Concierge Auctions Real Estate Sales Included 4 European Properties in April

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Concierge Auctions recently released their April sales numbers, and the report includes multiple high-value properties that sold. In particular, the company has four noteworthy European properties under contract.

All of the properties listed in Concierge Auctions’ real estate sales numbers for April are under contract, so they haven’t yet closed. All of the contracts are expected to proceed to close without issue, however.

Four Properties Sold in April

The four Concierge Auctions European properties that sold were located in France, Switzerland, and Spain:

  • Villa La Saudade (Saint-Tropez, France) directly overlooks the beautiful gulf and comes with a private sand beach and boat moorings.
  • Chalet Maurine (Verbier Switzerland) is a beautiful chalet-style property within close proximity to world-class alpine skiing. The property’s design was done by local architect Willy Roserens.
  • Villa la Zagaleta (Marbella, Spain) is situated within the exclusive Zagaleta Country Club and boasts mountain views. The 9-bedroom, 9½ bathroom property qualifies the buyer for membership with the club.
  • Casa Neblina (Costa del Sol, Spain) is a French-inspired property located in Southern Spain. The property has an ideal location, yet it affords plenty of property for the owner and their guests.

Other Notable April Real Estate Sales

In addition to these four European properties, Concierge Auctions also sold high-value real estate in Florida. 1970 SE Mack Dairy Road is a two-lot property located in Jupiter, Florida. The property encompasses 50 acres within the gated Ranch Colony community, and it’s located right on the water.

Multiple Bids for Many Properties

On many of these sales, Concierge Auctions reported numerous pageviews, prospects, qualified showings and actual offers. While the actual numbers vary from property to property:

  • Page views regularly totaled in the tens of thousands (66,500+ for the France property)
  • Prospects were regularly in the high hundreds or low thousands (1,000+ for the France and Costa del Sol, Spain properties)
  • Qualified showings tended to be in the dozens (up to 96 on the France property)
  • Bidders ranged from 6 to 9 (9 for the Marbella, Spain property)

Having multiple bidders undoubtedly helped Concierge Auctions sell these properties for as much as they could command in the current market.

About Concierge Auctions

Concierge Auctions leads the high-end real estate auction industry. More than 90 percent of luxury residential auctions are overseen by Concierge Auctions, and the company has an extensive network of high-worth prospects who are actively looking for properties or might be in the future. Thanks largely to its experience, expertise, and networks, the company has succeeded in this industry for years.

Over the years, Concierge Auctions has been recognized by the National Auctioneer’s Association, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, the Entrepreneur 360 List, The Telly Awards, Inc. 5000, USA Today, and others.

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