Comparison Review: Drop Cowboy Vs Text Marketer

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Marketers face different challenges. Sales and marketing experts may sometimes find themselves hitting a wall as specific objectives seem too challenging to accomplish. As a marketer, you might consider using marketing software to help improve marketing campaigns. Two of these programs are Drop Cowboy and Text Marketer. Check out the comparison of these two marketing systems to see which app best suits your needs.

Text Marketer

Text Marketer is a Short Message Service (SMS) platform offering a range of features to different businesses in the UK. This mass text messaging app provides various advantages like:

• Bulk SMS sending at relatively low prices
• Unlimited customer support
• A free reply number
• Data security

One benefit you might find useful in using Text Marketer is that it doesn’t require you to download anything on your device. This marketing tool is a web-based platform to help your business send advertising and marketing materials to targeted audiences.

It also promotes an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to help non-tech-savvy users navigate through its features without the need to call an IT expert. The developers behind this mass text messaging application also provide customers with no set-up fees or contracts.

Text Marketer Features

This mass text app helps businesses communicate with leads and customers with the help of a range of features. These functions include:

• Web-Based SMS
Messagebox, the app’s web SMS system, helps organizations meet marketing objectives with an easy-to-use web-based texting application. It also comes with a free reply number, so your existing and potential clients can reach you easily.

You may also choose to integrate Text Marketer to your business’ website or app. Download and install the supplied API from the developers. However, the installation of the code may need expert support.

• Shortcodes
SMS shortcodes are five- to six-digit phone numbers used by companies to let customers subscribe to text messaging services. For example, your restaurant might offer a 10% discount on your burgers if your target audience texts the word “Burger” to a particular number.

Text Marketer Limitations

Text Marketer may be an excellent mass text application for businesses, though it might not be the perfect marketing app for all companies.

First, it severely limits itself to SMS marketing campaigns. You may still choose to integrate SMS marketing to your other campaigns, but if you decide to use different advertising methods like cold calling or using digital ads, then Text Marketer might fall short in these departments.

Next, you can only send and receive texts within the UK. The service doesn’t allow SMS communications to and from outside this nation. So, it’s not possible to use this mass texting service if you live outside the UK.

This web-based texting software may be an ideal choice for SMS marketers. However, if you wish to use this app for other marketing techniques, then you might be better off using other programs. Still, this program may become a way to reach out to new and existing customers while sticking to a strict budget.

Drop Cowboy

Unlike Text Marketer, Drop Cowboy focuses on calls as opposed to texts for marketing campaigns. At its core, Drop Cowboy is a ring-less voicemail service allowing businesses to deliver messages to the voicemails of targeted audiences.

Ring-less voicemail works by sending a pre-recorded audio message to the voicemail inbox of recipients. Drop Cowboy also lets users from different locations around the globe use its services. As per its website, the direct-to-voicemail service is available in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

You may also use a toll free number to let potential customers contact you without paying a hefty fee. Also, Drop Cowboy has a range of features to help you with your marketing campaigns.

Drop Cowboy Features

• Record and Upload Recordings
Pre-recorded voicemail messages may need you to use another application to record the audio file. Drop Cowboy allows users to create and upload MP3 recordings without the need to use other software.

• Detailed Reports
Various marketing campaigns need access to detailed reports to see where the operation is going. This ring-less voicemail app helps users plan and implement marketing strategies with its reporting features.

• International Voicemail Delivery
You may consider expanding to a global market to reach new profit opportunities. Help your global marketing campaign with the use of this voicemail software as it allows you to reach audiences in different countries.

• Pay-per-Drop
Drop Cowboy has a pay-per-drop payment scheme wherein its users only pay for the voicemail drops deemed successful. You don’t have to pay for voicemail messages that didn’t connect with the intended recipient.

Aside from these functions, Drop Cowboy also lets its customers gain other benefits. Its other advantages include:

• Use of a cloud-based voicemail marketing service
• Credit card-free payment schemes
• Option to choose traditional voicemail drops

For more information about Drop Cowboy and its features, check out this video: 

Drop Cowboy Limitations

It may seem that Drop Cowboy has the upper hand when pitted against Text Marketer. Still, the former may not be the perfect marketing tool. It also has a few limitations that are worth mentioning.

One drawback is that it fits voicemail marketing campaigns. If you still want an app to help you in your SMS marketing, then Text Marketer might be an ideal option. Nonetheless, Drop Cowboy seems to offer a broader range of features in comparison with Text Marketer.

Also, the software may need access to the Internet for you to access its voicemail features. It might be an advantage because it doesn’t need a mobile carrier service to drop voicemails. Conversely, you might not be able to use this cloud-based app without an Internet connection.

The Verdict

Comparing Text Marketer to Drop Cowboy is akin to associating apples with oranges. Both applications are great for specific marketing campaigns. Also, both of these marketing programs can help businesses grow so choose the right software to use for your marketing campaign. You can use Text Marketer for SMS marketing, but take advantage of Drop Cowboy for voicemail drops. Moreover, it’s still essential to brush up on your marketing skills. The best marketing software may become useless if you don’t have proper sales and marketing expertise.


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