Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency for Your Company


Digital marketing agencies help you build your presence in the digital world. Whatever your business is, chances are you need some form of online marketing. In this article, we’ll talk about digital marketing teams and how to find the right one for your company. Read on!

Define Your Goals

Before talking to a digital marketing agency, your goals should be crystal-clear. This ensures you can communicate your needs and requirements correctly and set expectations properly. 

You might want to expand your brand presence. Maybe a new product is coming out and you want to promote it on social media via paid ads. Determining your exact needs for such projects will make your agency research more effective and efficient. 

Check the Agency’s Portfolio 

Great digital marketing agencies often display their achievements and notable projects. In your agency search, favor teams that can provide a portfolio or client list that you can verify independently. 

Consider their specialization, too: content and SEO-focused marketing agencies can easily provide a client list and show off key success metrics. If you’re looking into design-focused agencies, ask for a well-put-together presentation of their previous work.

Daylight Digital offers both types of services, and their site showcases them. 

Compare Prices

Most of the time, your budget will dictate the kind of service you’ll get. While it’s often better to be a little over your budget to ensure you get quality work, that doesn’t mean that expensive is always the best. 

In your agency search, don’t settle for the first team you interview. Rather, compare their services and portfolios relative to your budget and their pricing. A good digital marketing agency should be able to work with a reasonable budget. 

Remember that in marketing, there’s no set price. Social media management — posting content and monitoring engagements — may be priced the same as the actual strategic work involved in social media marketing. In this case, ask the agency to explain the value behind their pricing. 

Demand Transparency

Any lack of transparency (in terms of pricing, the scope of work, etc) is a digital marketing agency red flag. You can often gauge the team’s transparency just by looking at their website.

If there’s no address, bio, or client list, you should reconsider. Full transparency starts with the face they show online and with their client. If their website doesn’t tell you important information from the team, then you should switch to another company.

Accessibility and Communication 

You can also gauge the team’s transparency through their communication and accessibility. Is it easy to reach your point of contact, or do you have to wait for more than 24 hours to talk to them? 

Moreover, the team should make their process clear. For example, you should immediately know whether or not to book a consultation first or if you can simply fill out a form to get in touch with them. 

Core Company Values and Culture 

You don’t want a team with opposing values and cultures from yours. You and the digital marketing agency should be operating under the same philosophy. 

This ensures a seamless collaboration. Ultimately, you want them to serve like an internal team rather than a transactional, third-party service provider. After all, you’re going to entrust them with your digital reputation. 

You can gauge an agency’s culture by interviewing them and checking out their content. Look at the phrases and words they use to describe what they do, their team, and their client. 

If you can, you can pay them a visit and see how they operate in person. If you sense any tension within their team or any cultural difference that might make it difficult for you to collaborate with them long-term, switch to another provider. 


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