Chiropractic Perspective To Treat Hamstring Injury


The hamstring is one of the most important muscles in our body. It is active in nearly all movements of our legs and arms. The hamstring originates in the pelvis and crosses both the hip and knee joints. 

Whether you are working out at the gym or doing sports activities, it is essential to protect your body from injuries. Injuries can be painful and can often sideline you for weeks. Protecting yourself from injuries is possible by using a hamstring pre-cut tape. It is a simple and effective way to prevent injuries. A hamstring injury is an injury to one of the muscles in the hamstring group in your thigh. Hamstring injuries are common in athletes. This muscle group is positioned on the back of the thigh. The three hamstring muscles are – the biceps femoris, the semitendinosus, and the semimembranosus. Hamstring injuries are usually due to a sudden muscle contraction while it is in a lengthened position.

What is the chiropractic perspective?

The chiropractic perspective says it is primarily a mechanical issue. The thigh muscles have to fire to bring the leg forward, and when the hamstring is tight or has some strain on it, the pelvis and lumbar spine will not be in the best of positions. The low back will have to compensate, leading to the lumbar disc or the sacroiliac joint injury. Hamstring pain is one of the most common injuries for athletes. According to a study published in Sports Health, hamstring injuries are among the most common injuries for athletes, especially for football players and track athletes. Care from Infinite Health Chiropractors can help with a hamstring injury. Chiropractic can help treat hamstring pain and injuries. Hamstring injuries can be a severe hindrance to an athlete’s performance, and various issues can affect hamstrings. Should you want advice, expert chiropractors in Edgecliff can offer them to you.

A few examples include repetitive strain from overuse, muscle strain or torn tissue, and pelvic girdle dysfunction. Chiropractors often treat hamstring issues with conservative methods. Among different Methods, The Sports Tape for Hamstrings is the most effective method to treat the injury. The Sports Tape for Hamstrings is easy to use and applied in different areas of the hamstring muscles. Here are few important things one must know about Hamstring Injury:- 

  • Hamstring injuries in athletes are common, and most occur during sporting activities that involve sprinting, jumping, and kicking.”
  • About 80 percent of injuries to the hamstring muscle are non-contact injuries resulting from overuse or improper warm-up.

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What can you do to prevent future injuries?

It’s well known that people often have re-injury after an initial injury to their hamstring. Though there’s no way to predict the level of risk, certain factors can contribute to a higher risk of re-injury. As you’re going about your daily life, it’s likely that you “overdo” the activities without really being aware of them. You might be sitting in a chair that’s too low for you, standing for too long, or lifting with improper form. All of these are factors that can contribute to a second injury. You can avoid re-injuries if you start with physical therapy or use Kinesiology tape during the workout and that focuses.

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