— Best Place to Buy Backlinks in 2023 — Best Place to Buy Backlinks in 2023

Collaborator is a place where every marketer and link builder can easily find the web resource which meets their needs best to promote their business and get quality backlinks by guest posting.

Why do we confidently talk about Collaborator as the best service for finding reliable donor websites to share your companies’ news? Below, we will answer this question in detail.

Benefits of Using Collaborator to Buy Backlinks in 2023

The information below will be invaluable if you have already had experience posting backlinks. We will discuss the advantages of the Collaborator platform, which will speed up your workflow and make it more productive.

Extensive Catalog of High-DA Websites

Collaborator’s team focuses on gathering only reliable websites with a high DA in the catalog. There are 17,000+ sites on the platform, and each has been thoroughly checked before being added to the marketplace. It means you save time finding quality sites and choosing the relevant ones for your topic, geography, and other indicators.

You do not need to look for a copywriter if content with masterfully inserted links is required: many platforms available in Collaborator’s catalog offer content writing as an additional service. Simply choose the right website and order content writing and publication.

Official Integration With Ahrefs & Serpstat

To select the best and most reliable site for your guest post, you should use SEO tools like Ahrefs and Serpstat to evaluate its quality and value.

If you use Collaborator, you do not need to pay extra access to these tools because they are already integrated into the functionality of the marketplace. Look at the information you get for free and save at least $150 (Ahrefs and Serpstat monthly subscription).

table setting

To see the metrics provided by these services, you should:

  • register on the Collaborator platform or log in to your account;
  • go to the Catalog;
  • Click on the gear ⚙️ of extended parameters in the catalog settings and choose the parameters you want to see.

Convenient Catalog Filter

To not get lost in such a diversity of options, consider using Collaborator’s filter, which allows for sorting sites by country, topic, price, domain authority, and nearly 40 other parameters. 

other parameters

Read Reviews & Leave Your Notes About the Platform

Another advantage of Collaborator is the ability to read honest feedback about working with the platform and specific sites. Such feedback helps to make the right decision and find the most suitable spot to host among resources. You can also leave notes about the platform you have cooperated with, which makes it easy to recall all the details of your previous deal. 

Fast Publication

Remember how long it took to find a suitable donor site, wait for the manager’s response, and reach an agreement? As a result, publication takes several days.

Collaborator saves time, and most guest posts and press releases are published within 48 hours after placing an order. Here’s what’s happening:

Direct Communication With a Publisher

Earlier, to agree on the article publication details, you had to look for contact managers and correspond with them via messengers and e-mails. But with a Collaborator, communication is much easier.

You should just:

  • choose a site;
  • click “Write a message”;
  • correspond with a representative of the site in the window that appeared.

window that appeared

The entire history of communication with a website manager is saved on the platform. You’ll have all the correspondence in one place and can return to where you finished it.


Collaborator offers two types of insurance against deletion and non-indexation: 

  • complimentary for three months;
  • paid extended insurance, which lasts for one year and can be prolonged.

can be prolonged

You can also extend your insurance for one year after the term expires.

Low Fees

Collaborator has a fair commission for the work with the platform. When replenishing your account, you pay only 10% of the sum and no more penny. The withdrawal fee is 15% of the sum.

Use the Collaborator platform to get the maximum profit and stay on budget.

Final Thoughts

Collaborator is a convenient marketplace where you can find the most reliable donor sites with engaged audiences to improve brand awareness and online presence and take your website higher in the SERPs.

Here are five reasons why you should try Collaborator services:

  • Only trusted websites in the catalog
  • All-in-one place — you have a wide choice of websites accepting guest posts and press releases, evaluate the most critical qualitative indicators of each of them, and directly communicate with the owners of web resources to discuss all the details of your orders;
  • Convenience — the platform has a user-friendly filter that helps you choose what you need in a minute;
  • Economy and transparency — fair commission and transparent terms of cooperation on the platform.

So if you want to get high-quality backlinks from trusted sites on the best terms — use the Collaborator platform.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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