CEOs are Increasingly Taking Sailing Vacations

Increasingly Taking Sailing Vacations

High-net-worth folks, the type that prefer to work hard and play hard, have a number of alternatives when summertime rolls around. Top executives have a wide variety of vacation options at their disposal, such as all-expenses-paid cruises along the exclusive Amalfi Coast or stays at five-star hotels with private beaches. However, since COVID, a new style of vacation—private luxury sailing vacations—has emerged as a popular choice among these executives.

Setting sail from some of the top marinas in the Mediterranean aboard a beautiful, well made (usually brand new), yacht or catamaran that will take you wherever you want to go and have a crew of three or four to cater to your every need is not your average family vacation. You can understand why so many CEOs are on board with the idea of a catamaran trip – especially because of their sustainability credentials.  You and your team are now alone in an ocean of possibilities, with no other hotel guests or villa neighbours to worry about.

Catamaran vs. Yacht

Catamarans appear to be more common than yachts. Compared to yachts, catamarans are quicker; moreover, they are sturdy and large, making for a more comfortable voyage and providing more lounging area for sunbathing and socialising even when underway. Many of the units also have state-of-the-art conveniences like central air conditioning, dishwashers, satellite televisions, and even washing machines thanks to the extra square footage inside. These vessels are the most sought after for charter in popular tourist areas due to their convenient design. Since they are larger, they can accommodate more guests and provide additional rooms and cabins where visitors may relax in peace. 

Waterfront Properties

Yacht and catamaran charters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of tourists’ needs. Bareboat catamarans allow skippers with the appropriate sailing credentials to take anywhere from two to twelve passengers on their own private sailing vacations. When you set anchor in a quiet cove for the night, it will literally be just me, you, and the vast ocean. You may relax in the familiar comforts of home while taking in the breathtaking scenery.   Catamarans with local skippers, who can show you the best of the area’s lesser-known sights, are also available. Everyone on board may organise their own routes and schedules while the skipper takes care of the catamaran’s needs. The fun of a catamaran holiday with family or friends may be amplified by hiring a full crew, including a cook, to prepare meals and provide other services. 

Superyacht Rental Option

While it’s true that CEOs and other high-ranking professionals are more likely to splash out on luxury watercraft like superyachts and 80-foot catamaran, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the good life, too. Take a smaller boat out for your first catamaran rental to learn the ropes, or go for a larger boat with a full crew to make the trip to the next lovely bay feel like the sumptuous experience it should be.


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