. 


Sign Up Bonuses

Because competition is so fierce amongst online casinos, the best bonuses are often dished out to new customers for signing up. Undoubtedly, the most popular of all these gifts is free cash. Yip, you can expect to receive hundreds or even thousands of pounds worth of credit in some sites in the UK. (Imagine being handed that amount of cash on entering a land-based casino for the first time!) Free spins are another very common type of introductory offer. With these, you’re presented with free spins on certain slot games. Thus, you get to know a slot really well.

Nevertheless, there are a few caveats worth mentioning regarding registration bonuses. For instance, some boast an expiry date, while others require you to spend a certain amount of money before receiving them. Thus, many players prefer to avail of no-deposit bonus introductory offers because you don’t need to deposit any cash with these. Some red tape exists with these too, though, so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. 


Payment Method Slot Bonuses

Many casinos also offer us payment method bonuses. In other words, we’re rewarded for depositing money into our account in a particular way. And most of these offers revolve around cryptocurrencies. For example, several casinos now match any Bitcoin deposit we make. So, if we lodge £100 worth of Bitcoin coins into our account, we’re gifted an extra £100 in credit. Once again, pay attention to the strings attached to these offers, though.


Loyalty Bonuses

A lot of online casinos also reward you for your custom with loyalty bonuses. Thus, when you spend a certain amount of cash, or have played slots a certain amount of times, you get awarded things like credit and free spins. The problem with these is you often have to spend large sums of money to earn decent presents. Of course, this doesn’t really matter if you’re rolling in cash. Which brings us nicely to our next type of bonus offer…


High Roller Bonuses

High rollers can benefit from some excellent bonuses in remote casinos. In fact, if you’re minted, and you like to flaunt it (so to speak), you can earn some huge cash gifts and lots more free spins. But even if you aren’t a high roller, you can do such things as chip in with a few friends to avail of some of these great deals. So, keep an eye out for these bonuses, too. 


Final Thoughts on these online slot bonuses

Now that you’re up to speed on bonus offers, why don’t you shop around for a few great deals?


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