Common Driving Behaviors That Lead to Accidents

Driving Behaviors That Lead to Accidents
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You may not think about it, but every time you get behind the wheel, you’re at risk for an accident. Even if you’re obeying all traffic laws and being cautious, another driver might be engaging in unsafe driving practices.

Behavior like that puts everyone at risk, and the best way to protect yourself is to stay aware. Here are the most common driving behaviors that often result in auto accidents.

Distracted Driving

When someone is driving, they should be completely focused on the road ahead. Thanks to smartphones, there are more things to distract drivers than ever before. You may use wireless options, but you could still get wrapped up in a conversation and not give the road your full attention.

While phones are certainly the biggest distraction in vehicles, there are others. Some people eat or drink while others keep looking at their GPS. There are drivers who shave, apply makeup, or have distracting passengers.


If you’re speeding, you have a greater chance of losing control of your vehicle when you approach a turn or if weather conditions decline. Additionally, you may not have enough time to stop when traffic slows ahead. Speed limits exist for a reason, and you should always pay attention to make sure you’re following the posted speed. 

Reckless Driving

Drivers that engage in reckless driving are putting everyone on the road in serious danger. They may do so because they are in a hurry, or they may target you because they believe you annoyed them. They may pull in front of you and stop abruptly or purposely hit your vehicle. If an aggressive driver tries to engage with you, do not stop. Instead, call the police and keep yourself safe. 

Looking for Objects in the Vehicle

If your phone, electronic transponder, or some other item you need rolls away from you in the car, wait until you can stop to pick it up. Trying to grab it while you’re in motion takes your eyes from the road. It could also cause you to swerve as you attempt to retrieve the object in question.

Running Red Lights

Everyone knows about that one traffic signal that takes forever to change. However, if you don’t want your life to change forever, just wait it out. Nothing is so important that you can’t stop for a traffic light.

Driving Under the Influence

Unfortunately, despite efforts to curb this deadly habit, people still get behind the wheel while intoxicated. You could wind up facing criminal charges for this behavior, and you’ll be extremely lucky if you don’t get into an accident that causes you or someone else injuries. If you want to have a fun night on the town, appoint a designated driver or take a rideshare.

Fatigued Driving

Perhaps as deadly as drunk driving, fatigued driving is even more widespread. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your reflexes may be as delayed as someone who is inebriated.  

After a negligent driver crashes into you, contact an attorney to investigate these common driving behaviors.


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