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Everyone familiar with watching a live Chicago Cubs game surely cannot deny the crucial role Chicago Cubs parking passes play! Despite the team’s home park’s vast array of parking options, finding a parking space can be challenging if you don’t have a pre-purchased pass. So it is arguably true that getting a parking pass beforehand is as important as reserving a seat in the arena for those who want to enjoy a smooth overall experience.

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The Chicago Cubs have competed as a member of the National League Central Division since 1994. They were established in 1876 as the White Stockings, one of the founding members of the National League. Throughout its history, the Chicago Cubs have competed in eleven World Series, winning three. They have also won 17 NL Pennants, one NA Pennant, two East Division titles, and six Central Division titles. Since the team’s 1969 divisional play, it has appeared eleven times in the postseason games.

The Cubs have called Wrigley Field their home since 1916. It is located at 1060 West Addison Street, Chicago, Illinois, and accommodates 41,649 people. Fans of the Cubs are surely looking forward to their home games, and if you are one of them, you might as well check out the Chicago Cubs parking passes available online for pre-booking.

Several parking lots and garages surround the Chicago Cubs home field. They open three hours before the games and are accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. That means the sooner you arrive at the venue, the higher chances of you acquiring a parking spot of your preference. If convenience and easy access to the field is your priority, we suggest booking your parking pass much ahead of the game day to reserve a spot you like.

The ballpark features a number of official lots that are usually the first choice for fans as they are at close proximity. They are Prius Lot, RAV4 Lot, Camry Lot, Highlander Lot, Corolla Lot, and Remote Lot. You might find Chicago Cubs club parking spaces in these lots if you’re looking for one. However, these spaces are pretty limited, so it’s best not to waste time.

Guests with disabilities needn’t worry about finding suitable parking spaces as the official Chicago Cubs garage parking area offers slots for accessible parking. The best way to reserve a spot here is through advance purchase. Luckily, fans do not need to head out of their home to do so, as the parking passes are available online. All vehicles using these spots must display a disabled parking permit, ADA placard, or license plate.

Tailgating, unfortunately, isn’t allowed in the Chicago Cubs parking lots. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun or go thirsty! There are bars and restaurants near the venue which offer great food and ambiance. You can head to GMan Tavern, Murphy’s Bleachers, Cubby Bear, Bernie’s Tap and Grill, Hush Money, Dugout, The Sports Corner Bar and Grill, and Budweiser Brickhouse Tavern.

Off-site Chicago Cubs parking facilities are the ideal options for fans who wish to secure a parking spot at the lowest prices near the venue. There are several of them indeed, although some are a tad farther away than the rest. But if you don’t mind walking (for a maximum of 20 minutes), you’d be reducing costs and also avoiding the traffic near the park. Some off-site lots are Red Top Center Valet Skybox on Sheffield, Ivy’s Secure Parking, Sam’s Valet, 3514 N Halsted Lot, 3440 N Broadway, Horace Greeley Elementary, and Paulina El Station Lot. On the other hand, the off-site parking garages include Halsted Flats Garage, 808 W. Addison St Garage, Sports Authority Garage, 3115 N Broadway, Park Place Tower, Sparkling Garage, and Hawthorne Garage.

Those ready to put everything down and head to the Cubs games hours before the first pitch might be in luck as free parking is available on 3900 N. Rockwell Street! You can access the area from Irving Park Road as it is located at the Chicago River’s east. This parking service, if available for all weekend and night games all through the season and provides shuttle services to and fro the ballpark. The parking services start two hours prior to the first pitch and end an hour after the game ends.

One can also travel to Graceland Cemetery East & West, Southport to Cubby Bear, and West of Ashland to find free street parking on game days. Obviously, these parking facilities will have hardly any place for latecomers. So, prepare yourselves accordingly if you wish to snag a spot in the free parking areas.

As evident, there are ample Chicago Cubs parking options for those searching. Whether or not you get a spot depends on how quickly you can secure your parking passes. And if you’re only satisfied with the best and the closest spots to the venue, you’d have to take the extra step and reach the venue early.

A good number of ticketing websites are present online from where you can safely purchase the passes. Comparing two or three would be ideal to ensure that you’re paying the best prices for the parking tickets you prefer.

Some Chicago Cubs games that draw the biggest crowds are those that happen with the Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, and Milwaukee Brewers. One should also make haste and secure a parking pass quickly when teams like the Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, and Colorado Rockies visit.

Chicago Cubs VIP Parking

Among all other options, Chicago Cubs VIP parking might be the most appealing to those who don’t mind spending a few extra dollars! This premium parking option provides easy access to the venue, a parking spot close to the ballpark, and various other perks.

How Much Does Chicago Cubs VIP Parking Cost?

Chicago Cubs VIP parking can cost $41 and above, depending on the game type, the team’s opponents, and more aspects. You can head to the online ticketing sites to learn about your best options and purchase the best-priced one as soon as possible.

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