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Online shopping is gradually becoming the most preferred choice of many as they can shop in the comfort of their house. However, there is a chance that you will be scammed as there are various fraudulent websites that tend to attract you with discounts and coupons. In such pathetic situations, Costway can offer you reliability along with security. It is a one-stop online retail shop that offers various products at reasonable prices. Moreover, at times you will also get discounts on certain items. According to Costway reviews, customers are delighted with the products and services.

So, if you are looking for a perfect gift for your child, Costway can offer you the best gift ideas for kidsTherefore, In the article, we will give you a detailed description of 5 Costway kid’s cars in high demand.

12V 2-Seater Licensed GMC Truck RC Electric Car 

Gift your child a memory to last for ages. The Costway 12V 2-Seater Licensed GMC Truck RC Electric Car is a perfect get for your child. The vehicle is equipped with a large battery so that once you charge it, your child can use it for a long time. Moreover, the vehicle comes as a two-seater. So, your kids can have fun while driving the vehicle as they can share with their siblings and friends. One of the prime features of the vehicle is that it offers the utmost safety due to safety belts. It also has doors that you can lock at your convenience. 

Truck RC Electric Car 

Key Features

  • 2-Seater Design: The truck is designed with two seats and a safety belt. Hence, your kids can enjoy the drive simultaneously or share it with their friends. Moreover, since it has two openable doors and safety locks, it becomes all the more convenient.
  • Parental Remote Control Or Manual Operation: One of the prime features of the vehicle is that it comes with a 2.4 GHZ remote control; hence it gives the parents control; over their kids while they are driving outdoors. The vehicle also has buttons and gear control, giving them an ultimate driving experience.
  •  Soft Start & Built-In Spring Suspension: Safety is the critical feature of kids’ toys; hence, the electric vehicle comes with utmost safety features. Moreover, the presence of spring suspension makes the drive smooth and comfortable. 
  • Multiple Media Functions: Your kids can enjoy the vehicle ride and various entertainment functions. USB and LED lights make the ride fun for your kids. 

24V 2-Seater Licensed Land With Remote Control

The licensed 24V 2-seater Land Rover can be a perfect gift for your child to have fun with their friends. It has the features of an actual steering wheel, giving the ultimate experience of real driving. A key switch and gear control also enable your child to enjoy driving. Besides, the remote control makes the vehicle safe as parents can control the vehicle when necessary. 

Key Features

  • Driving Fun: The presence of bright lights, horns, and music button gives the child extra fun in driving. Also, the vehicle can run at 3.5 km per hour.
  • Soft Start Technology: The presence of shock-absorbing rear wheels and safety belts makes the vehicles safe for your child to drive. The driving wheels are wear-resistant. Hence, it makes driving smooth and comfortable. 
  • Portable Batteries: You can charge the portable batteries at your convenience. So once you charge the batteries, your child can have fun with the vehicle for long hours. 

Licensed Mercedes Benz 6V With Parent Remote Control

If you want to gift your high-class child luxury, you must go for the Costway Mercedes Benz 6V. It has some additional features that your child enjoys, and it is one of the best gift ideas for kids. Its LED headlights, horn, and mp3 make the ride more enjoyable for the children.

Mercedes Benz 6V

Key Features

  • Officially Licensed: The Mercedes Benz 6V is officially licensed. It provides luxury at its best with additional features that excite your children.
  • Two Control Modes:It provides Parental Remote Control Mode with which you would be able to control the vehicle externally. Moreover, with the help of Battery operation mode, your child can use either the electric pedal or the hand steering.
  • Safe And Durable Use:The seats of the luxury vehicle are safe and provide ample space for your child to sit and drive. 

12V Licensed Toyota Hilux With Remote

The 12V Licensed Toyota Hilux is a powerful mini truck ideal for your child as a gift. The rear shock-absorbing wheels protect the vehicle from bumps and vibrations, thus making it safe and comfortable. The appearance is like the real Toyota Hilux, with a manual three-speed gear on the remote control and medium speed. The vehicle is loaded with an mp3 player, radio, and many other exciting features. 

 Key Features

  • Extra Features: The kid’s version of the Toyota Hilux has opening doors, a functional trunk, and an opening engine lid. One of the most exciting features of the vehicle is that it gets ignited when there is a key-in.
  • Manual And Remote Control:The remote control feature helps the parents to take care of the vehicle while their child is enjoying the ride. They can also use manual steering, which helps the children to get a sense of driving. 

12 V Jaguar With MP3

The kids’ version of the car is fantastic as it has some exciting functional features. The headlight and openable doors make a car a natural attraction for children. Moreover, the seat is exceptionally comfortable, making the journey enjoyable with the MP3 music.

Key Features

  • Longevity: When the battery is complete, your child can enjoy the ride for long hours. The kid’s car can move forward as well as backward.
  • Comfortable And Safe: One of the kid’s car’s critical attributes is its comfort and safety. Moreover, with the help of a remote control facility, parents can keep track of the vehicle’s speed.


According to Costway Reviewscustomers are delighted with the product. It is reliable and cost-effective and a one-stop solution for all your needs. Therefore, if you want to surprise your child with a gift, visit the online store and fulfill your child’s needs.


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