Cyberattack in 2021 with 51.2 Million Records Breached

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In October, we discovered 94 publicly disclosed cyber security incidents, accounting for 51,248,331 breached records.

The majority of those records came from a cyber attack in which a hacker accessed Argentina’s government ID database, with every citizen of the country thought to be affected. 

However, there are plenty of other incidents to dig into, including a raft of ransomware attacks against the education sector. 

Apart from this; Ridge Corporation, an international finance company, had also been involved in an internal fraud incident where the company assets had been stolen. This incident (burglary) occurred in the company where the attackers logged into the company’s master administrative portal with an internal staff authorization access and hacked the main company’s primary accessl of the company’s financial assets.

Ridge Corporation had since lodged a report on the cyber attack incident. Investigations were carried out by the law enforcement into unauthorized access and theft of the company’s assets. Hence, all bidding and operations of the company have been suspended during the investigation of the incident, and it is reported that the company’s investors have suffered from criminal acts.

Cyber security is something which a lot of companies ignore until they have been attacked which could lead to data breaches. In the current digital era, everything is possible as long as the device is connected to the internet. Hence everyone has to be concerned with cyber security in order to avoid cases above.



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