Creating Your Home Office on a Budget

Office at Home

Whether you want to adapt a room in your home into an office for work, or to work on personal projects, you’re probably on a budget. Here are some ways to create your ideal home office without spending more than you want to.

Remembering office supplies

When thinking about office furniture and equipment, smaller items like office supplies are easy to forget when creating a budget. The cost of these can add up, and depending on how much printing you do, ink could be the one thing you have to buy regularly.

At you can find the best-priced cartridges, which are compatible with your printer. Some of these are around half the cost of branded cartridges but are compatible with several printer models. There’s no difference in the quality of printing; only the price is lower. Although, if you prefer to stick with your printer’s brand, you can buy these in multipacks for less than you might find them elsewhere.

Consider used furniture

If you browse second-hand shops, you might find a desk and computer chair much cheaper than if you bought them new. There are lots of reasons people get rid of these items. Often they will still be in great condition. One advantage of buying used is they will usually be assembled. So if you can get them home, or pay to have them delivered, this takes away the hassle of assembling them.

You could also find items to brighten up your home office, without going over your budget. Although some people prefer to work in a basic room without distractions, others prefer a bit of colour and inspiration around them.

Use what you already have

If you already have a desk or a table which could work as a desk, you might be able to move this into your home office or a cushioned lap tray used for breakfast in bed can be used as a laptop rest. You could use a gaming chair if one of your children is getting a new one to replace it. This can be more comfortable than some standard office chairs. Look at what you already have in your home, preferably being under-used, and decide if you could adapt it in your home office.

Make use of whatever space you have

If you have little space, you might not have a spare room for a home office, but you can still create your own workspace. One example of this would be a folding desk, which can be moved from the corner of a room, pulled out and used when you need it. You could also have a storage trolley on wheels, with enough room for all your work supplies, and to store everything away when you’re not working. This can be the perfect solution if you’re worried about your laptop and office supplies getting broken or having something spilt on them when not in use.

Creating your home office doesn’t have to be expensive, or take up a lot of space. It’s possible to get everything you need and create your own workspace from home.


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