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Climate change is one of the hottest topics in the world today. Many people feel that their future will be endangered if climate change continues to rise, and believes that we need to do something about it right now. There are many organizations out there who believe that this is just a simple misunderstanding and as such do not have much support for their views. 

Scientists have only recently started to worry about the effects of climate change. There are a great number of hypotheses and speculations regarding the factors that contribute to this process; however, there are no concrete answers. While there are experts who feel that this is a natural process and that nothing can be done about it, there are also researchers who highlight the fact that human actions are harmful to the environment and contribute significantly to climate change.

A lot of people are concerned with climate change today, and they’re looking to become more informed on the issue so that they can make better decisions to help prevent their impact on the environment. But where do you start? Here are our top five argumentative essay topics about climate change that you may want to look into when writing your next essay on this hot topic.

Is Global Warming Real?

Is Global Warming Real? This is one of the most popular argumentative essay topics that writers struggle to find a convincing answer to. Some people believe that climate change is a hoax and others believe it’s the biggest threat the world has faced in decades. You’ll need to do your research and make an informed decision before you can decide which side of this argument you want to take.

How Have Carbon Emissions Impacted Our Planet?

It is difficult to know how carbon emissions have impacted our planet. For some, they are convinced the atmosphere is becoming more hospitable. For others, climate change has increased the frequency of natural disasters and weather events like hurricanes and blizzards. Nonetheless, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that can be used to make a convincing argument on this topic.

Is There A Solution To Global Warming?

How can we solve the issue of Global Warming? This is one of the main argumentative essay topics on climate change. One thing to note is that scientists and environmentalists agree that there is no way to stop global warming, but they do believe there are ways to minimize its effects. Recently, it was found that nearly every country in the world pledges more than half a percent of its GDP towards climate-related expenditures every year. Some countries pledge up to 2%. These expenditures cover areas such as energy efficiency and clean energy development. In terms of energy efficiency, many people agree that heating with natural gas or electricity rather than oil reduces carbon emissions by about 40%.

Can Renewable Energy Be Sufficient To Power Our Future?

Renewable energy will likely be a part of our future. However, can it be sufficient to power the entire world? Renewable energy sources have the potential to produce more electrical power than fossil fuels. This is because they are free and natural and do not emit pollutants into the atmosphere. The only issue with renewable energy is that it’s intermittent – meaning that solar cells only generate electricity when the sun shines, wind turbines only produce electricity when there’s wind, etc. There are also some concerns about how this type of energy would cope in low light areas or on overcast days.

Is It Too Late To Address Climate Change?

Climate change is a topic that has been discussed for many years now, and it seems as if there’s no end in sight. Many people believe that it’s too late to address climate change and that we should just let the planet handle itself. Others disagree, stating that climate change is something that can be stopped but will require tremendous effort from every country around the world. It’s hard to say what should be done about climate change because it could mean different things for different people. One argumentative essay idea would be to discuss whether or not climate change is reversible. Climate change topics also include discussing the impact of climate change on certain groups of people and how much people are responsible for causing climate change.

The Top 5 Websites For Ordering An Essay On Climate Change

Climate change has become an increasingly salient topic as the years go on and, as it grows in awareness, it also continues to grow in complexity. There are many layers to this problem that must be addressed from multiple angles of attack if we are to solve it before it’s too late. The following is a list of five websites that address this global issue in different ways, providing links to data and statistics related to climate change, explanations of certain theories about how we got here and where we can go from here, and even opportunities for citizen input into the process of making changes locally and globally.

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4. 1Essay – Global warming and climate change topics oriented website

1Essay is a website with a wide selection of topics oriented toward global warming and climate change. Many essays are written by experts in the field and can be ordered according to your specifications, such as topic, word count, and deadline.

1Essay also offers a variety of topics for those who are looking for more general information on climate change or other related subjects. Of the sites listed here, 1Essay is one of the most popular websites for ordering an essay on climate change. The site offers many essays that are professionally written, often by experts in the subject. The essays vary in length from 500 words up to 10,000 words and customers can select which topic they would like their essay on from a list of several different options. 1Essay also provides links to books, documentaries, articles, scientific research papers, and webinars on all sorts of topics relating to climate change. 

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It seems like every day there is some sort of new development in regards to climate change– whether it’s new evidence coming out linking human activity to changes in the Earth’s climate or someone issuing a warning about impending disasters. As a result, it can be difficult for people without backgrounds in science to keep up-to-date on these important matters. Fortunately, several platforms exist that provide reliable access to diverse perspectives on climate change. One such platform is 1Essay – Global Warming And Climate Change Topics Oriented Website. Users can find everything they need through this resource; not only will you find hundreds of essays about the matter but also videos, interviews, reports, and educational material. If you are struggling to figure out how to put together an essay on your own or just want additional reading materials for background purposes then we recommend you visit 1Essay today!

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What is a climate change essay?

The term “climate change” refers to the alteration of the earth’s prevailing weather patterns and environmental circumstances. This occurrence is brought about by a variety of internal and environmental variables. In the recent few decades, the alteration of the climate has evolved into a global problem. In addition, these alterations in climate have a variety of effects on how life can exist on this planet. These shifts in climate are having a variety of effects, both positive and negative, on the ecology and environment. As a result of these shifts in the environment, a good deal of plant and animal life has become extinct.

Climate change, also referred to as global warming, describes the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and its related effects. The climate system includes all oceans, land surfaces, ice sheets, atmosphere, and life on Earth. The climate change essay can be an educational tool to teach how to stop global warming.

Climate change is the term for changes in global or regional climates that are believed to be caused by human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels. Climate change can affect different areas and people differently. The consequences of climate change include sea level rise, loss of biodiversity, and damage to natural ecosystems. Higher temperatures can also lead to extreme weather events like floods, droughts, heat waves and hurricanes.

Climate Change Essay writing tips

Climate change has created an increasing number of environmental issues. While it’s becoming more and more difficult to find ways to solve these issues, there are many ways that you can work towards reducing your carbon footprint, or even towards finding solutions to climate change itself. This guide will help you turn your interest in the environment into something that benefits you and the planet as well as all its inhabitants.

Writing an essay on climate change can be a great way to get your voice heard and make others aware of the pressing issue. However, it can also be a difficult topic to tackle if you’re not sure where to start.

 Here are some guidelines for how to write an essay about climate change: 

  • Write about what climate change means for you. 
  • Include your personal experiences with climate change in your essay. -Find data that supports your argument that we should do something about climate change. 
  • Cite credible sources from the National Academy of Sciences, NASA, or The New York Times as well as research from scientific journals.
  • Use paragraphs when discussing multiple ideas so readers don’t become confused. 
  • Stay focused on one idea at a time. 
  • Edit your work before submitting it to make sure there are no grammatical errors and everything is clear. 
  • Make use of headings, subheadings, bulleted lists, and other formatting techniques to help keep things organized. 
  • Include a conclusion paragraph which summarizes the main points of your argument. Tell people what they should take away from your essay. 
  • Showcase the tone of your writing by including examples of both persuasive and informative text. 
  • Finish up by thanking your audience for taking the time to read your essay.
  • Keep in mind these steps will vary depending on whether you are summarizing or analyzing information about climate change, but either way, this post provides a good outline for how to approach this difficult topic. 

Here’s another important point to remember: You should never plagiarize anything! Not only does plagiarism break the rules of academic honesty, but if you want people to listen to your message and heed what you have to say, being honest is essential.

Global warming essay writing tips

When writing an essay on global warming, take into consideration using the following techniques:

  • Introduce your topic in the first paragraph of your essay by describing its history or origin.
  • Make an effort to use jargon less. Whenever necessary, if the subject calls for it.
  • Whenever possible, make sure the content is presented in bullet points.
  • Add and emphasize factual information, such as dates, names, and locations.
  • Keep in mind to divide the text into more manageable portions. Per paragraph, 100–120 words should be sufficient.
  • Always include a conclusion paragraph in your essay. 

What are the main causes of climate change essay?

  • Producing power

Burning coal, oil, or gas still supplies the majority of the world’s electricity, which produces carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, two potent greenhouse gases that cover the planet and trap the sun’s heat. A little over a quarter of the world’s electricity is generated by renewable energy sources including wind, solar, and other natural resources, which, in contrast to fossil fuels, create very little to no greenhouse gases or other air pollutants.

  • Manufacturing a product

Emissions from manufacturing and industry are mostly the result of burning fossil fuels to create energy for the production of items like textiles, electronics, plastics, cement, iron, and steel. Gases are also released during mining and other industrial activities, as well as during construction. One of the leading global producers of greenhouse gas emissions is the industrial sector.

  • Destroying forests

Cutting down forests to make way for farms, pastures, or for other purposes increases emissions because when trees are felled, the stored carbon is released. Forests absorb carbon dioxide, so cutting them down decreases nature’s ability to keep emissions out of the atmosphere. A percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are caused by deforestation, along with agriculture and other changes in land use.

  • Transportation

Fossil fuels are used to power the majority of automobiles, trucks, ships, and aircraft. As a result, emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, are significantly attributed to transportation. Due to the internal combustion engines used in road vehicles, which burn fuels derived from petroleum, like gasoline, the largest portion is attributable to them.

  • Food Production

In addition to deforestation and clearing land for agriculture and grazing, digestion by cows and sheep, production and use of fertilizers and manure for growing crops, and the use of energy to run farm machinery or fishing boats, typically with fossil fuels, all contribute to the production of food, which results in emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases. Due to all of these factors, food production significantly contributes to climate change.. Additionally, food distribution and packaging also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Building energy

Over half of all electricity used worldwide is consumed by residential and commercial structures. They continue to produce a sizable amount of greenhouse gas emissions since they use coal, oil, and natural gas for heating and cooling. Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions from buildings have increased over the past few years as a result of rising energy demand for heating and cooling, rising air conditioner ownership, and increased electricity use for lighting, appliances, and connected devices.

  • Excess consumption

In addition to your home and energy use, what you eat, how much you throw away, and how you move around all affect how much greenhouse gas is emitted. Likewise, the use of products like plastic, electronics, and clothing all contribute to global warming. Private households contribute significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions as well. 

What is a good thesis statement for climate change?

Scholars and academics have debated the critical issue of global climate change to understand its sources and impacts on the environment. It is wise to have a compelling thesis statement that outlines your perspective on the climate change debate when attempting to write a paper on the subject.

There are various thesis statement ideas that you can utilize to make your paper about climate change effects, and two of these statements are covered here.

  • Are humans to blame for the world’s climate change?

There is a ton of evidence that points to humans as the primary driver of climate change. Scientists concur that human activities are the primary cause of global warming. Global warming is a result of human actions like burning fossil fuels and releasing pollutants like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, according to studies. The domestication of cattle and other activities like tree cutting significantly increase the number of greenhouse gases already present in the atmosphere. Enhancing the greenhouse effect adds to global warming.

  • In what ways does climate change affect people?

The effects of climate change pose a threat to the health of individuals. erratic rainfall, which might lead to greater flooding due to soil erosion and a lack of trees in some areas. One of the effects of climate change that has been identified is drought in certain locations.

TOP 30 popular climate change and global warming essay topics 

1. Concepts and Theories of Climate Change

Recent years have seen a rise in scientists’ concerns about climate change. There are many hypotheses as to why this process occurs, but there are currently no concrete solutions.

2. The myth of global warming is untrue

All evidence indicates that the proponents of global warming have decisively won the wide-ranging argument over whether it is a myth or a reality.

3. Climate Change and Tree Planting

The environment and the continued existence of living things are both seriously impacted by climate change.

Planting trees is a successful method of reducing climate change.

4. Environmental Impacts of Global Warming and its Causes

The term “global warming” refers to a process that indicates a general rise in Earth’s surface temperature. The causes and effects of global warming are currently ambiguous.

5. Global warming theory

Our planet’s climate is changing as a result of human pollution, which has accelerated global warming over the past 50 years.

6. Effects of Climate Change

Without a question, one of the issues we face today is global change, which affects all facets of human life, including the social and economic ones.

7. The Future and the Impact of Global Warming

The social and environmental changes resulting from the rise in global temperatures are known as global warming consequences.

8. Consequences of climate change

Even though it emits fewer greenhouse gases than other continents, Africa would experience the harshest effects of global warming, according to environmentalists and other nature conservatives.

9. The Global Ethic and the Problem of Climate Change

Scientists can now more easily evaluate climate on a worldwide scale thanks to modern technologies like satellites.

10. Environmental Studies: The Holocaust of Global Warming

A societal concern that has captivated the attention of people all across the world is global climate change. Social networking sites and the news media both discuss this subject.

11. Factors that Cause and Effect Global Warming

This essay aims to outline the causes of global warming, its history, and any other information that might help to lessen its effects.

12. The United States’s Climate Change Policy

This essay will highlight the major problems with American climate policy and offer suggestions for solutions.

13. Environmental Research on Global Warming: Cause and Reduction

The world’s natural climate changes occur in cycles and are brought on by the interaction of many natural forces, whereas anthropogenic climate changes are brought on by human activity.

14. Global Trade and Climate Change

The connection between global trade and climate change has been on the cusp of becoming a serious new problem. The Conference of Parties Climate Conference made this very clear.

15. Global Warming and Climate Change

The topic of global warming has long been the subject of contentious discussion. A common discussion among academics and decision-makers is this one.

16. The Impact of Car Emissions on Global Warming

Car emissions are anticipated to be useful to city planners, automakers, CEOs of the fuel sector, and national policymakers.

17. Al Gore’s Global Warming Speech

The study examines Al Gore’s address on global warming using two key elements of a subtle rhetoric analysis for voice or text.

18. Global Warming: The Impacts of Car Emissions

The study will provide an explanation of how automobile emissions contribute to global warming. It has been observed that causes a variety of health issues for the populace in the UK.

19. Ozone Depletion and Global Warming

Despite the fact that ozone depletion and global warming are completely separate phenomena, there is a strong correlation between them that leads to frequent confusion.

20. How Serious Global Warming Is?

Global warming is one of the most alarming ecological problems facing modern society. It is described as an alarming pace of growth in the world’s average surface temperature.

21. The Impact of Human Activity on Climate Change

Rising sea levels, decreasing polar ice, warmer winters, and retreating glaciers are all effects of global climate change. The issue is a result of human activity.

22. Climate Change: A Time of Anguish for Nature

Climate change is not a new subject; ecologists throughout the world were already concerned about it in the 1990s, and it appears to have taken on new importance in the 2010s.

23. Extreme weather and climate change

The adverse effects of global warming include a rise in sea level, altered weather patterns, and changes to animal life.

24. Human Activities, Climate Change, and Solutions

The greatest environmental enemy is people. The two main responses to climate change and global warmings are the Kyoto Protocol and the idea of green buildings.

25. The Idea of Global Warming and Its Consequences

Global warming is a concept that suggests a complicated environmental process that develops as a result of detrimental greenhouse gas emissions.

26. International business and climatic change

The focus of the current essay is on the relationship between economic activity and climate change. 

27. The Issue of Climate Change

One of the most urgent environmental issues of the twenty-first century is climate change. According to climatologists, there are numerous causes of climate change.

28. Evidence for Climate Change

Despite some skeptics’ viewpoints, it was able to assert that global warming might indeed be occurring after reviewing common claims concerning it.

29. The Impact of Climate Change

The social and environmental changes brought on by an increase in global temperatures are known as global warming consequences.

30. Arctic Climate Change and Global Warming

This essay discusses the effects of global warming with an emphasis on the Arctic. Additionally, it offers important options that may be used to lessen its effects.

How to hire the best writer for climate change essay?

We can’t tell you how many times we hear from students who are frantically looking for an expert writer to complete their academic essay or dissertation project on climate change. These students run into the same problems over and over again, like not knowing where to find the best writers or how to hire the one that will complete their essay on time and at an affordable price.

Here are the three things to consider before hiring an essay writer:

  • Writer Qualifications

The first thing you should do when hiring a writer is consider their qualifications. EssayPro only hires writers with degrees in the field of study and years experience.

  • Cost Considerations

When it comes to hiring a writer for your paper, you should consider the cost and quality as well. To cut costs, you could try a website like 99Papers that offers cheap writing services.

  • Editing Services

The best editing service will be able to help you with things like grammar, punctuation, and spelling. They’ll also make sure your essay is free of any errors. Hiring a good editor can also help you write an even better paper.

How many words should climate change essay have?

Climate change essay should be between 700-1500 words. It is a standard requirement that you make sure your climate change essay has at least 700 words so that it can make an impact on readers and they can have a better understanding of your work.

In the end…

99Papers is an online marketplace for students in need of essays. EssayPro is a website that offers a variety of writing services, including editing and proofreading. If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, Studdit can provide a ghostwriter who will help you with all aspects of your paper – from brainstorming ideas to finalizing your work. 

1Essays has been providing college papers for years and operates on a 24/7 basis, so there’s always someone available to take care of your request no matter what time it is. All these platforms guarantee confidentiality, so you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing details being leaked before your deadline.


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