Cost Of Velux Windows 2022: Installation & Replacement Prices UK


Usually, skylight or roof light windows are called Velux windows. A Velux window fits into the roof and opens outwards, providing several benefits to the residents. Such windows allow more natural light to flow into the house, improving its ventilation and overall atmosphere. Simple windows may not provide as many benefits as a Velux window which is why many people prefer Velux over conventional windows. 

The cost of installing Velux windows might be around £700 to £800 in the UK. It depends upon several factors, like the old window disposal cost, the time required for installation, and your house location. All these factors will decide your final installation and manufacturing cost.

Getting professional help to install and fix a Velux window is important. You can check for getting window fitter recommendations and get your Velux windows installed.

We will discuss the costs and details of Velux windows that you should keep in mind while planning a replacement. 

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Sizes and Prices of Velux Windows

There are many reasons why people want to replace their old windows. Maybe their house windows have been damaged for a long time, and it is high time to replace them. Or they might want to install bigger windows to lighten up their house and improve the interior design. So, whatever the reason is for getting Velux windows installed, there is a cost you have to pay depending upon the size of the window. 

The cost of your Velux window will change according to your chosen size. The bigger the window size, the more its cost will be. 

We made a table highlighting the various estimated costs per the size of the Velux windows. 

Window Type Dimensions Cost of Window
Small 550 mm / 700 mm £165 – £170
Medium 940 mm / 980 mm £215 – £225
Large 1340 mm /1600 mm £390 – £400

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Extra Costs in Final Bill

The cost of purchasing a window is not your final bill for window replacement. Rather there are a few more costs that might not have crossed your mind. It would be best if you listed all the expected costs and charges so that your budget does not fall short. 

If you are replacing an older window with a Velux window, the disposal of the old window will require some bucks. Repairing the wall or ceiling after removing the window is another significant expenditure. 

Above all, installation charges are not the same everywhere, so they can also make a huge difference. The labour charges will be different according to your location. These charges will also depend upon the installation time if you pay an hourly rate.  

Hence, keeping all these hidden costs in mind will help you design your plan accordingly. In doing so, you will have better control over your budget. 

Find the Velux Code for Replacement

Purchasing a new window of the same size as your current one is not difficult if you know the manufacturing code of your window. All windows have a manufacturing code; you can ensure a perfect fit for the new Velux window if you know this. Hence, you must search for this code before buying a replacement.

There is a small datasheet or plate on the window revealing the type and size of the roof window. Locate this plate on your window, mostly at the top left corner. But if it is not at the top left corner, keep searching other corners. The location of this plate depends on the year the window was manufactured. Companies have been changing these locations in the past.

These plates have distinct colour signs, which mostly differ from the colour of the window frame, so the users can find them easily. Windows manufactured after 2001 have data plates with a grey colour sign. However, windows manufactured before 2001 have a golden colour sign for easy reference. 

The code comprises three letters and a dash followed by an alphabet with two digits. The first three alphabets depict the type of window. The two-digit number at the end is the size code. So, find the type and size code, go to the market and get a new Velux window of the exact size. However, if you can still not find or translate the code, Velux professionals can happily assist you anytime and do this task for you. 

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Installation Types

There are two types of installation methods followed for Velux windows:

Standard Installation

A standard installation means the window will fit slightly above the roofline. It is a simple flashing kit for Velux window installation; it ensures the windows fit seamlessly into your roof so there will be no issues later on. 

Recessed Installation

The recessed installation method is quite different from the standard one. In this type, the window fits 40 mm deeper into the roof, providing a symmetrical and sleek look to the overall house aesthetics. The home architecture will be much better if you install recessed Velux windows.

Benefits and Features of Velux Windows

Velux windows add beauty to your home. Moreover, they are quite beneficial and provide several amazing features. These windows are customisable so that you can alter their characteristics according to your requirements. 

Velux windows are equally suitable for office or corporate buildings due to their exceptional features. 

Some of the features of Velux windows are as follows:

  • Sound Insulation: Velux windows reduce the noise by up to 50%, a great feature for people living near airports, motorways, or noisy areas. 
  • Solar and Electrically Powered Roof Windows: You can control the opening and closing of the windows with a simple wall switch. It means you can control the windows of distant rooms with this switch without physically opening and closing them. 
  • Smoke Ventilation: Effective smoke ventilation can be activated both manually or automatically by smoke sensors. Moreover, the overall ventilation system of Velux windows is remarkable because it ensures better air quality in the home. 
  • Break-in Resistant Windows: If you have Velux windows in your home, you do not need to worry about burglars breaking into your home. Your windows are secure enough to keep you and your property safe. 
  • Top Hanging Roof Windows: Such windows allow a better panoramic view of the surroundings. Moreover, these windows allow more light to enter your home, making it bright and lively. 
  • Low Maintenance Design: Velux windows provide simple and sleek designs which are not too complex to maintain. Their cleanliness and overall maintenance are quite easy and manageable. 
  • Visually Aesthetic: The Velux windows make your home brighter by allowing more light inside. It helps improve the home’s overall vibe and make it aesthetically appealing. 

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Insulation, Fitting, Interior and Exterior Finishing Installation Kit


Velux windows are a high-quality product that provides ease of installation to the users. Each Velux window perfectly fits the roof and walls of a house. These windows come with a kit which allows quick and smooth installation. 


Since the quality of Velux windows is impressive, they have a premium finish, making them worth the money. These windows are waterproof, stylish, and perfectly fit in all types of new and old window constructions. The designs are practical and functional for everyday use because they are simple and easy to maintain. 

Installation Kit

As discussed earlier, Velux windows have specific installation kits to enhance and improve the installation process. These kits include the following:

  • Insulation Frame: A construction insulation frame provides a tight and secure window to fit into the roof. The frame has a flexible foam that keeps the window tightly fit and avoids drafts or leakage during cold and rainy weather.
  • Lining Frame Kit: An adjustable steel frame comes in the installation kit, which speeds up the process. It is super easy to assemble and helps quickly frame the window. 
  • Original Velux Flashings: The flashings are made according to the exact dimensions of the window space in your house. They help the Velux windows to fit into the roof material perfectly. 
  • Underfelt Collar: The pleated underfelt collar forms a secure seal between the Velux window and roof felt underlay. It comes in the installation kit to help make the process easier and quicker. 
  • Water Drainage Gutter: There is a water drainage gutter in the kit, which helps drain the water from above the window. 
  • Internal Lining: For the airtight and secure installation of the Velux window, prefabricated internal linings are present in the kit. 

Velux windows provide customers with impeccable designs and installation opportunities. The perfect fit and sleek designs of the windows add extra value to your home. Any type of window you choose from Velux will always be high-quality. You will be delighted by the superior grade and design of these windows. 

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Choice of Glazing

Velux windows do not just focus on the passage of light and air. Rather, they have to perform many different functions compared to a normal window as they are exposed to harsh weather. The outstanding variety of glazes and laminations or coating for Velux windows available in the market provide solutions to many environment-related problems. 

You can select any type of glaze for your Velux window, keeping in view the location of your house, the temperature of your area and your overall requirements. 

Following are a few different types of glazes and lamination coatings for your Velux windows:

  • Sound Reducing Glaze: Do the hustle and bustle of the city, birds and animal voices at dawn and dusk, and other unwanted random noises disturb the inhabitants of your house? Do you live near the main road and cannot sleep calmly due to noise disturbance? Velux has a unique solution; their sound-reducing glaze is made for you. It resists many sound waves passing the glaze to control noise. It is ideal for you if you want to enjoy sweet and calm sleep during heavy thunderstorms. Apply these glazes and start to enjoy the calm and quiet environment.
  • UV Glaze:  This glaze protects you against hazardous UV rays. Besides affecting health, UV rays may cause the early fading of your expensive floors, curtains, or sofas. These anti-UV rays glaze allows maximum natural light to enter your room and keeps you and your property safe from the dangerous effects of UV rays. So, Velux UV glaze is a must if you want to prevent sun damage. 
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Glaze: As the name depicts, this type of glaze is water and oil repellent. Right after the rain, you can see outside without cleaning the window. It does not allow water droplets to form over it. Moreover, oil will easily slide over it. So, no more oil and water drop stains on your window. 
  • Insulated Three-Layer Glaze: This glaze helps maintain the temperature during extreme winters. Its multi-layers allow light passage but stop a significant amount of cold transfer from outside to inside. This glaze by Velux is a good option if you live in a cold place and do not like the chilly weather. 
  • Security Glaze: Ordinary window glass is prone to break quite easily, especially the ones located on the ground floor. You can protect the glass of your windows from breaking by using Velux window security glaze. They are toughened to an optimum level and difficult to break without using any tool. So, entry through your window will become a challenge for burglars. 
  • Dirt Repellent Coating: In urban areas, window glasses get dirty fast and cleaning all windows is a cumbersome task. Moreover, dirty windows affect the whole image of the house. Do not worry; Velux got you covered in this area too. Dirt repellent coating for windows repels maximum dirt due to their special material. Ultimately, you will always have an impeccably clean image outside all day. Moreover, it will give your house a clean and decent look. Get these coatings if you do not want to wash dirt and grime off your windows weekly. 
  • Safety Laminate: The safety laminate on the windows is necessary for a house with kids. It provides additional safety; if your window breaks due to an accident, the shattered glass will not fall inside the room. Hence, children will remain safe from broken glass. 

Carefully choosing the type of glazing for your Velux windows is crucial because it will decide the whole environment of the house. Discuss your requirements with your contractor, and carefully select the glaze for your windows. If you are unsure, a professional team from Velux can always provide you with honest advice for your window glaze. 

Cost of Glazing

Adding the glazing feature to your Velux windows will increase the final cost of the window. If you have the budget to add this feature, it would be great, and you can add it to your order for extra sleek-looking windows. Otherwise, Velux windows are themselves amazing and are enough to make your home look beautiful and stylish. You can skip this feature and still have decent windows if you are tight on budget. 

On the other hand, you will be charged extra if you have special requirements like UV glaze, hydrophobic glaze, safety lamination, insulated glass, etc. These types of glaze will add to the beauty of your window and will also provide you with enhanced protection. So, it is recommended that you apply a suitable glaze against prevailing weather conditions in your area. Moreover, they would be great for enhanced security if you have kids or are worried about burglars.

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How to Fit a Velux Window

First, you must unbox the Velux window and check for any damages during delivery. Next up, it is important to know the possible position of the new window, even if there is no specified place yet. You can mark that position using rafters. 

If you are doing this project for the first time, we recommend you go through the installation guide. Now, you need to remove an area of boarding or felt to expose the slate roof or tile. 

The tiles or slate roofs are carefully removed and cut slightly close to the rafters. At this point, you should create a wider aperture than the original window size. The additional flashings provided with the Velux window will fit around the window.

You need to install the window frame into the aperture and complete its weatherproofing. Then, clip together the corners of the insulation collar. Once the brackets and frames are tightly fixed and secure, you attach the windows in place. 

Even though it may seem an easy task, it is quite technical. However, if you are confident and have the skills, you can try doing this DIY project. Otherwise, you can get help from an experienced labourer to perform this task. 

How to Save Money While Installing Velux Windows

You can save money while installing Velux windows if you plan well and consider the following options:

Choose a Different Brand

Draw cost comparisons between different brands, and select one that suits your requirements and is the most affordable. You do not only need to buy the original Velux branded windows if you are tight on budget. Several alternatives are available on the market but do not match the Velux brand in quality, but they can still fulfil your requirements at a lower price. 

However, you must be careful when choosing an alternate brand because it might be a scam. If you are vigilant while dealing with them, you can stay away from such brands. By doing some research and judging the brands correctly, you can surely find high-quality Velux windows at an affordable price range.

Repairing or Replacing

Check the current condition of the window and analyse whether it requires replacement or repair. If anyone can repair it for a lesser amount, you can choose that option. But if repair charges are somewhat equal to replaced charges, it would be best to get a new window. 

DIY Installation

Though it is quite technical, it is not impossible to install a window yourself if you are skilful. Many helpful videos or tutorials about self-installing Velux windows are available online. If you want to save money, you can take this risk which will cut the labour charges. Hence, you will reduce your final bill to a significant level. Just be extra careful, use the proper tools and protection, and follow safety protocols. 

Skip Extra Features

Go for special features only if you need them. For example, if you live in a hot area, you would not need insulated glass, or if it seldom rains, you do not need a hydrophobic glaze. So, think critically and skip the maximum features you do not require.

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FAQs Regarding Velux Windows

  • Do I need any prior permission to plan a Velux window replacement?

It entirely depends on the planned project’s type or design and your house’s location. If your home is situated where the standard pattern is to be followed, you may need special permission to change the windows. Otherwise, you do not need an official permit to plan a window replacement in your community or residential area. 

  • Do Velux windows have a guarantee?

Velux windows come with a guarantee of 10 years. Since Velux provides the highest quality products to its customers, it takes guarantees that the windows are long-lasting and durable. Velux windows are worth the money because they add beauty to your home while protecting it. 

Other than windows, additional products like blinds and shutters have a three years guarantee. Once you ensure a correct installation of Velux windows, you should rest assured that they will easily last at least a decade. 

  • How can I take care of my Velux window?

Velux windows have simple yet stylish designs that are super easy to clean. All of their windows are low maintenance and do not require any special treatment. You can easily clean them with plain water and a gentle washcloth. Remember not to use harsh or abrasive materials to clean the window because they may leave scratches on the glass. You can also use mild glass cleaners from a grocery store.

However, it might not be easy to reach a ceiling window and clean it because it is too high. You may need professional help in such cases, but you can handle it with the right tools. 

  • Are there any better alternatives to Velux windows?

Velux windows are one of the bests available on the market, which is why many brands try to copy them. But so far, none of those brands can compare to the unique features of Velux windows. However, you can still find many high-quality brands on the market with different features. 

  • Are Velux windows worth the money?

Yes, Velux windows are worth your money because they are durable and quite beneficial. This type of window allows the maximum amount of light to enter the house while improving the overall ventilation of the house. A home with Velux windows is full of natural light; you would not need to use extra lighting during the day, and it can lower your energy bills. These windows improve the quality of life, especially the ones with a special feature; hence they are worth it. You should undoubtedly invest money in Velux windows if you want a durable, long-lasting option. 

  • What are the benefits of Velux windows regarding property value?

Velux windows draw positive psychological effects on the buyers’ minds. You will experience improved ventilation, your rooms look brighter than normal, and natural light gives an effect of a spacious area. In short, it improves the overall vibe of the house and keeps the inhabitants relaxed throughout the day.

Be mindful that poor-quality skylight windows can ruin the value of your house. Suppose your window breaks during a hail storm or thunderstorm. In that case, you may face a considerable loss to your flooring, walls, lights etc., declining your overall property value besides repair cost. So, be wise and always choose a good brand for your Velux window. 

Where to Find Velux Window Fitters Near You?

You can try installing Velux windows yourself if you are a DIY fan and want to save some bucks. However, we recommend not taking the risk and getting professional help. They know their job well and can handle it better than anyone else. 

With Velux windows, you must be extra careful because they must be properly installed. So, getting in touch with a company like is better. They will help you contact professional window fitters and let you know their labour costs. You can choose your labour as you find fit and install your windows as soon as possible. 

Conclusion: How Much Do Velux Windows Cost?

Choosing Velux windows is a great decision for the added aesthetic and safety of your home. But it would be best if you kept its final cost in mind because it might be too expensive for you. You can either fit the windows yourself or hire skilled labourers from to save you the hassle. 

In this article, we tried to provide an estimated cost for replacing or adding Velux windows in your home. You need to consider several factors, such as the location, type of window, and materials used. Moreover, we also discussed the possible costs of extra features that you may choose to add to your Velux windows order. 

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Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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