Cool Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend or Hubby

cool gifts ideas

Is your boyfriend’s birthday coming up, and you are fresh out of ideas for an ideal gift? We understand that it can be very difficult to shop for men as they somehow always have everything or don’t need anything. So, when you find yourself in a pickle and can’t decide whether to give him a birthday card with chocolate or take him to the cinema for a film, we say don’t do either. Instead, check out the cool gift ideas or you can check out more great gift ideas at LC Gifts. We have listed below and make your hubby’s or boyfriend’s birthday the best one yet.

A video game console

Almost every man loves to play video games when he has some free time to chill out. If your hubby is also a gamer, investing in the newest video game console will blow his mind. It is the perfect answer if you are thinking about what to get a gamer boyfriend. Make it a surprise and don’t tell him about it, but ask around with his friends if he’s planning to buy one or if maybe pre-ordered it. The last thing you need is both of your buying the same item and ruining the surprise, plus splurging on two identical consoles when you only need one.

Wireless headphones

Technology is making fantastic breakthroughs, and we are confident that your boyfriend is one of the tech aficionados. If music follows him everywhere, he’ll appreciate wireless headphones a lot. Is he more of a seamless design earphone guy? Shop for wireless earbuds that he can use for hours before needing to charge them. No more tangled cables and thinking where to put the phone so that you can conveniently listen to music whilst walking or working out. With wireless headphones or earphones, listening to audiobooks or music will be more enjoyable than ever before.

Car accessories

Pimping up his ride will be more fun if you participate in it too. Yes, his car is his baby, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute t its look. Check out some of the cool JDM car accessories and choose the ones that best go with your boyfriend’s style. Does he love air fresheners for cars? Will he appreciate a seatbelt cushion? Browse through a wide range of JDM accessories for cars and find the one(s) that your hubby will love to see in his car the most. Also, the custom keychain is a perfect accessory for his car keys.

New beard care set

Does your other half grow a beard? Is he very attentive to it and goes to the barbers regularly? You can save him the time and money of professional beard care and invest in an at-home beard care set. A trimmer with several attachments or luxurious beard balm will be his best companion on his beard-growing journey. His beard will always be neat and tidy because he’ll have beard care set at home. Throw in beard oil and serum to help him keep that facial hair shiny and strong.

A cigar set

Another cool gift idea can be a set of some Cuban cigars to please your loved one. Partagas cigars can be ideal as a luxurious and unique gift for the discerning man. They are handcrafted with the finest tobacco leaves and are renowned for their full-bodied flavor. This makes them the perfect choice for the cigar connoisseur who appreciates a rich, complex smoke. Partagas cigars come in a handsome wooden box, which makes them an impressive gift for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a birthday present, Father’s Day gift, or simply a way to show your appreciation, Partagas cigars are sure to make a lasting impression.

Fashion accessories

Men are starting to accept fashion trends more and more, which makes them like to accessorize. If your boyfriend is turning into a new fashionista, help him accessorize the right way. For his birthday, give him a new leather belt with his initials. Keep his hands warm during cold winter with personalized leather gloves. Make it a warm-up winter set and throw in a cashmere scarf and a hat to protect his head from snow, wind or rain. Match the colours and patterns to fashion up a set for colder weather and keep your hubby a new trendsetter.


Is your boyfriend one of the old-fashioned people who still love to wear a watch to check the time? Make keeping up with time even more fun with a smartwatch. Not only will it look modern and chic, but it will make everyday activities easier and quicker. Many smartwatches allow you to answer calls via them, and reply to text messages that you had previously read on the watch. You can choose from round or square models and pick out a variety of straps for him to mix and match with his outfits or mood.

Docking station

Charging numerous electronic devices can be a nightmare. When you have a smartwatch, smartphone, wireless earphones and a tablet charging them overnight can seem impossible. However, with a convenient wooden docking station, your bf will have all of those devices in one place and ready to charge as he sleeps. Furthermore, a docking station is an ideal place to keep his sunglasses, spectacles, watch and phone in one place so he can grab them quickly when leaving the house.

Final thoughts

Finding the cool gift for your husband doesn’t have to be a Mission Impossible anymore. Check out the list that we’ve put together for you, and we guarantee you will find at least one gift that will blow your mind. More importantly, you will find more than one idea that your boyfriend will be delighted to receive for his birthday or Christmas. Take a good look, consider his interests and tastes and base your decision with all that information in mind, to be sure you’re getting him exactly what he wanted.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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