Creative and Cool Ways to Use a Projector at Events

Projector at Events

Projectors are no longer limited to classrooms, offices, and homes for entertainment purposes. People have found cool and creative ways to use a simple projector to make events livelier in recent years. If you want to know how to use projectors more creatively, below are some tips you can try.

1. Musical laser light show

The laser lights you once saw at rock concerts can bring life to your next event. Using a creative projection app and a projector, you can imitate the eye-catching laser light show for the music of your choice.

2. Event-related social media sharing

Social media greatly influences the events industry. Modern solutions now exist to share social media on events. These solutions can help aggregate photos and online comments about the event, which will be displayed in one location to be shared with the people who attended the event.

You can attach posts on the social media profiles of the event. The posts should have the event’s official hashtag or check-ins at the venue. When you plan to share event-related social media on your event, make sure to assign someone to screen inappropriate posts. Your AV Hire company will oversee this task as they provide creative support for events.

Audiovisual rental companies provide creative projection and other high-end presentation and events equipment. This includes lighting, sound, media servers, LED and display, and more.

3. Optical camouflage

Also known as the “invisibility cloak” effect, optical camouflage creates an invisibility illusion by showing a background image over a highly-reflective material. As a result, the material blends with the surroundings.

Manufacturers of automobiles and aircraft have looked at employing this technology to allow drivers and pilots to “see through” walls that would otherwise cause blind spots. In terms of its event applications, optical camouflage will lead visitors to your booth when guests see themselves disappearing while taking pictures of themselves.

4. Projected reality to create a seasonal scene

Are you planning to stage the most exciting seasonal corporate event this year? You can use a LED projector and a DVD player to create an animated Christmas or Halloween-themed scene. Since it creates a 3D projection illusion without 3D glasses, this effect is sometimes called projected reality, virtual 3D projection, or digital decorating. This way of using a projector will make your Halloween-themed events extra spooky as they typically feature shadowy or translucent figures projected in dimly-lit sets.

5. Gaming lounge hosting

Another cool way to use a projector is in a gaming lounge. Project video games on a massive screen to enhance the players’ experience. A simple projector can help attract attention and invite attendees by setting up a free gaming lounge in event gamification. To enhance the gaming experience even more, use surround sound speakers.


Are you aware of the impact of technology in the event industry? Even a simple projector can now be used differently to liven up events. Projectors have been an excellent way to present ideas and information. But with creativity, projectors can make events more engaging and interactive.


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