COVID-19 Effect on Corporate Law

The new virus that affects the respiratory system was explored in the Far East in the winter of 2019. Since it started spreading quickly, it became a major issue for many private businesses operating around the world. As the usual daily life of millions was sent into an instant stand-still in March of 2020, everyone had to adapt in the blink of an eye, when the lockdown was put into place. Some businesses did it better than others, and that can mostly be attributed to the well-made choice of the corporate law firm. In this article, specialists will share insights on how to choose and work with the right firm during these interesting times.

A sneeze that took the world in a flash

The situation that is classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization is causing a plethora of interesting effects on various fields of life and work. Many operations in business are experiencing various changes, many non-essential employees started working from home, the insolvency law will be changing in most of the markets and much more.

According to many observations there are rising numbers of insolvencies. That is to be expected in a situation like this. The business starts to struggle to pay their taxes and other dues. The right corporate law firm will advise the business what to do next, as the situation is ever-changing.

Help from the government

As many private companies are struggling during these times, more and more governments step in to help the private sector. Prolonged periods of filling necessary documentation usually are put into place as it can ease the effects of lockdown for business in the light of the pandemic. With the proper help from the government, many private businesses can be saved, nevertheless, the consideration should be done before accepting or applying for help. Thus, it is important to trust all the uncertainties to the corporate law firm of one’s choice.

As well as that, the cases of restructuring of the companies and insolvency are also rising. That could be very well attributed to the major slow-down of many private businesses and lower numbers of customers due to restrictions related to the lockdown.

The Polish and The British ways

As many governments offer help for the businesses that are based in their countries, British and Polish ones are stepping in, too. In terms of delayed deadlines for filling taxes, Polish government is giving 2 extra months to file Personal Income Tax (PIT). While British government introduced some major changes to the insolvency law: in case of emergency, businesses will have 20-business day period to consider a possible rescue plan. It could be extended to 40-day period, if needed.

All thing considered, the coronavirus pandemic is an ever-changing situation, that is still storming the world and due to that doing business and keeping up with the corporate law can be tricky and difficult. But with the help of the right corporate law firm it can be easier, so one should consider the choice of it and do it responsibly for the sake of the business owned.


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