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With the invention of AirBnB and the increasing competence of Google Maps, it seems that the accessibility of traveling is in a Golden Era of transformation. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has put this on a halt, but we do have another service to take the travel industry by storm: Click and Boat

Click and Boat is the boat rental answer to AirBnB. Renters can pick their boats, destinations, and if they want a skipper or a bareboat charter. Boat rental is something we don’t often consider because it seems inaccessible, expensive, and exclusive. Additionally, if you’re using a boat often enough you may as well look into boat financing so you can own it yourself. Click and Boat is a service looking to make yacht charter in the Mediterranean and around the world make sense for the everyday person.

Click and Boat has a presence around the world, meaning boat rental is something that’s made easy when on a foreign holiday.  France, Spain, the UK, US, and Italy are some notable places that have plenty of boats available, along with a tonne of offers in Croatia and Greece.

Prices range anywhere from €35 per day motorboats and sailing boats all the way up to €5,000 per day superyachts. It’s incredibly easy to view the past customer reviews for each boat owner, to see how they were as a host, skipper, or just if the boat met expectations. Of course, users can filter their search to find boats that are without any crew to give a greater sense of freedom and privacy. 

The location of the boat and owner is detailed on a map before purchase, along with the check-out times and deposit. Additionally, whether or not the user must have a boat license is also clearly labeled beforehand.

Where is the best place to charter a boat?

There is no one destination because it varies from person to person. However, if forced to narrow down the answer to one “place”, it would be the Mediterranean. The Med is inundated with available boats on Click and Boat, making it easier to find one that suits your needs. 

Furthermore, the Med is just a perfect environment for being at sea. It’s usually fairly calm, the waters are crystal clear, meaning it’s perfect to stop and snorkel, and there are thousands of islands dotted all around. In fact, island hopping to quiet, remote islands could be a full-time hobby for an entire summer and you still wouldn’t have discovered a fraction of what it has to offer.

As for North America, Florida is often touted as an amazing place to boat in. Again, the many islands and beautiful weather is a large factor here, but also the many high-end coastal towns with bays also make it easy to navigate and travel. The Florida Keys are a beautiful set of islands, some of which can only be accessed via boat, and are packed to the brim of fishing, diving, and watersports activities along with oceanariums and world-class restaurants. There literally is no other way to experience the Keys than with a boat. 

Besides the Keys, Florida also has Jacksonville which is the gateway to St. Johns River, and Fort Lauderdale, which is essentially the Venice of America.

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