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The world of European women dating amazes with an abundance of magnificent girls from all corners of Europe who are waiting to become a perfect girlfriend or spouse for you. From smart and witty Western European ladies to sensual and passionate Eastern European women—online European dating can satisfy the needs of the pickiest man, and that’s what makes it so fascinating and high on demand among Western men who seek diversity.

The best European dating sites to join this year

Have a vague idea where to start the love search from? Use this list as your primary guidance!

In case you’re dying to meet Eastern European ladies that are perfect for marriage, romantic relationships, or just pleasant communication, you need to have the list of the best European dating sites right in front of you to meet singles that correspond with your preferences. That’s precisely what this unique and detailed guide is made for. So, let’s get started!

Online dating has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. It seems quite challenging to find an ideal partner in real life. The hectic lifestyle, political views, personal preferences, let alone lockdown restrictions, and modern trends of the world you live in drive people into international dating. Countless European dating sites offer two same-minded people a precious opportunity to connect and work on a fruitful relationship.

BravoDate — European dating app for serious people


Don’t want to miss your international chance for happiness? BravoDate may be the best European dating site you should look for and get the keys to the kingdom of marital bliss!

? Things we like about it

Once you decide to dive into the pool of European women dating, you should realize that most dating sites are prepaid and require a fair share of the investment into the relationship. BravoDate  here is on the list of online dating sites that feature an average price policy.

Aside from that, all the paying members can be utterly confident and secure about the payment methods in use since they’re among the most reliable in the industry. Lastly, a pleasant interface along with the easy-to-grasp navigation will make your first dating experience as comfortable as it can get.

? Things that require improvement

Among the disadvantages that some members point out is the fact that the secure platform is unfit for casual dating. Only those who want to meet European women and build a successful relationship will benefit from the online dating app.

JollyRomance — meet European women online and find true love

Even a serious relationship has a lot of room for fun and pleasure in it, and JollyRomance seems to have learned the secret ahead of the competition.


👍 Things we like about it

Some dating sites feature seamless registration and an appealing interface but lack real users. In the case of JollyRomance, it features all mentioned characteristics and helps men from different countries find their happiness in Eastern Europe. If you provide enough personal information and indicate that you’re looking for a long term commitment, you’ll find numerous girls reaching out to you.

JollyRomance is a European dating site packed with all modern types of online communication, including free membership. Aside from that, you can use the service to send gifts and even meet face to face with the lady you like.

Lastly, unlike most European dating websites, JollyRomance enables the members to ask for a refund should anything go not the way they planned.

👎 Things that require improvement

On the slightly less bright side, JollyRomance is one of those dating apps that have no free membership to offer. You can register for free and use some features without any investment involved, yet all the communication tools are paid for. Another peculiar disadvantage is the fact that the mobile app is still unavailable.

AmourFactory — dating European women couldn’t be easier


Chat with lovely women without boundaries! Dating European girl is just the primary perk that the platform offers!

? Things we like about it

Some European dating sites may feel too challenging to figure out, but AmourFactory isn’t one of them. The pleasant layout of the dating platform will guide you through every step of the registration process. Immense search options will ensure that you access single European women who correspond with your preferences and desires.

This is one of the popular online dating sites developed in such a way that it resembles popular social media with all the Winks, Likes, and Who Viewed Your Profile features. Surely, most functions don’t come for free, but the price policy is affordable.

? Things that require improvement

One of the main inconveniences that most dating sites like AmourFactory are trying to eliminate is the missing mobile app. While you can exploit the service to the fullest through the mobile browser, there’s no dedicated app to access at the moment. Another disappointing feature is the limited number of free services. You can’t chat via the AmourFactory platform with no credits added to the balance.

TheLuckyDate — meet European girls with serious intentions

the lucky date

Are you feeling lucky today? Maybe TheLuckyDate holds your golden ticket to the brightest future!

? Things we like about it

This is the perfect case when the name of the European dating app speaks for itself. Most members who decide to date ladies from Eastern Europe through this site have found it to be responsive and filled with real women who are looking for a serious relationship.

Aside from that, when you meet Eastern European women, you can interact with them in a manner that you find the most suitable. You can send messages the good-old way, or you can use voice messages along with personal video calls. Surely, such dating platforms aren’t free, but the costs that the dating site offers is utterly acceptable.

? Things that require improvement

Although TheLuckyDate is reviewed as one of the best European dating sites, there’s no mobile app to download, and that’s one of its major downsides to keep in mind. Also, the FAQ section is missing from the site. Some of you may find the con quite insignificant, yet it takes some time to reach out to the support desk that the dating site is equipped with. If you seek fast answers to any bothersome matter, you’ll have to spend some time waiting. With other dating apps, it may happen a lot faster.

EuroBabes — the sassiest European girls for you to interact with

There’s a reason why girls from Europe are deemed to be the most attractive of all. Time to put the theory to practice!

? Things we like about it

Modern, young, and single Eastern European women join EuroBabes in search of a perfect match. If you want to find that special someone who longs for a lasting relationship through an international cupid of a service, EuroBabes would be a good international dating service to look at.

The dating app is quite new to the field, thus, the prices on offer are the lowest in the industry, and most members from Canada, Americas, and the UK may want to make use of it while the offer still stands. No matter the price policy, you can use all types of communication to make your international dating experience as successful and pleasant as possible.

The website is simple to navigate through so that users with no related experience can make perfect sense of all the provided functions and features. There are many other dating apps that are a lot more confusing.

? Things that require improvement

While the range of Eastern European women signed up with the dating website grows, the speed leaves much to be desired, all due to the slow profile verification. If you choose to join the free members rank, you won’t be able to access all the premium features that the dating app offers.

Another peculiar disadvantage is the fact that there’s a daily photo viewing limit set. So, you can’t look through all the interesting accounts and potential matches in one go. There are few dating apps that feature such a limit.

UkraineBride4You — date European girl born for family life

ukraine bride 4 you

Beautiful Ukrainian ladies are open to new adventures. All it takes for you is to find the right means to reach out to them!

? Things we like about it

The perks of Ukrainian women dating spread like wildfire all over the modern world of online dating. Ukrainian women are among the hottest chicks in the area, and UkraineBride4You features the best collection of elite singles gathered in one place. There are countless free gifts that the service offers, and you can use those to explore the dating website to the fullest.

This type of dating app gives you a chance to interact with other members in real time while going on a video date. You can use the international dating site to send gifts, both actual and virtual, to spice your relationship up a notch. With all that in mind, you should know that the dating site features a flexible and affordable price policy.

? Things that require improvement

It’s great that the registration process is free of charge and effortless. Yet, most members skip a lot of steps that lead to detailed profiles and leave their profiles incomplete. The rule usually applies to the male part who uses such dating apps. That’s because the design of the dating site is slightly more complex than it should have been. Besides, the search option leaves much to be desired.

KissRussianBeauty — the best European dating site featuring Russian beauties

Mysterious and divine Russian girls can drive any man crazy. But, isn’t that what you’re looking for?

? Things we like about it

Russian online dating is at the spike at the moment. Why do we call KissRussianBeauty one of the best dating sites in Europe? The answer is simple—a unique and goal-oriented approach to the industry makes the dating website stand out and the users spot it. The given type of cupid media is filled with elite singles who are interested in finding wife from different countries.

The girls of KissRussianBeauty get head over heels in love in a long term commitment and make the best potential partners. Unlike other online dating apps, the platform offers a unique and free search feature to find the ideal match you seek. The unique algorithm is developed to memorize your preferences and generate matches that you need. This is the type of international dating site that has a native dating app too.

? Things that require improvement

You can’t hope to have a free membership with this dating site, and the range of free features is incredibly limited. While there’s a dating app on offer, you can’t use it for one-night stands. Serious intentions are what drives Eastern European women for marriage sign up with KissRussianBeauty, so keep that in mind.

SingleSlavic — meet East European women effortlessly


The astonishing looks of Slavs has immense power over male population of the world. Would you dare to resist the pull?

? Things we like about it

Once you can’t decide which nationality from Eastern Europe appeals to you most, you should seek dating sites that offer a quality mix of every nationality. SingleSlavic is precisely the type of dating app filled with women from different countries united with the same goal—find happiness in life.

The online dating platform is up-to-date yet effortless to browse through. You can customize the filters and end up with those active users who trigger your attention the most. Besides, upon registration, you can ask for a free bonus that the dating site is known to feature.

? Things that require improvement

The dating site is limited to European women only. If you’re interested in Asian ladies or hot girls from Latin countries, this isn’t the type of international dating platform to start the search from. Although there are free messages and free membership to make use of—they’re not unlimited messages, and you should spend a fair share of money in the process of online dating communication.

EuropeanDate — date European women who share your ideals

No matter how shy you are, EuropeanDate will grant you the means to initiate the most important communication of a lifetime! 

? Things we like about it

It’s not enough to offer a great chance of a long term relationship, and as one of the most reliable online dating sites, EuropeanDate gets the drill. There’s a special matching algorithm designed for all the members to find not only beautiful women from Europe but true soulmates.

You can set the preferences that determine the type of partner you’re looking for, and this secure platform will bring the profiles up of those users who correspond with your taste. While most dating websites play the role of an international cupid, the given service offers a fair share of free messages along with a functional and free membership that you can put to use while in search for single European girls. Keep in mind that only real women register with the dating site.

? Things that require improvement

The dating site is limited to European women only. If you’re interested in Asian ladies or hot girls from Latin countries, this isn’t the type of international dating platform to start the search from. Although there are free messages and free membership to make use of—they’re not unlimited messages, and you should spend a fair share of money in the process of online dating communication.

Another popular dislike that concerns similar dating apps is the variety of filters to pick from. Aside from that, verification is quite lengthy and tiresome.

CharmDate — find hot European singles of any age range

charmdate review

Easy sign-up, available European singles writing to you first, the lowest prices around—what else to look for?

👍 Things we like about it

This is a huge-user-pool website with primary girls from large Slavic countries. Females are willing to reach you as soon as you sign-up. The profiles are highly detailed, with different ways to interact with a user. What differentiates CharmDate from many other popular European dating sites is the video-streaming feature. Most services are free, while the premium ones are not rip-off—CharmDate is also one of the most budget-friendly dating sites in Europe.

👎Things that require improvement

They probably, or certainly, should do the rebrand. At least the redesign. The site wrapping is just obnoxiously ancient, and the “PHP” in their URL makes the situation even worse.

Tinder — the most prominent European dating site around

If you’ve never heard of Tinder European dating site then you’ve never been on the Internet.

👍 Things we like about it

To be honest, Tinder is not a European dating site by chance—it got a palm once and will hold it for a long time. The design is snazzy and highly convenient, and everything is intuitively clear. 

You’re not going to fill out the fat form about your bad habits, the type of people you prefer, or anything whatsoever—just your gallery and a few words in your stylish profile. The principle is simple: swipe right if you like, swipe left if not. The mobile application is truly one of the best dating apps a dating site can offer.

👎Things that require improvement

The customer support on Tinder can’t boast of being highly responsible. There are more “caring” European dating websites than Tinder, with customer service helping you on any occasion.

European dating culture and dating tips

The difference between American and European dating culture is usually emphasized as something you can hardly combine. Is it truly so? There’s only one way to learn!


How does dating work in Europe?

If you think about dating European ladies, you should realize that European dating culture is slightly different from that of the USA. Besides, men of Canada can relate to the latter category.

While Americans are more about casual dating and related outfits, Europeans like to seek a serious relationship even when they refer to online dating. Besides, the approach to their looks is a little more complicated and fancier than that of people from the Western world.

Those from the West like to show off their confidence, whether it’s requested or not. At the same time, people from Eastern parts of Europe are more relaxed and friendly. Lastly, women from Europe are a lot more feminine and beautiful.

What to know about dating Eastern European ladies?

Should you decide to meet a local woman from Eastern Europe, you should be aware of all potential underwater stones. While most dating apps advertise incredibly gorgeous European women—and they’re indeed divine―you should be ready to spend a good coin on their appearance.

These women are great mother material, but if they choose to pursue a dream career, they’ll find a way to combine both fields seamlessly. Yet, a lot of women from Eastern Europe prefer to be homemakers, and you should keep that in mind before you join a dating app in search of happiness.

European culture, especially that of the Eastern parts, indicates that a man should provide for a family. Thus, these ladies are interested in confident and secure men who would be able to support a future family. At the same time, top European dating sites enlist a fair share of independent women who claim the same rights as those of the men.

Meet European Singles Now

Why Are European women looking for American men?

People from the UK, Canada, the USA, and Russia will surely differ in terms of their traditions, habits, and culture. Yet, there’s a unique, inexplicable bond between Eastern women and Western men. No matter the difference in mentality, these people seem to click together better than any two people of the same surrounding.

What’s more, when there’s a cultural gap to overcome, you can constantly learn something new, which will keep the interaction going, despite arising difficulties. That’s why so many people choose international dating these days.

How to date a European woman?

Men who want to meet European woman always look for additional tips to win the heart of a beautiful lady. Those who join dating sites face a fair share of issues that other people may escape since mutual physical attraction has its way of connecting people.

If you decide to find a woman online, you may want to stick to the following pieces of advice:

  • Join a trustworthy dating site or chatting platform in Europe.
  • Define your likes and dislikes about women as partners in general.
  • Don’t rush things with a girl you find online.
  • Learn more about her culture and traditions.
  • Don’t try to speak her native tongue until you’re almost fluent in it.
  • Act confidently around your woman, but don’t try to show off.
  • Show respect to her culture, country, family, and the lady herself.

With these simple tips in mind, no matter what dating websites you choose, you’ll always be able to find your way into the woman’s heart!

What do Eastern European women look like?

The chances are that you already know how these ladies look like, and that’s the primary reason you decide to explore international dating. However, it wouldn’t hurt to indicate the obvious. These women are:

  • Active
  • Attractive
  • Well-fit
  • Funny
  • Family-oriented
  • Reliable
  • Loving
  • Unique

Bravo Date – Get 20 credits after registration

Why do guys like dating East European women?

You’ve heard about a thousand times how gorgeous elite singles from Eastern Europe are. However, there’s more to the picture than pure physical attractiveness.

  • They’re loyal. Eastern European women are quite skeptical about the whole idea of one-night stands. They seek mature relationships and reliable men. What they can give in return is undivided and unbreakable loyalty.
  • They’re responsible. No matter the task that a lady from Europe places in front of herself, she’ll do anything to succeed in it. These ladies are over the edge responsible, and that means that you can confide in your partner despite the difficulty of the situation and count on her support.
  • They’re direct. There’s a rumor circling the web that women from Russia and Ukraine can withstand almost anything, and that’s true until it comes to their families. If the girl from Europe spots something she disagrees with, you can’t count on her simply swallowing it up. They’re direct and honest. Some men find it disadvantageous, so you should keep that in mind before joining Europe-oriented dating sites.

How to avoid scams on European dating sites?

Unfortunately, you’ll happen on many scammed profiles—even the most safeguarded resources let the rats inside. Still, if you’re vigilant enough, you will avoid the fraudsters swimmingly. 

1. Avoid being robbed—ignore beggars

Our favorite type of scammers—panhandlers. You’ll be asked (begged) directly to help financially. Sometimes you’d hear the heartbreaking stories, and sometimes you’d be astounded at how sassy a scammer may be. The tip is to ignore anyone who tries to learn about your occupation and income—that’s a red flag already, let alone those who really dare to ask you for money.

2. Avoid being blackmailed—stop being frank

Sometimes the scammers are playing with you (some would make amazing actors!) to earn your trust and make you feel comfortable. This aims to learn more about your life and relatives, to make you behave nasty and risky. You’ve got the point. Today you’re sending your naked pictures—tomorrow, you have to send $5,000 to don’t let these materials go viral.

Final words

With the list of the best European dating sites at hand, you can find your happiness twice as easily. All it takes is to choose one of the dating sites that suits your needs and let the exciting journey begin. Women of Eastern Europe deserve the attention and reputation they get, so don’t waste your chance to find a beautiful wife on one of the trending and reliable international sites!


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