Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer – Mass Weight Gainer Before and After

Mass Gainer

Keeping up with the rigorous bodybuilding meal plans can be challenging for some. Some claim that despite following these diets religiously, they fail to grow ample amounts of mass. At times, growth hits a plateau and turns immune to every single effort you take for a larger frame.

Any of these cases can be really exhausting for mass gainers. However, CrazyNutrition has come up with a solid approach to address this concern more smartly. Click Here to Buy Mass Gainer

Mass Gainer is a recent launch in the performance-enhancing market. The powerful bulking formula sets the bar higher through its remarkable natural ingredients and size enlargement properties. While it predominantly targets people to slap on muscles, it’s a benefactor for underweight people for adding on healthy mass.

What is Mass Gainer?

Mass Gainer is a highly advanced mass building formula rich in nutritional value. Essentially, it is a product by CrazyNutrition that has a name for delivering extremely quality supplements to the fitness community. Now, these supplements are no ordinary products. But some thoroughly-researched products that provide the body with what’s essential to grow, cut, and perform beyond its potential.

Mass Gainer is a promising and quality addition to the category serving fitness enthusiasts. It is a size-enlargement formula unleashing the maximum potency of oat flour, whey protein, sweet potato flour, and flaxseed powder. These natural ingredients originate through whole-food items, whereas the overall formula is free from fillers including maltodextrin. Experts believe that this makes it an almighty punch to add pound after pound along with the needed strength!

Essentially, the manufactures of Mass Gainer claim to keep the formula pure from anything that can overwhelm the digestive health. In fact, it contains digestive enzymes that actually ease the digestion process unlike causing bloating like other bulking agents.

Interestingly, people that have followed the course of Mass Gainer have some very convincing opinions to offer. They claim that the nutritional formula does not just work on packing on mass but packing on fat-free muscles. This indicates that its mechanism involves an approach that actually eradicates the need to follow cutting cycles after the bulking!

Overall, it is an extremely extraordinary tool that eases the bodybuilding dilemmas and switches on the big beast mode.

What are the pros and cons of Mass Gainer?

Understanding a product becomes simpler once we grasp the crux of it. Not just that, highlighting the good and bad further simplifies as to what exactly the product has to offer.

In case of Mass Gainer by CrazyNutrition, the pros and cons of the supplement are:


  • It is a mass gainer by a reputable US-based company, CrazyNutrition
  • It is a formula that turns you into a mass monster
  • The versatile agent works to grow leaner muscles
  • It removes unwanted fats and helps with jacked energy
  • It ideally works as a meal replacement by increasing your nutrient profile
  • It does not overwhelm the digestive health and contains digestive enzymes
  • It is a mix of extensively-researched, whole food constituents
  • It prevents insulin spike and promotes speedy transformation through higher creatine
  • There are no side effects of Mass Gainer unlike other products of CrazyNutrition
  • There are no fillers, sugars or inferior quality carbs including maltodextrin
  • It has 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee and 4.5/5 rating on user portals
  • Available in two mouth-watering vanilla and chocolate flavors


  • It is a relatively new launch and lacks sufficient amounts of feedback to evaluate its true potential now
  • You can only grab the authentic recipe through its official website and not any retailer

Click Here to Buy Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

How does Mass Gainer work?

Now, preparing a meal that checks the nutrition essential to bulk is not a game for all. It is a testing task that not only demands you some special knowledge and expertise, but time as well.

Sometimes, nothing seems to work even when mass gainers take all those protein shakes, bananas, or gulp down raw eggs!

Of course, bulking is never an easy task or an overnight process. However, the right approach can ease things up to a greater level.

Mass Gainer by CrazyNutrition is an absolute meal replacement that frees you from unnecessary binging of undesirable foods. It is a solid formula that specifically aims to increase muscle ration and not fat percentage.

Unlike conventional bulking substances, it does not include nasty carb-fillers harmful to your gut health. It is a formulation, a contribution by some extremely dedicated nutritionists that understand the significance of health while puffing up.

Every constituent part of its recipe is full of health and fitness-related properties. These ingredients maximize muscle recovery and growth without inferring the natural processes or growth of hormones.

As per experts, the dietary formula encompasses the ratio of 2:1 complex-carb to protein. This indicates that your body receives 100g of carbs to 50g of protein. If we delve into the composition of other popular mass gainers, we will learn that their protein value evidently lacks by 15-20 grams against Mass Gainer by CrazyNutrition.

However, there are many factors that further add to its success apart from the chock full of protein. This includes the addition of scientifically-proven, patented digestive enzymes and ingredients that help with better digestion and absorption of nutrients.

What are the ingredients of Mass Gainer?

Mass Gainer is a mix of unique ingredients in quantities that rightly favor the muscle-building process of men and women. These ingredients stand far above conventional milk proteins and substances serving a similar purpose. Apart from results, they guarantee safety to everyone about to embark on the muscle-building journey or have reached some level.

Some of these promising agents are:

Oat Flour

The oat flour enhancing the efficiency of Mass Gainer is gluten-free. It is a staple mass growth agent that largely supports individuals striving to grow in size. Fitness experts claim that this whole-grain food can power up workouts through intense energy. It is a complex carb scarce in Glycaemic Index (GI) that is favorable for the constant dose of fuel. In addition, it promotes gains and satiety while regulating blood sugar and digestion


The patented, Carb ® comes through finest quality pea starch. Investigations into the ingredient have concluded that it can enhance the rate of digestion. The quick-digesting, low glycemic carb allows the body to absorb complex carbs while ensuring a balance in blood sugar.

Human studies on Carb10 state that the insulin and blood sugar response drops to 82% and 27% respectively, when researchers draw a comparison between maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a highly processed carb you can easily spot in the popular bulking substances. Hence, the comparison between the two clearly indicates that Carb10 offers sustained energy and is a healthier choice of calorie

Whey Protein

This is a smart fusion of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Essentially, the former packs essential amino acids like glutamine, leucine, and cysteine. These amino acids play a crucial role in muscle regeneration, preserving muscle, and boosting the level of endurance. On the other hand, whey protein concentrate supports the process of muscle development and relieves inflammation. The two turns into a solid punch that changes the muscle building dynamics for you

Sweet Potato Flour

Muscle building is not just about protein, but healthy levels of vitamins and minerals. For this, this dicotyledonous plant extract comes to the assistance. A great contributor to vitamin A, copper, and folic acid, it stocks up energy levels and amplifies muscle growth. Moreover, it smoothly substitutes the excess intake of banana through supplying 28% higher potassium. Simply put, sweet potato allows your body to grow beyond its maximum capacity while its low GI prevents sugar spike

Creatine Monohydrate

Understanding the mechanism of creatine monohydrate is simple for the growth and development of muscles. It’s a muscular boost that pulls up levels of strength and speed whereas allowing you to achieve fat-free gains. As per experts, it enhances the making of phosphocreatine in the vertebrate muscles. As a result, it can go a long way in intensifying energy and pacing recovery at the times of training

Flaxseed powder

Flaxseed is a part of Mass Gainer for its heart-healthy properties. Rich source of nutrients, fiber, and omega-3, it ensures to perk up your health, digestion, and heart while you bulk. However, the amazing effects of flaxseed do not end here. The flax plant extract further reduces cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and regulates blood sugar. All in all, it is a great addition for you to maintain health with fitness

What are the benefits of Mass Gainer?

Mass Gainer wholly supports the production of muscle mass for you to slay your fitness goals. However, its effects are not restricted to the expansion of size. It is a broad-spectrum recipe that steps ahead to ensure Herculean strength and allow you to reach athletic heights.

Now Mass Gainer is an ideal alternative for meals that work to enlarge your frame. It easily adjusts into a lifestyle that cannot afford to invest hours in the kitchen to prepare meals. Moreover, the bulking agent negates the need to take foods that specifically fuel desired fitness progress. It simplifies the process by ensuring that you timely meet the set nutritional targets.

Moreover, some surefire benefits of using Mass Gainer are:

Higher muscle growth

When taken with the right set of exercises, the combo of calories, carbs and protein can speedily increase mass

Promote satiety

Interestingly, the supplement has two delectable flavors. Each is great for satisfying your sweet tooth while the fiber content is enough to make you feel fuller

Uninterrupted energy

The mix of complex carbs, protein, and creatine provides non-stop mental and physical energy and improves overall focus

Faster recovery

You need to recover at a faster pace to experience gains on a day to day basis. Protein and other sources of amino acids like SENACTIV replace damaged muscle tissue with new

Added endurance

Coping up with workout pressure is essential to training harder and longer. It stretches the endurance level through remarkable levels of strength running through your veins

Fat-free muscles

Unlike the standard mass gainers, this one does not stimulate growth with fats. The only purpose of the Mass Gainer is to gain leaner muscles and strength and not fat

What is Mass Gainer Before and after?

Mass Gainer has recently stepped into the bodybuilding supplement industry that is highly saturated at this point. Experts believe that the market size of this industry could reach a massive $23.8 billion in the next 5 years. In these competitive times when survival is nearly impossible for a fresh launch, Mass Gainer is receiving an overwhelming response.

Essentially, men as well as women struggling with size goals are equally applauding the meal replacement. According to them, it is the most ‘productive’ choice against those heavy protein shakes full of cheap calories and sugars. They believe that it does not make them feel heavy or nauseous even when taken minutes before trainings.

The effects of Mass Gainer have been equally towards the convincing side. The majority of users are praising its tendency to build leaner mass. Many add that its regular intake allowed them to expand their muscle size by 10-12lbs within 3-4 weeks. Others believe that the energy and strength that rush within them facilitates an athletic advantage needed in-and-out of the field.

Overall, they feel more focused, positive, and very much active in their everyday lives. They were able to increase the volume of their workouts, which ultimately, fueled their transformational process.

Moreover, they do not have to stress about researching those special mass gaining meals. Nor do they sweat into the kitchen, binge unnecessarily, or work to satisfy their frequent urge to have something sweet.

What are Mass Gainer results?

Mass Gainer is an ideal pick to promote muscle recomposition. Many claim that it is not like some ordinary protein shake or meal replacement, but a lot more than that.

The general Mass Gainer results revolve around gaining oodles of muscles. It basically:

Bulks mass and cut fats

Yes, the manufacturers advocate the regular use of packing on 12-15 lbs of raw mass over a 6-8 week period. They further claim that exclusive use of the agent is enough to enjoy spectacular gains. Therefore, you must refrain from artificial hormones, steroids, and inferior supplements to avoid side effects.

As per them, the only thing you grow is muscles and not fat or water weight. Thereby, you can simply skip a cutting cycle after you end up puffing

Builds substantial strength

Unless you have enough strength to shed blood, sweat, or tears in the gym, do not expect any expansion. The right set of calories and protein in Mass Gainer support higher energy levels to stick to your goals.

With hyper strength and energy, you can ensure progressive overloads essential for muscle definition

What is the dosage of Mass Gainer?

Every serving provides you with a pure mix of 50g of protein, 672 calories, and 100g of carb. This is significant considering the standard requirement to grow big.

Now a single tub of Mass Gainer houses 5 servings in total. And the manufacturers encourage one serving a day to see the most favorable results.

The formula is available in powdered form and the ratio for preparation is 6 scoops to 15-20 ounces of water. Dissolving it is simple as it does not turn into lumps. Once the dissolving is done, serve it as an ideal replacement for any of the three main meals. If not, you can simply sip it for a much-needed calorie boost anytime.

What are the side effects?

The only purpose of keeping it free from gluten, soy, or any artificial filler was to guarantee 100% safety. And Mass Gainer stands strong on its ground. In fact, it uses a better alternative for maltodextrin in the form of Carb10 that rushes higher energy:

  • No digestion issues
  • No bloating or gas
  • No spike in insulin

The overall formula is safe for long term use whereas the results are lasting and do not lose within months.

What are the prices of Mass Gainer?

The standard tub of Mass Gainer costs around $34.99; that offers 5 servings in total. However, the most popular deal encompasses 2 tubs for $62.99. If you wish to invest in more and grab more supplies, you will pay $83.99 for 3 jars.

Yes, the price tends to reduce more as you choose to invest in more supplies. This truly means the bigger the deal, the better!

Interestingly, you receive a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee on every purchase. Moreover, the manufacturers also provide lifetime subscriptions to some amazing magazines that increase your insight on health, wellness, and fitness. Overall, it’s a win-win for anyone serious about a real transformation!

Where to buy Mass Gainer?

Mass Gainer is not available at any retailer. Or at least, you may find difficulty in finding its authentic recipe anywhere. Thereby, you should ideally visit the official website of Mass Gainer to not only get the real formula, but discounts.

Moreover, it offers redeemable 60 Days Money Back Satisfaction, which others may not. There is free shipping on bulk orders that is an incredible complement to high quality.


People on the fence about trying Mass Gainer will find it beyond their expectations. It simply works around the lifestyle while increasing the frequency of use ensures bigger results that come pretty much faster.

So order your deal to power up your trainings and experience the gains you have been long struggling for.


Q1. Do I need a prescription to buy Mass Gainer?

Absolutely not! You do not need any prescription to use Mass Gainer and can simply order from anywhere, in any quantity.

Q2. Is Mass Gainer legal?

Yes, Mass Gainer is legal as it does not contain any artificial or illegal hormones to support your progress. It is a mix of wholesome ingredients that work to favor muscle-building process without leading to any side effect

Q3. When does it kick in?

The answer depends upon several factors including the frequency of use and your struggles in the gym. Regular use and regular workouts will help you see results in as less as 2-3 weeks periods

Q4. Why is Mass Gainer better?

In contrast to protein shakes, Mass Gainer is a quality bet considering its overall healthy ingredients coming your way. It uses the power of Carb10 against the standard maltodextrin that doesn’t disturb your blood sugar or cause other issues.

Its ingredients further improve digestion and the absorption of nutrients essential to build optimum amount of mass. In comparison with other milk proteins, the pace at which it recovers muscles and grows mass is considerably better. Not only that, people are admiring its quality constituents as well as their safe mechanism

Q5. Is Mass Gainer ideal for women and children?

Yes, all thanks to its natural composition, women and children can safely follow the course and gain a healthy weight. However, if you are pregnant and nursing, or dealing with any serious health issue, we discourage its use. Not only Mass Gainer, you should avoid any over-the-counter unless your doctor allows you to.

Q6. When will I receive my order?

This depends upon the country you reside in. If you are from the US or UK, expect your delivery within 5 working days. If you are from any other country, it may take a few more working days, say 8-10 days.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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