Development of Software and Qualified Software Solutions in the Fintech Industry

Development of software and qualified software solutions in the fintech industry

Create an intelligent platform for the FinTech industry to digitize lending, reduce risk and achieve high ROI. Online lending platforms can improve credit scores, provide background checks on borrowers, and facilitate loan approval by connecting to credit reporting systems and databases.

FinTech software development with Devcom’s team of specialists is an easy process, as they offer high-quality solutions to ensure the functionality of fintech software development services, including banking software, web applications, and mobile applications. Discover the advantages of their services and possible solutions in the development of FinTech.

Active use of the possibilities of modern technologies

Applications are built on machine learning that supports many FinTech industry use cases, predictive analytics, algorithmic trading, process automation, and more. Big data in financial services is essential because the industry generates and processes large amounts of data that can be used to assess creditworthiness, improve sales performance and prevent fraud. The team develops customized blockchain-based fintech solutions that open ground-breaking new business opportunities. Develop modern fintech applications and move on-premise software to cloud storage for greater flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness. The team specializes in leading AI-powered financial software that improves operational performance, including fraud detection systems, intelligent chatbots, and risk management solutions. Experienced developers offer innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations and provide enhanced capabilities to meet their daily needs. Devcom is committed to keeping development and operations teams working together, delivering products quickly, and following the latest fintech trends. To do this, it launches software solutions that allow customers to buy, trade, and store cryptocurrencies securely.

The benefits of using customized financial solutions are numerous. Dedicated developers provide clients with valuable fintech expertise that fits your niche in the fintech industry. Devcom offers durable and flexible applications that help large and small startups transparently manage their assets and revenues and forget the risk of hacking forever. The solutions created here adapt to your lifestyle and do not require special skills. Whether a mobile device or a desktop computer, the team always ensures that the developed software is straightforward and convenient to use and that the software is as productive as possible to meet your needs. Thanks to the involvement of proven experts, bottlenecks, and vulnerabilities in the logic of the software product are no longer a problem, as all phases are thoroughly tested to eliminate possible errors that may have been made during the development stage. The team prioritizes advanced cybersecurity, leveraging extensive data encryption, identity management, and auditing capabilities to ensure robust security, compliance, and accountability. The latest APIs are actively used so that fintech solutions created at Devcom work on a wide range of external platforms and services, providing the most exciting customer journeys without the risk of compatibility issues. Also, rigorous stress tests and reliability analysis will ensure that your fintech solutions can handle high server load and provide complete customer interaction without side effects. Since the fintech industry is strictly regulated, Devcom attaches great importance to official and international quality standards, which it strictly adheres to when developing software solutions.

Multi-stage FinTech software development process

As a trusted service provider, Devcom offers intelligent solutions that help customers achieve their business goals. Specialists develop reliable integrated platforms, programs, and services from scratch for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, always meeting high-quality standards. In addition, a dedicated team combines the latest fintech technologies with in-house expertise to develop market-disrupting fintech software development solutions.

Developing software that meets the goals of the FinTech industry

Devcom has more than valuable experience in the IT industry, developing unique solutions for the financial, banking, and insurance sectors. Support for software developed for the Fintech industry is also present. The team provides full software support to ensure reliability, availability, security, and regulatory compliance. An experienced development team has the necessary expertise to develop complex software that meets the needs of banks and other financial institutions. You can order software development for the insurance industry. You’ll find everything you need to get your project off the ground quickly and successfully, from custom software development to creating templates and tools. Launch a decentralized trading and asset management platform using the capabilities of a decentralized blockchain-based system. The company provides world-class encryption software development services that provide users with unwavering security and convenience in managing their digital assets. To reliably ensure the safety of your users’ payments, a dedicated team creates unique solutions that resist unauthorized access, data leakage, and criminal hacking attacks.

Solutions for the transformation of digital finance

A team of experienced software developers helps companies understand the essential benefits of digitalization, embrace fundamental business changes and achieve new levels of financial efficiency. In the fintech industry, there is an opportunity to update legacy applications and systems. Detailed legacy software upgrade support makes adding new features to existing solutions easy without disrupting existing business processes. Devcom provides comprehensive software support and supports various operating systems, external platforms, and other third-party services to ensure reliability, availability, security, and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. The company offers teams or individual IT professionals the to create projects from scratch to facilitate the software development process under the direct guidance of the client.

Devcom develops software that meets the current demands and needs of the FinTech industry.

Devcom experts develop, implement and support solutions for financial, banking, and insurance companies to create their efficient functioning: from standard personal finance applications and digital wallets to advanced banking ecosystems and electronic payment platforms. Industry-leading payment software solutions flawlessly support all critical high-volume transaction processes, offering high transparency, high demand, and robust multi-currency security, meeting the needs of various platforms. Do you need an innovative digital banking solution to achieve high availability, improve customer satisfaction, optimize your internal sales cycle and increase your competitive advantage? Modern banking software supports the communication and management of bank accounts through all channels. A multi-functional personal budget mobile app that helps people organize, manage and improve their finances. Through API integration, individual finance apps allow users to access almost all of their devices, bank accounts, electronic payments, currency exchange, and more from a single smartphone screen. A variety of features provide a rich user experience that offers the following key features:

  • Track income and expenses;
  • Classify income and expenses;
  • Perform budget planning;
  • Data display;
  • Investment portfolio management.

The software developed for the FinTech industry allows users to manage stocks and cryptocurrencies, monitor visualized statistics, and automate trading processes. Investment management software uses artificial intelligence algorithms that constantly analyze the market’s development and make predictions about other metadata information. Users of the program can maximize potential profits and minimize downsides. Stock trading web applications and asset management mobile applications provide solutions for investment portfolio management, cryptocurrency asset management, and advanced stock analysis. At Devcom, we support clients in the financial sector by optimizing business processes and digitizing time-consuming processes using data processing and machine learning technologies. A wide range of technical tools is actively used to provide a high level of financial analysis, including:

  • Intelligent data extraction;
  • Automatic data processing;
  • Report on the movement of assets;
  • Predictive analytics;
  • Fraud detection.

Modern insurance solutions facilitate customer acquisition and retention, transform business with technology, drive digital business transformation, increase sales, and accelerate customer service processes. Fintech solutions inevitably deal with large volumes of sensitive data. The industry is tightly regulated and controlled by government agencies. At Devcom, we help various business organizations comply with regulations and requirements by providing solutions that make compliance processes simple, fast, and efficient.

Devcom develops fintech products that enable end-users to make electronic payments through various channels without compromising on convenience and quality of service to make electronic payments as accessible as possible. Are you looking for fintech developers? Contact


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