Creating A Successful Remote Sales Goal

remote sales

By Mila Bera

We all want to be successful in sales – with a firm handshake that translates into a new business, a new sale, a new customer. That was the old days, when all sales were done in stores. Today the climate is changing and businesses are adapting. We are used to buying online, we no longer have that face-to-face interaction with another person, and that is fine because we keep buying and stores keep selling; but it is our choice. More companies are being forced to sell remotely. This is not an option for them – it is the only way they can keep the business going. Sales in itself is a challenging job. 

An overview of remote sales

You may want to read ‘The impact of remote selling on Enterprise Sales’ to educate yourself further on the matter. While many companies are embracing remote work, many others are suffering the consequences of current affairs. It is important to reconsider at your market and see how best to improve it.

In a market that is completely unexplored, reducing the total length of the sales cycle is essential to gain market share, because the faster that closings occur, the more opportunities there are to capture a greater market share. It is in this way that remote sales have a great impact; let’s see why. When our sales team is only face-to-face (outside sales), we face different situations that prolong the duration of the sales cycle, without the salesperson having much margin to reduce times. For example, usually they must wait until they have enough clients to visit in a particular region, then request the authorisation and management of flights, hotels, etc. Then they must coordinate their agenda with the customer. On average, it is estimated that all this can take up to 14 days. If this same team faces that of a company that has its remote sales processes well established (also known as Internet sales or inside sales) time will undoubtedly play against them, and by the time they have carried out the first discovery meeting, the remote seller will already have made the second or third virtual contact. 

Remote sales increase efficiency 

By eliminating the need for travel and increasing the effectiveness of each meeting, the efficiency of the business process is increased, therefore freeing up capacity that can be used to generate more revenue (to scale the business) or to reduce excess capacity (to lower costs). 

One trend that is becoming increasingly popular is asynchronous sales (without meetings). At some point you will have gone through a sales process like this! This is where you are sent recordings of personalised video demonstrations so that you can see them as soon as you have time, without having to coordinate a meeting. The commercial proposal is sent to you through a link, with which the company can monitor how much time you spent on each slide, or if you forwarded it to someone. Even automated messages arrive by WhatsApp or email that then refer you to a staff member of the sales team when you have passed the filter that indicates that you are ready to have a sales conversation. 

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