Dedicated Team Model in Application Development


In this article we describe the model of collaboration in which an outsourced development team closely works with the team of the customer as a dedicated team of developers. Along with the fixed price (FP) and time and materials (T&M) development models, this is one of the most popular approaches in the application development industry.

When is it best to work with a dedicated team?

In the DT model, an outsourcing company’s participation in the supervision of the tasks is more than just a standard technical support. The outsourcing firm offers maintenance, application development, project coordination, administrative support, and recruitment services. In the dedicated team model, the development team of the outsourcing vendor continuously works on a particular project while receiving direct client feedback.

The dedicated software development team service fits well for extended projects with exact specifications and regular adjustments to the tasks’ scope. When the client’s team is short on specialized knowledge or experience, a dedicated team can be a perfect solution. The team’s main objective is to collaborate with the client’s technical staff to provide knowledgeable and project-specific solutions.

Benefits of outsourcing the dedicated team model 

Your dedicated team service provider will handle every aspect of running your dedicated team, including hiring staff, setting up infrastructure, executing contracts, and paying taxes. This frees a lot of your time. 

While managing your daily obligations, you can focus on brand promotion, research and innovation, or creating large-scale strategic plans. In this context, a dedicated development team model offers you a list of benefits.

  • The speed and quality of work are increased since a dedicated team is focused on a single project.
  • The team’s size can be adjusted as the workload increases or decreases. When necessary, the outsourcing company will make new hires.
  • When some departments require more resources, such as during audits and tax periods for accounting or product launches for marketing, the DT is the most efficient option.
  • As the outsourced professionals are already familiar with the workflow, you will not need to invest in training them. It makes significant savings.

What is a dedicated team structure?

The structure of a dedicated team is determined by the demands of your company. It frequently involves the following experts who are totally committed to your project.

  • Developers who work on the front and back ends of a website or application implement the user interface. They are in charge of the multi-tiered systems’ server components that support online services, data storage, and the smooth operation of the website interface.
  • User interfaces that offer a simple and pleasant user experience are created by UX/UI designers.
  • The coordination between the operations, development, and testing departments is improved by DevOps.
  • To support the application feedback, QA engineers run tests and assess technical design documents and specifications.
  • Business analysts analyze processes, define needs, and offer managers and stakeholders recommendations and reports based on this information, bridging the gap between IT and the business.
  • The success of the project as a whole, from planning to design, implementation, monitoring, control, and closing, is the responsibility of the project manager.

How much does it cost to hire a dedicated development team?

Cost savings are the main motivation for outsourcing. A dedicated team’s pricing plan is straightforward. Since you hire a team, you only pay for the hours actually spent because each specialist has a defined hourly cost. You only have to pay for these services utilized for your custom project.

The team does not bear any additional fees for buying equipment, paying taxes, or paying energy bills. So, a specialized software development team can be hired for less cost and faster than searching for each technical specialist separately or using recruiters and hiring platforms.

Evaluate your project and think of the best development model

Before starting any new project, be well aware of what you are undertaking, and what are your project’s requirements. A dedicated development team is the best option if you are confident that you are dealing with a complicated long-term project. 

The DT model can also be a good choice for you if your company needs more control and flexibility in the application development project. To accomplish such particular business goals, go for a dedicated team model and select the best outsourcing partner with software development expertise that fits your project’s needs.


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