Chinese Women Dating: How Is It to Date in China?

Dating sites with Chinese girls

Have you ever thought of meeting a slender, cute girl with delicate lips and snow-like skin who would take your breath away with her tenderness, slight obedience, and intellect? It’s more than possible if you try dating a Chinese girl 💞

In this article, you will find the best Chinese platforms to find Asian singles and top facts and tips you need to know about the dating culture in China from experts of—Bryan Reeves and Keith Peterson.

Best Chinese dating sites

  1. SakuraDate 💖 Free credits and advanced filtering to meet a Chinese girl.
  2. EasternHoneys 💖 Affordable search to find a Chinese partner.
  3. TheLuckyDate 💖 Favorite lists and a trial period for the best Chinese match.
  4. OrchidRomance 💖 Discounts and free live streams to meet a Chinese female.
  5. AsiaCharm 💖 Upgraded translation and search to meet a Chinese beauty.
  6. AsianMelodies 💖 Discounts and all communication ways to enjoy Chinese girls.
  7. Philitalks 💖 Profiles bookmarking and free browsing to encounter an ideal Chinese partner.

Are you mature enough to learn how to please a Chinese woman?

Chinese dating is easy, yet it involves following several simple rules that will help you win the heart of a girl from a Red Dragon country. Are you sure you will be able to do it? Here are several life hacks to assist you on your journey:

  1. Avoid overly public displays of affection because Chinese culture is quite reserved in this regard.
  2. Respect her parents and elders and avoid negative comments about her family because family is significant in China.
  3. Show you are a reputed man since Chinese people place a strong emphasis on preserving “face,” which means avoiding embarrassment or loss of social standing.
  4. Educate yourself about the culture of this country, traditions, and customs to show genuine interest and respect for her background.
  5. Invite her to festivals or other occasions because doing public activities and investing resources and time are a sign in Chinese dating culture that the partners are ready for more intense relationships.
  6. Start conversations to show you are genuinely interested in her. Also, it’s common in Chinese society for a man to start the conversation first.
  7. Give her sincere compliments that will show you are attentive and admired by her.

P.S. If you don’t know where to look for a Chinese girl who would fit your preferences, take a quiz to get the list of the best options! 💕

Top Chinese Dating Services

Is Chinese dating legit?

Using dating apps to find Chinese women for both casual dates and meaningful relationships is legitimate. However, the snag is that not every Chinese dating app is legit ✅ When you consider resorting to this sort of matchmaking, check the following features:

  • Profile quality of its female and male users
  • A communication tool choice, such as video chat, phone call, text messages
  • A convenience of filter engine to find a Chinese girl
  • Membership cost and availability of free credits
  • Responsiveness of customer support
  • Secure payment
  • Overall reputation, which you can check through online reviews

Chinese dating sites reviews

SakuraDate dating site

SakuraDate is the most popular Chinese dating website to help you find a Chinese girl with 20 free credits after registration, unpaid filters, and detailed profiles of Asian beauties.

Is SakuraDate legal Yes
SakuraDate credit cost $2.99-$199
SakuraDate free credits 20 credits for newcomers
The best about SakuraDate ●      Free filtering

●      Simple and fresh design

●      Transparent payment via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, G pay

Try Sakuradate for a convenient and affordable online dating experience with Chinese girls!

EasternHoneys dating site

EasternHoneys is a “Chinese Tinder” for international dating, which offers to try its services for $2.99 for an initial 20 credits.

Is EasternHoneys legal Yes
EasternHoneys credit cost Only $2.99 for 20 credits
EasternHoneys free credits No free offers
The best about EasternHoneys ●      A variety of filter options

●      Detailed profiles

●      Wink and Faces special features

Become a member of EasternHoneys to find a Chinese girlfriend for a serious relationship! ⚡️

TheLuckyDate dating site

A trusted newcomer that helps Western men find girls from China and other countries by providing a free initial 10 minutes of texting.

Is TheLuckyDate legal Yes
TheLuckyDate credit cost $2.99-$199
TheLuckyDate free credits Free credits for 10 minutes to chat with Chinese girls
The best about TheLuckyDate ●      Virtual gifts

●      Favorite list button

●      Easy registration

Benefit from a trial period on TheLuckyDate to encounter gorgeous Chinese females! 💥

OrchidRomance dating site

A top dating source founded in 2013 that gives a discounted 20-minute package to meet ladies from China, Japan, and other Asian countries.

Is OrchidRomance legal Yes
OrchidRomance credit cost $2.99-$44.99
OrchidRomance free credits First 20 credits just for $2.99
The best about OrchidRomance ●      Gifts and flowers delivery

●      Free live streams with Asian beauties

●      Virtual gifts

Make a profound, deep connection with Chinese females by registering at the affordable OrchidRomance website! 💥

 AsiaCharm dating site

A leading social app with over 20 years in the field of dating, a variety of membership packages, and advanced filters to find the best Chinese match.

Is AsiaCharm legal Yes
AsiaCharm credit cost $10-$380
AsiaCharm free credits

Only free registration and profile browsing

The best about AsiaCharm ●      Three types of membership

●      Responsive customer support

●      Anonymous browsing and translation options for gold and VIP members

Get an instant connection with beautiful Chinese girls at the AsiaCharm website! 🔥

AsianMelodies dating site

Excellent website with 624.8K monthly visitors to help foreign men start romantic relationships with Chinese ladies.

Is AsianMelodies legal Yes
AsianMelodies credit cost 0.15 USD / Credit
AsianMelodies free credits Initial 20 credits for $2.99 only
The best about AsianMelodies ●      Winks and Favorites button

●      Gift and Flowers delivery

●      All types of communication available

Initiate your first chat with a Chinese girl at a reduced price here! ⭐️

Philitalks dating site

An excellent new-coming website with free live stream chatting and registration that lets you find not only Filipino girls but also Chinese ladies.

Is Philitalks legal Yes
Philitalks credit cost $2.99-$149.99
Philitalks free credits

Free account creation, browsing, and posting feed

The best about Philitalks ●      Free photos and videos of Chinese women

●      Virtual gifts

●      Bookmarking profiles is available

Connect a Chinese single for just $2.99 at Philitalks! 🌙

Chinese relationships: Key facts to know

In China, marriage and relationships play an essential role in almost every person’s life. Here are some of the most crucial facts you should know:

  • China youth daily life is connected to online dating apps. It’s mostly caused by the lockdown after the COVID-19 pandemic and the essential advancement of technologies. According to a statistic, about two-thirds of users who come from China use a popular Chinese dating app at least once a week.
  • Chinese people often marry closer to the age of 27, while the legal age for marriage here is 22 for men and 20 for women. However, in this society, there is a stereotypical name for women who marry later than 27 years—leftover women. It’s often the reason Chinese females try to marry foreign men and leave their country—to escape the prejudices existing in China.
  • Parental approval of marriage is not rare in a Chinese dating culture. Moreover, there are even marriage markets—matchmaking events where parents gather to find suitable partners for their children.

So, to sum up, here is the main info:

  1. The rise of online dating in China.
  2. The average marriage age is 27 years.
  3. Official marriage age: 22 for men and 20 for women.
  4. Importance of parental approval—high.

Dating in Chinese culture

The only thought of tying your life with an international girl, especially from China, seems appealing. Dating a Chinese girl can change your life because it means opening a new worldview and way of living.

  • Chinese dating is about being close to family and seeking their advice.
  • It’s about being reserved in demonstrating your feelings in public but being open in private.
  • It’s about discovering new cultural phenomena like couple looks or planning activities to the minor details.

Find the best Chinese dating site for you

Chinese courtship traditions

When you find a Chinese girlfriend, you should understand that China is a combination of the new and the old. This rule applies to courtship rules, which are:

  • Exchanging gifts 🎁
  • Seeking parental approval 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  • Paying for dinners and other going-out activities 🍽

Who said never marry a Chinese woman?

Chinese women are a combination of family values, ambitions, and impressive knowledge & education; they possess great loyalty, patience, and politeness; they are caring and take great responsibility for the well-being of their family and partners—what person wouldn’t want to try dating Chinese women?

Dating a Chinese woman in the US: Is it worth it?

Chinese women dating

While cross-cultural relationships are becoming more common, American men who decide to date or marry a Chinese female may still encounter stereotypes and prejudices from their friends and family members, hearing such phrases:

  • “You want some exotic? 😂 ”
  • “Shy and humbled girl is your type, huh? 😏”

Such comments are a bit strange because tens of thousands of men from the USA, Canada, and Europe do like Asian girls, including Chinese ones, but they are afraid of trying international dating. Chinese girls, instead, can be an excellent partner choice because they are:

  • Educated
  • Humble
  • Family-oriented
  • Often looking splendid since it’s a part of Asian culture to care about appearance

However, if your fiancé is not an American-born Chinese, she might go through a bit of a nervous process of obtaining a visa, which can also affect her integration journey into American society.

How to date a Chinese girl?

  • Improve your Chinese language skills to make a positive first impression.
  • Be open about your intentions and listen actively to show you care about her feelings.
  • Avoid confrontations and other negative experiences in public to save your face and not push her away.
  • Participate in festivals and holidays to prove you are willing to tell others about your relationships.
  • Be mindful of her comfort level with physical affection when you are in public.
  • Show you are confident and can protect her.
  • Don’t be too impulsive and avoid rude jokes.
  • Pay for dinners when you go on a date to restaurants or cafés.
  • Show respect for her family as they can impact her future dating/marriage decision.

Chinese dating websites

Marrying Chinese girlfriend: Nuances

If you are ready to go out of Chinese dating apps and want to marry your Asian woman, you should know about several nuances of this procedure.

Firstly, although you can organize a wedding in your or her homeland, it doesn’t automatically let your Chinese bride live in the USA. She will need to apply for a green card then. The application process can take up to 1–3 years. Also, your partner can apply for a K-1 visa (fiancé visa) before marrying, and after obtaining it, she will be able to stay in the USA to continue the citizenship-getting process.

What not to do when dating a Chinese woman

If you want to FAIL 🤢 to conquer Chinese singles, you will:

  1. Avoid learning about her culture and language because mentality and linguistic barriers don’t exist.
  2. Ignore the strong emphasis on family: relationships are so much better when they’re isolated from loved ones’ support and advice.
  3. Skip celebrating important occasions—opportunities for meaningful gestures and shared experiences. Pass!
  4. Don’t share experiences because personal experiences are overrated and don’t foster emotional intimacy.
  5. Steer clear of gifts because she doesn’t need to feel valued and cherished.
  6. Avoid trying her favorite foods, even though it’s delicious and a huge part of her culture.

How to date with Chinese women

Dating in China for foreigners: Main rules

If you come to China and get a partner there, you should know some Chinese girlfriend tips to make this experience maximum pleasant.

  1. Language and culture🔹: Even if she can speak English, you still should learn some basic Mandarin phrases and educate yourself about her home country; clear communication and knowing each other’s background is essential.
  2. Gift-giving etiquette🔹: Chinese dates often give each other gifts, both expensive and affordable. Try to choose culturally appropriate presents.
  3. PDA awareness🔹: Public displays of affection are not common in China, especially in conservative areas. That’s why you need to be mindful when expressing your feelings in public.
  4. Dining etiquette🔹: Sharing meals is popular in Chinese relationship culture. Don’t forget to learn how to use chopsticks and be open to trying traditional dishes.
  5. Slow and steady🔹: Since Chinese people often depend on their parent’s approval, they carefully select their partners. That’s why dating an oriental girl takes a more gradual pace: build trust and friendship before progressing romantically.

What to expect when dating a Chinese woman?

Is it true that…

  • she will be loyal and supportive? Yes! In many households, women take on supportive roles, being loyal wives.
  • she will be curious about your background. Definitely! These females are curious about foreign cultures, which will make you feel loved and understood.
  • she will value family status? Surely! She will have close ties with her family. But most importantly, she will value your family, too.
  • she will ask for a commitment? Mostly, yes! In oriental dating culture, there is no middle ground or uncertain stages of relationships. If you decide to meet, it means you are in a relationship.
  • she will want to wear a couple of looks? 🙂 Yes, not only in China but in some other Asian countries, matching clothes is a popular thing.

Where to meet Chinese singles: Best places

In the modern world, people who don’t have the time and resources to travel abroad to find a foreign wife have an excellent opportunity to do it remotely 👨‍💻—dating sites are often customized for different preferences. The Chinese dating sites below will let you find a perfect match with several clicks:

  1. SakuraDate 💓
  2. EasternHoneys 💓
  3. TheLuckyDate 💓
  4. OrchidRomance 💓
  5. AsiaCharm 💓
  6. AsianMelodies 💓
  7. Philitalks 💓

Dating in China vs. America

Chinese dating vs. American dating are a bit different because of mentality, cultural, and religious differences between these races 🌎 Even when dating an American-born Chinese girl, you might face several problems connected to the difference between your races.

So, what is the difference?

            🌟 Dating in America 🌟          🌟 Dating in China 🌟
●      A strong emphasis on personal freedom and individualism. People choose partners based on personal preferences and compatibility rather than family or societal pressure.

●      Dating in the Western culture is more varied, ranging from casual dating and hookups to serious relationships. Gender roles are generally less rigid, and partners can openly communicate their intentions and expectations.

●      A strong emphasis on family and societal expectations. Children are expected to respect and obey their parents, which often influences dating decisions.

●      Dating in China can often have the goal of finding a long-term partner for marriage. Taking it slow, getting to know each other’s families, and adhering to traditional gender roles is prevalent in this society.

How to get a Chinese girlfriend?

  1. Show genuine interest in the culture of China.
  2. Learn a few basic phrases in Mandarin.
  3. Honor her values and family ties.
  4. Be clear about your intentions and expectations.
  5. Find common hobbies to bond over.
  6. Be empathic and respectful.
  7. Show you can be dominant and a decision-maker.

Chinese dating etiquette

Dating in China has some differences from the Western world. For example, Chinese people see the ultimate goal of a relationship as marriage, and serious dating may start even after school. That’s why a lot of people don’t rush with sex until they are sure “it’s the one,” although, in big cities, this situation is a bit different.

Also, couples in China often seek parental approval for marriage and, in some cases, for dating. Although it’s not mandatory, many young people prefer their parents to approve their mate choice.

Last but not least, couple looks are extremely popular in Asian countries, including China.


China’s gen, especially women, is more open to other races. Now, as you have learned the top tips for dating oriental females and found the best platforms with gorgeous Chinese girls, you can try to encounter a perfect Asian match for your soul.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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