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The business world is one of constant change. Technology lets us reach colleagues, customers, and partners whenever and wherever needed; yet each innovation brings complication. ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple IP business communication solution takes the pressure off. Unlike other solutions on the market, ShoreTel have designed complexity out of the picture.

ShoreTel is a leading provider of business communication solutions whose brilliantly simple unified communications (UC) platforms, applications and mobile UC solutions deliver a new rhythm of workforce engagement and collaboration. With costly complexity eliminated by design from its award-winning, all-in-one IP phone system, UC and contact centre solution, businesses enjoy a freedom and self-reliance that other providers cannot match.

We appreciate that change is a constant today. The Internet has transformed business into an always-on world of commerce and communication. Technology lets us reach colleagues, customers, and partners whenever and wherever needed. And yet each innovation brings legacies and layers of complication that can sometimes make it hard for everything to work together. The integrated, seamless world promised by technology can seem even more elusive.

This is never more apparent than when upgrading to a new phone system. Additional complexity, along with the constraints of today’s landscape—slashed spending, higher expectations, cycles of growth and downsizing, varying degrees of user savvy—put huge pressure on decision makers and IT staff alike to make it all work. And to make it all work with the available resources.


Seamless Communication

ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple IP business communication solution takes the pressure off. Unlike other solutions on the market, we have designed complexity out of the picture. How is that possible? Well, we started with a clean sheet of paper and a single focus to get it right from the beginning, using an all-IP approach without the burden of supporting a legacy solution. We combined powerful, fully integrated UC and contact centre capabilities with an overall ease only made possible by native IP. The result is an all-in-one IP business communication solution that enjoys the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

ShoreTel customers are delighted when they discover a solution that is as easy for a workforce to learn and use as it is for IT staff to deploy, manage and scale. ShoreTel transforms seamless communication and collaboration from an elusive goal into a vital and competitive engine. Its minimal strain on IT resources leads to an unprecedented low total cost of ownership.

Last Autumn witnessed the European launch of the ShoreTel Dock. This is the industry’s first business-grade docking station which transforms iPhones® and iPads® into desk phones when paired with ShoreTel Mobility, fusing the convenience of mobile devices with the power of a business communications system.

The ShoreTel Dock transforms Apple® handhelds that are running the ShoreTel Mobility app, into powerful business desk phones and enterprise collaboration tools. Employees can simply slide their ShoreTel Mobility enabled iPhone or iPad into the ShoreTel Dock and get instant access to the comfort, battery life and call quality of a business desk phone. When combined with ShoreTel Mobility and conferencing applications, business users get a phenomenal UC experience, utilising voice, instant messaging (IM), presence and conferencing on a device that they already know and love.

ShoreTel is the only unified communications provider delivering an intuitive and easy-to-use solution that truly optimises how end users communicate for work. The company didn’t try to change or replace devices users already deployed, but instead enabled those same devices with enterprise UC to give end users a dynamic productivity tool that supports their own work environment. The ShoreTel Dock is quite simply the desk phone for the mobile generation


Innovative Solutions

As the popularity of enterprise BYOD programmes continue to grow, ShoreTel’s mobile UC solution ensures that employees remain productive while working on their personal devices. Since ShoreTel Mobility works over both Wi-Fi and cellular, the ShoreTel Dock can be deployed anywhere – users can be reached on their same extension whether they are working at their office or at home. Businesses can easily use the ShoreTel Dock for office and remote workers, giving them the tools they need to do business wherever they are required to be.

It is ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple approach to unified communications that has enabled this fast-growing company to deliver solutions to a rapidly growing number of European business customers. The organisation has an increasing number of delighted customer advocates and an award-winning portfolio of UC, mobility and contact centre solutions.

In June, ShoreTel announced a technical partnership with the Williams F1 Team to provide a unified communications and collaboration platform across their entire enterprise. ShoreTel now deliver industry-leading UC solutions across the full breadth of the Williams organisation, including the Formula One team and advanced engineering departments, as well as integrating communications within the team’s on-track activities at races around the world. ShoreTel are well on the way to fast-tracking their innovative solutions across Europe.

It is a privilege for ShoreTel to partner an iconic brand such as Williams, but it has also given the organisation a chance to demonstrate the brilliant simplicity of their solutions. ShoreTel’s European team has experienced customer success in many vertical markets – including legal, professional services, education and not-for-profit – but the technical partnership with Williams has enabled ShoreTel to deliver a single unified communication platform for their entire global business.

“Williams is a diverse and multi-disciplined engineering business, which relies on high quality, mission critical communications, so this new partnership with ShoreTel is one which will benefit not only the Formula One team but every area of our business as we continue to diversify and expand into new areas.” (Claire Williams, deputy team principal and commercial director).

ShoreTel removes the barriers between people and locations. At home, on the road, or with their mobile devices, end users can make an impact with a consistent and unified interface that frees individuals to choose the most appropriate means of communication and collaboration. With ShoreTel, unlike other options on the market, your workforce will be up to speed in no time. There is no need for long training sessions or steep learning curves. Instead, end users are delighted by how intuitive the system really is.

Whether you need just the basics for a single location, or a multi-office and contact centre solution with application integration, ShoreTel has the innovative technology and expertise to provide a phone system experience customers truly love.

For more information please call ShoreTel on 01628 826336; email; or visit our website at


About Shoretel

ShoreTel is a leading provider of business communication solutions. Users have full control to engage and collaborate, no matter the time, place or device, for the lowest cost and demand on IT resources in the industry. ShoreTel is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has regional offices and partners worldwide.



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