Cryptocurrency and Scams Associated with it That You Should Be Aware Of

Cryptocurrency and Scams

Defining Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a currency that has its virtual existence in digital form. You cannot exchange in cryptocurrency unless you do not utilize one of its services that allows you to do so for a real asset. This exchange can be facilitated by a person with the help of any device such as a computer or mobile phone in virtual space only that does not necessitate any other agency. If we talk about the famous cryptocurrencies of the digital world, they are BTC and ETH, but many such cryptocurrencies are being generated daily that work in the same manner. You can read more about bitcoin trading with the bitcoin motion.

How Do People Use Cryptocurrencies?

There are many underlying reasons for which one can use digital currencies. Some of such reasons are to make quick exchanges, avoid the fee charged by the banks and keep the anonymity of the exchange. Some use it to obtain future benefits in the form of profits derived from the investments made. Many such reasons lure people to use cryptocurrencies.

How You Can Gain A Digital Currency?

Many ways allow you to gain cryptocurrency. Firstly, you can obtain it with the help of an exchange. Secondly, there is a procedure that is known as mining, where you gain it in the form of a reward. Likewise, many new methods are being developed that allow you to gain BTC or any other digital currency.

How And Where Can You Keep Cryptocurrency?

The first and very usual place where any cryptocurrency holder keeps his coins is a “wallet”.

How Is It Different from the US Dollar or Any Other Fiat Currency?

Here I will tell you two different ways through which you can distinguish crypto from that fiat money.

  • Cryptocurrency carries no backing by any authority as compared to a dollar that has got the backing of the US government. In case you keep your digital currency with a third company which sometimes goes out of business then you cannot retrieve it back and neither the government can help in such a condition due to its decentralized nature.
  • Cryptocurrencies have a fluctuating nature and their value is very unpredictable. If it is in thousand dollars now it might stoop down to a hundred in the next minute. Hence this is one factor that also makes them different.

How You Can Protect Yourself from Crypto Scams?

With the popularity of cryptocurrency, there is likewise an increase in scammers and their activities. But to identify it, you must always be protected and must take all the due steps that might be important to get rid of such scams.

• Blackmail Email Scams

In such emails, there can be some compromising photos or videos of you, instead of which scammers would ask for your cryptocurrency as a ransom. You should never do this as it is one form of extortion.

• Business Scams

In this type of scam, there would be some promises made by either a company or a firm that boasts about doubling your money. They would carry out different plans that might lure you to get engaged in hope that you would make money.

Social Media Scams

You might find texts that relate to investing your cryptocurrencies to make it double etc. It might be someone who is known to you. You must not do such investments.


The information we provided in this article is related to cryptocurrencies and some common scams that can deceive you. All necessary information regarding digital currency is given. We sincerely hope that this information will be of great benefit to you for your future investments.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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