Cloud PBX Pros: 5 Reasons to Switch

Talking to clients is a crucial part of running a business of any kind. For some time, traditional telephony was the only option companies and common people had. Now, the situation is not the same. Apart from mobile connection, technology gave businesses an opportunity to choose more convenient, flexible, and effective ways to get in touch with their customers. Of course, we are talking about VoIP and all the solutions that make it even better.

One of such solutions is a cloud PBX system, a modern communications system based on Internet Protocol. It works just like a traditional PBX, but everything is stored in a cloud instead of a physical station. This system is much more flexible, customizable, and feature-rich compared to its predecessor, which makes it almost an obvious option for businesses. But let’s take a closer look at what exactly makes it better than the old-fashioned one.

1. Cost-efficiency

With the right cloud PBX system, it is easier to plan and distribute your budget, as you can be sure there are no surprises on the way. VoIP calls are commonly charged per second and by different billing increments, so you can pay only for the time your agents actually spend talking. Besides, there are little to no maintenance expenses, as the station is virtual. Hence, everything you spend on this system will pay you back as leads, deals, and overall productivity increase. 

2. Mobility and remote access

An old-school phone system means a physical station with wires and details you can only use where it is installed. A cloud PBX is a virtual station you can access, use, and monitor wherever you or your team is. Even if every member of your team stays at home, you can work and communicate together in a single interface of the cloud PBX. You are not tied to the office anymore. Moreover, you can find a provider with a 24/7 support team to help you out. So, your phone station is exactly where you are, whether it is at home, on the go, or in a different country.

3. Easy management

Although a cloud PBX is a complex system developed by IP telephony professionals, it is extremely user-friendly. The greatest thing about its user experience is that even a person without any technical background will be perfectly comfortable using it. All it takes is a short onboarding. It is easier to maintain than a landline PBX, as there is no need for additional human resources to use or set it up. If any complications do appear, as it usually works, you can sort it out with your provider. However, such systems are easy to operate without a specific training. 

Besides, there are better opportunities for team management that come with a cloud PBX. You get detailed statistics on practically any aspect of your call center’s work: from CDRs on each call to the big picture of your business communications usage and status. All the information is presented in clear statistics and graphs, so it is a no-brainer to get your head around them.

4. Scalability

A smart phone system grows along with its business, and so does a decent cloud PBX. Of course, it is possible to scale a landline PBX as well, but a virtual one requires way less effort. If you feel that your call center needs more agents, there is no need to invite a technician to plug in some more wires. All you need to do is ask your provider to expand your bandwidth and make sure your internet connection can handle it and advise the support team for increasing the PBX size. Usually, it can be done in no time.

5. Integration

If you switch to a cloud PBX, it is not only phone calls you get. You also take your client management to the next level, as the system can integrate with your CRM and give you new insights on how you do with your audience. Track your progress with clients and manage them in a single interface.


Switching to a cloud PBX will give you extra mobility and more control over your budget. But, apart from the major benefits, you will discover how much easier it is to use and set up, as well as many statistical insights you can get from it. Today, traditional telephony is a relic of the past, so why not move forward with the new technology? With a cloud based phone system, you’ll get access to data that can help you better manage business processes and accounts.


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