Crypto Millions Lotto Review: Unveiling This Bitcoin Lottery’s Offering


According to its founder, Sulim Malook, the lottery is due for an overhaul. Given it is one of the oldest and most popular games ever played, the “modern” version of the lottery—over five hundred years old—hasn’t changed substantially. There are evolving versions that have some digital elements to it, but the Crypto Millions Lotto breaks the mold in a number of different ways. While the fundamentals are the same, the Crypto Millions Lotto operates solely in Bitcoin, and allows players to participate in a number of international lotteries—and is available from 180 countries. In this review, we look at how the lottery works, what other features are offered, and consider other important considerations like transparency and security.

About Crypto Millions Lotto

Crypto Millions Lotto is operated by UK-based Wilmington Holdings plc, which through its subsidiary Ofertas365 (based in Curaco) holds a lottery license to operate in more than 180 countries. This allows the company to tie into a number of international lotteries, giving players access to new lotteries across the globe. The lotto boasts bigger like-for-like jackpots, no minimum deposit to play, same day payouts, and more. The company lists a number of its efforts making use of blockchain benefits when it comes to security and transparency, and the jackpots are insured so that players can feel confident that if they win, they really win.

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In addition to standard lottery play, Crypto Millions Lottery has a wide selection of other games, along with several unique features to entice new users and those who bring friends.


Players can enter various lotteries including Euromillions, Oz Lotto (Australia), 6aus49 (Germany), UK National Lottery, Mega Sena (Brazil), Superenalotto (Italy), Loto 7 (Japan), and LottoMax (Canada). Jackpots range from $10M to over $200M USD. Each lottery is fully insured to avoid any issues with payout. The various lottery jackpots roll over if there is no winner until a lucky player wins (either a Crypto Millions Lotto player or someone who is playing the national lottery directly).

Crypto Millions Lotto also functions as the official online lottery partner of Atalanta B.C., which is an Italian football club playing in the Italian Serie A.

To play, users sign up on the site, and deposit the amount of bitcoin they would like to begin with in their account. The site makes it easy to begin playing, and offers a number of ways for players to try it out with minimum hassle or risk:

  • No minimum deposit is required
  • Costs of lottery entries are displayed in the ‘Play Now’ section
  • No KYC process is required up front; instead, KYC (photo ID and proof of address) is only required once a player wins a jackpot or makes a large withdrawal
  • The site provides new players with six free “Quick Pick” entries into the various national lotteries.
  • Players (new and experienced alike) can play in lotto pools in order to increase their chance of winning
  • Aside from the free plays, users deposit money into their accounts either using bitcoin or purchasing bitcoin via credit card. Aside from this, the process is similar to other gaming establishments. Players deposit money and are given (digital) chips where they can play the lotto, or participate in a large number of other games. When a player wins, the house pays them in chips.

Players can keep the chips to use in their next session, or sell them back to the cashier.

In order to avoid mass market fluctuations creating unwanted complexity, Crypto Millions Lotto lists all prices in USD, then when money is deposited or withdrawn, it converts the USD to bitcoin. This prevents players from feeling like they need to be a day trading expert in crypto before they can enjoy the lottery.

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In order to expand the entertainment options beyond the lottery, the site offers players a wide range of digital slot and scratcher-style games, with a variety of rules and payouts along with beautiful graphics. These dozens of games range from original slots to classic versions of roulette, blackjack, and Lucky 7.

Affiliate Program

A unique feature of the site is its recently unveiled affiliate program. The site states that it offers “an industry-first commission bonus of 5% of the jackpot won by any player that is referred to the program by an affiliate.” For the non-lottery games, affiliates can earn a portion of referral revenue ranging from 25-35% depending on the amount of net revenue per month.

Security and Accessibility

Crypto Millions Lotto has a three-pronged approach to security for its players:

  • Security of data—the lottery platform is separated from the payment system, and the Switzerland-located servers holding customer data is Tier 3 certified and ISO/IEC accredited.
  • Security of funds—customer deposits are place in cold storage automatically, with server-to-server traffic encrypted using the HMACSHA-512 algorithm, similar in strength to blockchain encryption. On the user side, two factor authentication is required for all significant actions.
  • Security of winnings—in compliance with their global eGaming license, the company is required to hold to strict anti-fraud practices and to insure all jackpots using the largest prize indemnity insurance provider. Therefore, as long as the user is who they say they are, in the country they list, and over 18, they will receive any winnings they’ve earned.


Crypto Millions Lotto is a global platform for those who love the lottery and want to play in contests around the world. They have changed the lottery model by enabling a fully digital experience and a way for non-crypto users to ease into it without having to play the DeFi markets. The site has made a significant effort to ensure players, their money, and their winnings are protected, allowing them to focus on enjoying the wide variety of games offered on the site.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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